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  1. I don't know that it's anywhere in the files. I went and dug up the PDF's online, which is where I remember it from. It was in the back 20 pages or so, before the expositionary story.
  2. The general repetition of Chinese names aside, that is eerily similar. This wasn't one of the ones they listed in the credits in the manual(s)?
  3. Seems rather selfish. Any idea why we aren't allowed to continue to enjoy his content?
  4. Being a Computer Science major at my university, and also a huge Civ II/SMAX buff, I decided to take a group project we did once and do my best to turn it into an actually fun game. I aim to eventually turn it into a full-fledged (or at least 75%) reimplementation of Civ II, but that's the fork (and a loooong ways off) and I'm digressing. I call the game "Deep Space Destiny," and it's a rather simplistic turn-based game built specifically for hotseat or PBEM. Other than 4 different classes of combat ships and transports to move around population and gold, I think the most noteworthy feature is the diplomacy system, which is heavily influenced by Civ II's. I'm not saying the game is particularly awe-inspiring or anything (it's not), but I wanted to see if anybody would be interested in playing a PBEM. The game's free to download and play, and I'd be happy to have any more beta testers, but I think it's finally pretty reliable (knock on wood). Download site: Forum: I'd be pleased to have you! shhizm
  5. Yep, that did the trick. Thanks! Now I can balance a roll of quarters on the Enter key, go off to lunch, and come back to find out who wins the game :)
  6. When I choose one of the factions, it just closes out of the menu and I'm back in the game in view mode, but it's still my turn. If I hit "Turn Done," it tells me there are unmoved units, rolls to the next turn, and they're still mine to move. :hmmm: It covers the world when I switch, but you're sure there's no other command I have to do?
  7. How do you turn over your faction to the AI and let it play itself? I tried turning on the scenario editor but "Switch Sides/View" for some reason only seems to give me the option of choosing to play one or all of the factions...something about "pick a new faction or don't make any changes." What am I missing?
  8. While Planet in regard to increased fungus production and less hostility from the native life makes sense, it's a weird picture (to me, at least) of Buddhists taming mind worms to burrow into their enemies' skulls and make their brains explode :-/ I guess that's the fundamental conflict of Planet, though -- harmonious and hostile at the same time. Doesn't the setting (originally from the Drones) specify which faction bases join when rioting, not which they leave? In which case, the Atheists faction can have it no worse than anyone else.
  9. No offense taken. It's my opinion that the vast majority of people, you can never really convince to change their mind anyway, so I don't try. Evangelizing and all that jazz, ya know.
  10. You should probably tell us all your custom SE changes if we want to really balance these guys. From what I've seen, even with Efficiency through the roof, one still loses a good amount of income. Which is to say I am not in favor of making it difficult to get a positive rating.
  11. So I take it you don't play with pop-booming? :)
  12. Maybe you could add in a "1 extra talent per x citizens" bonus to the Buddhists; that seems in line with the whole contentment vibe thing. They sound pretty analogous to the Peacekeepers. And giving a faction a +2 Economy right off the bat is too much of an advantage in my opinion, as they don't even have to do anything to get the +1 energy/square. Since that normally takes at least 20 turns (?) to get to in a normal game AND there's no police or planet negatives associated with FM (!!), which is a much bigger problem. Offtopic, but I don't get this whole "Christians hate science" saying. I'm from practically the most conservative denomination of Lutheranism (itself pretty darn conservative) and we don't have a problem with science other than macroevolution.
  13. Does anybody know where the faction background music files are stored, and if so, are they in a usable format? It's some good ambient music.
  14. <p>Thanks for joining in; it takes people to make a community. :b:</p>


    <p>Sorry in advance for the faux pas I'll make. I've only skimmed parts of this forum so far, as there seems to be a lot to absorb. Also, I've never actually done a PBEM before or played at high difficulty levels, but I'll do my best.</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>Thanks for the warm welcome :-)</p>