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    <p>Welcome to the Playground, Orbinou. It's always a delight to meet another SMACer.</p>

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    <p>Please, pull up an avatar and make yourself comfortable. You can ask for a custom avatar in the OTf thread, and there is a large selection available in the Edit Avatar section of your User CP.</p>

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    <p>If you have questions about anything at all, you can hit View Conversation and send them- I might reply that I don't know, but I'll probably at least know who you should ask.</p>

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    <p>Maniac and Geomodder are Flemms; I don't know of any Walloons who play SMAC(X), but bdanv can manage in French, and Boddissey is French...</p>

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    <p>Hope there are many good strategy gaming discussions in your future.</p>