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  1. … The Gaian soldier came to among the fungus. He rolled over from his back to his side to hide his eyes from the sun, as the dimming function of his helmet visor seemed to be out of order. This movement revealed the stylized picture of a mind worm boil on the chest of his suit, revealing him as a brood trainer. He wasn't in much pain, he realized, but as his consciousness took another step into the light, he remembered that something much worse than pain had struck him. The boil was gone, his best limb severed. Images transmitted to him during the mind worms' last seconds alive came back, the primitive horror of an semi-sentient animal unable to escape unbearable, mortal pain. At least I'm alive, he thought. I have to get back to the others. He set his comm to search for transmissions, hoping to pick up voices of nearby friends. He started to get up while he did so, slowly, painfully, but just as the comm transmitter picked something up, a boot entered his line of vision. A Spartan boot. "Seems the largest worm is still alive", a voice said and the boot kicked him in the chest, not too hard, almost absentmindedly, but hard enough to put him flat on his back. Prisoner of war, he thought. Well, I knew it might happen. I hope there's a prisoner exchange soon. He shivered at the thought of Spartan prisons. "So, you wanted to feed us to your little maggots, eh?" the voice said. "I know you can hear me. Wanted to commit a nice little warcrime?" Another voice broke in. "I think we should have a little fun with this one. Make him pay for his crimes." "Shoot him?" the first voice said. "Isn't that a waste of ammo?" "Nah, I was thinking of something else. You know, there are so many things you can put in a suit like that." "I'm going back to the main group", a third voice broke in. "Report to me when you've made sure that this enemy soldier is dead." "Yes, sir!" the first voice said. "Uhm, sure you don't want to stay, sir?" The officer's voice sighed. "If I was to witness any obvious warcrimes, such as torture of an enemy soldier, I would have to report them, even if it meant that one of my best damn soldiers would go to court, even if it was a soldier I desperately need to turn this war around! I'll be with the main group. Come back when you're finished!" "Yes, sir!" A moment of silence, while the Gaian thought about his parents, what fear really means and what throwing up inside a helmet might feel like. "Look, he's shaking", one of the voices, one of the devils, said. "I wonder what scares him the most: That he's gonna die, or the pain he'll feel before he dies." "Probably death", the other voice said. "But we'll change that soon enough. See this chem I've got? Burns like hell, you know." Later, as they were piling up the remains, preparing to flame it, one of them picked up a small piece of metal from the body and read the text engraved on it. "Look, the stupid bastards have name tags on them. Should I keep this as a trophy?" "Throw it on the pile, it's evidence. Looks like it would melt alright." "Ok", the Spartan said, throwing away the name tag bearing the name of Alexander Jones, brood trainer.
  2. ... In spite of himself, Dieter was a little nervous. Unlike what most people thought it wasn't that often that he found himself in this part of the factional HQ at Gaia's Landing. People who were not in politics seemed to think that he fraternized with Lady Deirdre on a daily basis, but the Gaian leader was excellent at delegating, and the part of government that Dieter worked at, Internal Communications, was the one she usually took the least interest in. But now Dieter had been summoned to a personal meeting. He sighed. Going all the way here from the eastern parts of the faction cost him lots of time away from the war cabinet and his propaganda (he had long since stopped shunning away from that word) efforts. But, like people who were not in politics, Deirdre probably had only vague ideas of what his job was about. The doors bearing the Gaian emblem slid open and Dieter walked in, acting more casual than he felt. Deirdre's office had a lousy view. Dieter wondered if this was on purpose, to show visitors that the Gaians were not ones to hand their leader too much privilegies. If so, Dieter would have approved. "Dieter Schulz," Lady Dierdre said, matter-of-factually, and Dieter reflected nervously that they had the same initials. "Head Executive of Official Communications", she went on, looking at a screen embedded in her desk. "I have been following your movements lately and you seem to have been busy all over central and eastern Gaian territory. Is there any base east of here where you haven't held at least two speeches since the war began?" "No", Dieter said. "Only did three at Dreams of Green, though. People must think I have too little to do at the office." Deirdre looked him straight in the eyes, which was very unusual for the Lady. She really is stunning, Dieter thought, not meaning her looks. "When I was doing some of my most important research, the crowning af my achievements as a xenobiologist, in fact, the work that allowed me to leave the Unity and form Gaia's Stepdaughters, I once talked to a person who told me how nice it must be to 'look at flowers' all day." Dieter was stunned with surprise at this unexpected understanding of what he was doing. But why had she called him? "You wonder why I've called you here", Deirdre went on, still matter-of-factly. "To be frank as well as brief, I want to know the state of the faction. Imagine Spartan warriors marching into one of the eastern bases, say, Velvetgrass Point. What would the Gaians there do? The civilians, I mean." "There would be resistance", Dieter answered, without hesitating. "The 'information centres' we've set up is full of people learning to plant traps, sabotaging equipment, etc. If one of our bases fall, there will be riots. The more militarily minded civilians will try to take out officers and figure heads. The Spartans form a strict hierarchy: take out the leaders and the who-" "Yes, I know the details", Deirdre interrupted. "General Rodriguez informed me on them this morning. What I want to know is, how much of the resistance will be directed at us?" Dieter was surprised. "Why should-" "We do have a drone problem", Deirdre said. "Well, that's to be expected. No Gaian likes war. But those who protest the war will be the same people who start disorganised resistance, should the Spartans march in. And others are learning organized resistance. Didn't Rodriguez tell you?" "He did. But he only watches people. He doesn't know their hearts. That's your area of expertise. Also, this vendetta is having unexpected consequences for our society. I'm afraid that some people from the military might be trying to keep me off their backs by averting my eyes from problems." "There are no serious problems, that I know of, regarding resistance." "Good. Let me ask you this: How many Gaians would you trust with the information we have shared here just now?" "Including you?" "Including me and you." Dieter thought of Annika, a woman of high rank within the state, whom he would also trust with his life for personal reasons. Then he thought of Michel Vander, Junior Executive of Official Communications, who was technically Dieter's subordinate, but in reality was his counterpart in the western parts of Gaian land. "Four people", he said. Deirdre looked at him blankly. "That's twice my number", she said. "Any other problems that you have noticed?" Dieter thought of Alexander, of nice, amicable Al Jones getting mildly turned on at the thought of digging into Spartan brains. "The brood trainers might need some rehabilitation after they return from the front", he said. Deirdre raised her eyebrows. "This war is fought over our right to use brood trainers in war. Do you think there's a problem related to that?" For the first time in his life, Dieter felt a little afraid of one of his superiors. "They are warriors. Warriors with predators for weapons. They might need some readjustment when the war is over, I think." "We all will. But I will look into it. Thank you for coming, brother Dieter. Walk with Planet." "Walk with Planet, Lady Deirdre."
  3. not sure how you will survive that staggering increase in sea levels.
  4. My guess would be the same thing Petek said. You were framed for some sort of probe action.
  5. Your file seemed to work for me. I started 2 hotseat games 1 with Roze Domai and Zak. 2nd with roze morgan and deidra. Both games All 3 factions acted as were expected with transcend difficulty in regards to drones. When you started the MP game did you choose Start Multiplayer Scenario? I don't really see how you could have used that file and not had the difficulty the same for everyone unless you had an older file that didn't have the force difficulty change, and you used that one on accident.
  6. Darsnan just won the avatar of the year award for using Mr. Rogers.
  7. Geosynchronous survey pods, do exactly what you are saying for sensors. Plus they get a 3 tile sight radius instead of only 2 that sensors get. I would actually take an opposite approach, and make it so any improvements built on a tile get removed when you build a base on it. No more indestructible sensor arrays and no mirrors or condensers on a base tile. I would leave aerospace complexes with the defense bonus, but remove the airdrop prevention. Aircraft with air superiority should be the only way to prevent an airdrop. Reduced chopper range or limiting choppers to 1 attack per turn would fix a lot of problems with air power. Air vs air battles needs to be fixed too, or so I have been told. Bases on the coast already do get territory at sea. Every tile adjacent to the base tile is considered your territory.
  8. I got curious, and tested it. The belief attack bonus only applies to conventional weapons. Not psi or probe team.
  9. I don't know if you are right or wrong the believers are incredibly bad so I don't use them
  10. We should be ashamed of ourselves being on topic in the rec commons.
  11. Probes seem to fight at a base attack of 2 morale seems to be the only modifier to their attack. Faction abilities like the caretakers 25% defense bonus do have an effect, I think the believer and usurper attack bonuses apply to probe combat as well, but I have no used either faction in a long time so can't say for certain. Terrain and base improvements have no effect on the defending probe team including sensor arrays. Reactor has an effect on their HP so the probe with the higher reactor is probably going to win.
  12. Seems the way to go for you, is to nuke a native unit then.
  13. I am the brains she is the brawn. Though I am keeping some tech to myself in case she gets any crazy ideas of betrayal. :)
  14. I encountered the bug where an AI frees another captured leader, for the first time ever. Had to save at the end of every turn for 4 turns and reload until Steph failed to rescue Domai so I wouldn't lose all my stuff. Can progenitor factions be freed if they are captured? Would be interesting to see what would happen if you played as the caretakers and freed Marr if he manages to get wiped out by an AI. I gave Steph 6r weapons and fusion power as a gift before Sunspot activity. When it ended this was all that was left of Maud'dib. you must have changed the Consciousness faction color in your mod I don't remember their color being so pale.
  15. In my current game Steph doesn't have any friends besides me. I feel bad for her enemies when those fundamentalist Steph supporters show up looking for blood.