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  1. If aircraft carriers were any use in civ games, id say americas should get a cheaper stronger version of that edit;as an american myself, i dont agree with their inclusion into civ at all. its quite nonsensical for them to be starting 4000bc near Egyptians and say vikings. too bad civ series doesnt support nation emergence like in EU
  2. Im not sure ive seen intros of that type before, maybe they arnt actually implemented?
  3. Some general rules i follow when handling the AI;
  4. Ive always enjoyed the late game when orbital drop units became available. Defeating a faction in one turn with an overwhelming strike is amazing.
  5. This thread is to share and store worldbuilder settings in alpha(x).txt for random maps. Its simple-if your game has any modifications to the worlderbuilder take a screenshot of the world map and post it here. Please also copy your worldbuilder setts into a spoiler quote, they are quite large. For this setting, i was trying to keep it simple and set some things to zero. Every now and then a fragmented island map will result but usually its very nice continents. Tested on huge map\30-50\weak\rare\dense
  6. @Cool: Economic Victory is definitely the hardest one to achieve. The 20 year wait period is a killer too.
  7. Yes, Good work on your part. Just to clear something up, i knew about the benefits of super missile infantry from reading poly in the past. Its not like i just thought of this from scratch.
  8. Ooh, a showdown at high noon for the deadline. I have a conquest victory i could send in, i guess
  9. Not sure if this is supposed to be spoilered but;
  10. I guess that depends on if you think a unit of archers and a trireme consists of one small unit of men and a single boat, or an entire ''legion'' of ranged skirmish troops embarking onto a fleet of triremes Personally i think the entire civ concept is outdated and ridiculous in implementation
  11. Im playing the april one now. I would still advocate making SMAC compatible GOTMs when possible, however. Theres always been a large number of people without the xpack.
  12. Just to confirm a few things before i keep playing, that my version isnt bugged;there is supposed to be a almost 4000%+ psi modifier to counterattack the attacker, defense drops right? It seems my worms are favoured in combat. Fun scenario sofar
  13. Hmm, im gonna have to obtain a smacx copy somehow. All mine are toast... Edit;and now i have.
  14. Like i said, i wasnt to interested in the official victory conditions. However since i was asked by a player, i would send in a final sav. Its 2185 with gaian HQ the last remaining base, which a missile infantry awaiting a move command into the city. I was able to demand one city of gaia before pactbreaking(they never give up SP cities) then i threw everything i had at the final cities and just barely had enough movepoints to be able to take it. Many brave spartans died attempting 1\3 or 2\3 strength attacks because of your insistence on posting a sav kataphraktoi of the Spartans, 2185.zip