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  1. Yeah! At last we can enjoy some action. Let the carnage begin.
  2. I'm looking forward to this.
  3. No problem. Klo, is just too busy to play, right? Nothing bad happened to him?
  4. Hello Beta, I'll talk with you.
  5. :b:
  6. From E_T's map showing the world... I see the where the Ozzy-world gets the inspiration. Nice choice for this kind of game. :b:
  7. Thanks for the pic. Nice Cuban Galley crisis you had there. I'll grab some popcorn and follow this thriller to the end. :)
  8. Very interesting development. If you are not too busy, a screenshot every now and then would be great, thanks. :)
  9. Thanks for the pics. I see Beta also can be a warlord when he really wants to.
  10. Cool way to drive a wedge to the front. :b:
  11. Thanks! I see you are setting up a nice siege... just forgot to bring the siege units. Hahah! Looking forward to see how this war progresses.
  12. Pics!!! :b: :doitnow!:
  13. Wow, just wow! E_T is phenomenal.
  14. Looking for a toilet maybe.