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  1. <p>If you wanted to be a pessimistic dwarf in DragonLance over in "Other Games", I'm sure Buster's_Uncle would be willing to let you play him because he has a back-up character. Thanks for your consideration, Great Pessimist.</p>

  2. Someone at CFC found Wu Zeitan:
  3. It has not been specified what flavors actually DO, and I implied they were similar to era abilities in civ rev (which did repeat bonuses). Some people seem to be confusing flavors with A.I.personalities, but if I recall correctly when they revealed these personalities they were not refering to flavors. (Nor did use the term 'flavors'). It is purely speculative ideas that say these flavors are not traits.
  4. I mean that while Napoleon may get a bonus to unit attack, Germany might recieve the same bonus. I vaguely remember confirmation that civs contribute their own bonuses. Flavors thus could not be a leader-only advantage, So, 7 traits will be shared between 14 leaders and civs, only 11 will have totally unique bonuses. If I did the math right, 14 civs or leaders will have totally unique bonuses while 22 will share with a leader/civ whichever one they are not
  5. It means each leader has more than one flavor OR that leaders and civ can have similar bonuses.
  6. I just don't see how the Inca is less plausible than Siam from the information we have. It isn't exactly common knowledge to know the Inca spoke Quecha and that the Aztecs spoke Nahutl, so the chances of a reporter getting them confused is MUCH smaller than assuming Siam was in. Like if, the Siam city-state gave the player a War Elephant and it was called Siamese War Elephant. Obvious best case scenarion is 20 or 19 civs though.
  7. Exactly, if by Macedonia and Greece you mean FYRO Macedonia and Ancient Athens. Their is a distinct difference in culture between just the Seljuks and Ottoman Empires for instance. Ottoman could be argued to mean a whole myraid of cultures, in an essentially Turkish bond. Seljuk usually refers to the Great Seljuks, which wa more Turkic than Turkish (If that makes any sense). And while civilizations does not necessarily equal nation-state, it also doesn't equal ethnicity, but is closer to the culture. (Again, if that makes any sense.)
  8. Well it is situational, like everything in this game. I usually need the happiness more than the Artists. I usually make up for the lost artists with (hmm. Haven't played in a while, so can't cite a building. But..). The 5% happiness if the delight of me being happy that my citizens are happy without me selling my soul and iron to Mansa Musa. I've been able to make some sizeable cities fairly easily with Hippodromes if I have health, which in the end is probably better than the lack of artists. I usually have horses more then I have dye so it works out. Not to mention the inherent happiness you get from the Hippodrome* is already better than the Theatre's bonus. So it may not be the best culture building, but it's much better for happiness, which I usually care about more. *According to CFC. I haven't played in months so I don't recall it in-game and have no idea if this is a mistake.
  9. Finally Ozbenno has gotten back Bogan Surf. I think I can finally retake the "King of the Arcade" position now.
  10. I still find Worm easier for some reason. Python is ridiculous, Slug is too slow so I find Worm to be enjoyable. So, I'm assuming fillung the screen leaving only one free square, the one right in front of you ideally, means that you no longer grow and you have to you memory of where the next free square will be to keep going?
  11. You'll try, but it will be a long time. I mean, it took awhile to beat my now low score of around 3500 last time.
  12. :rollingeyes: Fishy will be mine forever. Although, I did think the same thing about UDII.
  13. But seeing as I played at all, that should have pushed my playind deadline ahead of his.
  14. I minor site thing, but how exactly did it come up with that?
  15. Something tells me the less popular might not see another game. Good I guess. Civ choices were too bland anyway. Or maybe Vanilla would be the right term