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  1. You go to the purchase screen as you would normally, and you'll see prices in Faith for those items that you can purchase. The trick is, however, that you have to go to a city that *has* the religion that is allowing you to purchase something. That is, if you can build Pagodas with Buddhism, for instance, you will only see that option in cities with Buddhism. Even if one of your cities has a religion, if it's a different one, the purchase options may be different/may not exist at all.
  2. Two new civs announced today: Indonesia and Morocco.
  3. I also saw that they have confirmed Pitboss will be included? Has anybody else heard this?
  4. :b: :b: I spent so much time with ACS, and then it's unofficial DOS followup, ACK. It really gave me a taste for game design that I carry with me still. It's a shame there aren't simple tools for younger gamers like it anymore (and adults too, of course!).
  5. Well, I've really been enjoying V with G&K, so I'm quite looking forward to the expansion. Disappointed that the multiplayer still seems a forgotten thing, but I hadn't really been holding my breath for that...
  6. Hey all, For those that don't know, I am one half of the dynamic duo of Twofold Secret, and we are pleased to announce the launch of the demo of our latest game: Camp Keepalive! Beautiful Camp Keepalive may have a bit of a monster problem, and as their newest employee, it's up to your to save the campers from a grisly fate. A turn-based strategy title, you'll have to use each of your fellow counselor's special skills to safely guide the campers through the night, not to mention keep the camp safe from a crushing number of wrongful death lawsuits. You can check out the first trailer here: Or skip that and go straight to the demo!
  7. Check the religion screen, and see if any more religions can still be founded. There is a cap depending on the number of civs, and if they've all been founded already, you are just out of luck!
  8. I've been enjoying V quite a bit since G&K came out. A much better experience than when it was initially released.
  9. I was pretty handily winning at Prince, so I just bumped up to King. I've got the research and point lead in my first game, but ze Germans outgun me by quite a bit. We'll see how that plays out...
  10. Welcome back, Arn! Glad to hear you've escaped the life-sucking world of politics for a bit, anyway I've been on a Dwarf Fortress binge lately, so Civ has slipped to the wayside. I'm sure once the XP for CiV that they just announced comes out, I'll get sucked back in again...
  11. Sorry, was out of contact for a bit. Will have the turn along later today.
  12. Off to Kloreep
  13. On to Klo; apologies for the hold up.
  14. To Kloreep