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  1. I can't help you, but I'd be surprise if you didn't find someone who can. ADM: Maybe this should be moved to the "Help, bugs and tips" forum?
  2. I've had another go! I'll try to throw together a report soon.
  3. I agree with this, even if it's just a feeling I have. Cha Dawn explicitly told me that his allies had talked him into attacking me once (did I already mention this?).
  4. It has happened to me on several occasions. If I remember correctly I was blocking the only way to my vassal's arch-enemy at one time, another time I was framed for stealing tech (I got the message, as far as I remember) and one time the other fac leaders simply talked my vassal, the somewhat gullible Cha Dawn, into it. He actually said so...
  5. Bumping this to let my numerous fans read the awesome intro. Maybe I should dig out the ending and publish it too. Don't let anyone tell you that I don't work hard for my fans! (Just in case: The fan thing is a joke.)
  6. Thanks again! I don't have a repository, since I haven't really written that much. There is the intro to the Market Forces Game of the Month. I can bump the thread if you like. I also wrote an ending to that, but I don't know if it was ever published. Anyway, I'm working on some new stuff to do with GotM, so hopefully there will be more in the future. There is also two episodes left of this one. My mother tongue is Swedish, so it's not that different from English.
  7. Thanks a lot! I guess I started off with the "Book of Planet" interludes that you get in the game when you first research and produce mind worms and started imagining things from there. A big part of what I like about SMAC is how it builds a huge setting made out of hints, so that you can fill in the blanks using your imagination. This is my interpretation of what it would be like to actually live among the Gaians during a time of conflict.
  8. Yep, that's the point. Just look at all the different interpretations of Christianity. Or atheism; there is quite a difference between the atheism of Bertrand Russell and that of Stalin... Since Nazism is used as a metaphor for ultimate evil (and not without reason) it's important to remember that it's often futile to try and pin a certain ideaology to it. Hitler was happy to describe himself as a Christian - when speaking to Christians. I think he wanted to gain support from any group in German society whose ideaology, in his view, wasn't directly opposed to his own.
  9. Sounds good to me! I thought of the in-game religion choices as being the dominant world view or largest religion, rather than the state religion. That's why the research penalty for atheism bothered me. I think that to give a fair representation of the relationship between atheism and research (in the "dominant world view" model) Police State would have to have -2 RES and atheism +1 RES. That way atheism would have good effects on research in a democratic society, but not in a police state. Maybe. Well, it's complicated, and the only way to play a game that is a 100% accurate rerpresentation of reality would be to go into politics irl. :) Btw, Nazi Germany was very far from atheist. I hear this misconception a lot, mostly from people from English-speaking countries. Christianity was an integrated part of Nazi society. However, Nazism wasn't a purely Christian ideology, since it was mixed with bizarre pseudo-germanic paganism and tribalism.
  10. Ah, on the water, as in Stratford-on-Avon. I spontaneously thought of a water base. It's a language thing. A coastal city would not be described as on the water in my language. Well, well.
  11. Was their HQ on water, btw? I never noticed...
  12. Well, I had a go last week. Since I play mostly for immersion I have a tendency to get confused when I'm supposed to do things quickly. I just started building and exploring like I would have done if I'd started a new single player game, singing "Tum-dee-dum-deh-deeeee / Let's build a societeeee!"... Anyway, the whole shebang ended in defeat and humiliation. It was kind of fun to play though. I like the custom Social Engineering choices. But "atheism" meaning more support for military units and slower research? You have a peculiar world view, my friend... :) Kil: Without going political (I haven't read much in the OT part, but I'm under the impression that religion is a touchy subject here at WPC) I would like to know your thoughts on the society effects of the different religion settings. Demonism makes sense to me without anyone explaining it to me. Good job with the scenario, anyway. I guess it's testimony to the greatness of Alpha Centauri that I suck at it so badly and still enjoy it so much.
  13. Also for the record: The only thing that really, really bugs me about the faction leaders is that they gave Aki stereotype Finnish looks and a stereotype Finnish name - yet she's supposed to be Norwegian! Why oh why? Do they mean that she's supposed to be Sami? Or didn't they care? Anyway, Finland would have been a good choice for a computer nerd like Aki, what with their strong info industry and all. Svensgaard, on the other hand, could more easily pass as Norwegian, but the US works too, of course. :aki: --- Perkele! I'm Finnish! :ulrik: --- Kjempegodt! I have Norwegian ancestry!
  14. For the record I don't think the original Miriam is ugly. I don't think her mouth or eyes look vicious, but rather like she's smiling (somewhat sardonically) and have "laughter wrinkles" around her eyes. She looks like a middle-aged woman with a sense of humour, which fits with her supposed charisma. I agree about the hair being ugly, but I think it looks like a horrible 80's hairdo rather than being uncombed. But that's just my opinion; go ahead and change her if it bugs you. :)
  15. I just realised that I had nothing to do with the creation of this GotM, so I should be able to join in the fun without it counting as cheating. So, remind me: What do I do with the files I've downloaded?