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  1. sooo.. who want's to join in the roster?

    <p>Welcome to the Playground, vooood. Liking SMAC(X) is the mark of a quality new member; I'm really glad to have you here.</p>

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    <p>Please, pull up an avatar and make yourself comfortable. You can ask for a custom avatar in the OTf thread, and there is a large selection available in the Edit Avatar section of your User CP.</p>

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    <p>If you have questions about anything at all, you can hit View Conversation and send them- I might reply that I don't know, but I'll probably at least know who you should ask.</p>

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    <p>Hope there are many good strategy gaming discussions in your future.</p>


  3. Yes, i was thinking about dice, sorry. I wouldn't suggest coding it because it's not that simple - you also have to support security to disable cheating. I can either look for a plugin or find that web service i used before... :)
  4. Don't worry about the rules, since this will be play-by-post (we might have regular sessions later over the net! ) getting hold of the rules will be easy. I'll try to explain stuff as we go. Those who don't have the rulebooks also don't worry. We'll sort out something. I have the originals but maybe I can find a PDF for some reference on your side. Character starting points will be decided when we get enough players (at least 3). So please let me know who can really consider playing this! :)
  5. Here's the campaign idea and some info:
  6. I'm interested in running a GURPS SMAC campaign.. anyone still interested? ^^ check out this thread: http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?p=120050
  7. I'll check out the thread and see what can be done. P.S. I was searching for a SMAC fan page on facebook and find you that way
  8. Hi, I have been lurking your forum for some time now and now I decided to join with a question. Or more like a proposal. I'm not sure if this is the best part of the forum to ask but here it goes. I'm sure at least some of you know that Steve Jackson Games GURPS (generic universal role playing game) has a SMAC expansion book. GURPS is a very interesting RPG system where there are no levels and the system provides a truly unbelievable amount of freedom and possible character development. More info (and a free lite version of the rules) at http://www.sjgames.com/gurps. I was thinking about running a forum based GURPS SMAC campaign if there would be any interested players (and approval from admins). Is there any interest?