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  1. Previous Threads Freudian Experiment Freudian Experiment 2: Get your +1 here! Freudian Experiment 3: I ALREADY POST AROUND THE CLOCK! Freudian Experiment 4: Here We Go Again Freudian Experiment 5: Space Herpes Freudian Experiment 6: The Show Must Go On Freudian Experiment 7: Long Overdue Freudian-Experiment-8-American-Cheese Last post was. Mormon
  2. Anybody interested? I have a 1 year rental on a realms server, that I set up for some of my students to do school projects on. School ends in 4 weeks, or so, and I will have about 5 months left on the server. I can let the last couple of kids stay and play over the summer; or I can clear them off and let it host us. Or, I can do both and get the 3 kids who are still playing (all are spec ed kids - nice, but rather crazy in the game environment and all are in the 14-18 year old range) continue to play and invite those who want to play do so. I can also start a new world, or you can continue to use the one they are messing around it (they are in creative mode - so there really are some crazy things in the game). Realms servers are a bit different than just a IP address hosted server. First, I have to have your user name and send you an invite, instead of you just getting the IP and you logging in. Second, I believe they are hosted in the US, and I know I didn't have many issues with Dales but you never know. Third is that it will auto update to the most current MC version; whether it breaks the game or not. I haven't seen a game breaker yet - but it can happen. Other than that is it just little things that you probably wouldn't notice. I wouldn't be doing any maps. If interested, you can post your username below (or PM me) along with what you would prefer to happen with the few students who are on it. My personal preferences: Let the 3 kids say on it (we just have to watch our language, but that shouldn't be an issue). Restart with a new world - normal survival mode. The 3 kids would likely stop playing to be honest, as they are not really adapt at survival, just creative. I don't have anything in mind to build right now - but hanging out with some folks now and then would be fun. Note: most of July I will be in the middle of adopting my baby girl, so I won't be online myself I expect - but after we get back home between diapers who knows!
  3. Sent it to you Viking in PM
  4. of the forum..... (but continued on Discord)
  5. It looks good.... makes me want to play again. Last I played was just as they added in the shipwrecks...
  6. Still on my wish list... some day....
  7. overhead projector
  8. Worthy game, but has some balance issues.
  9. http://www.syfy.com/syfywire/science-fiction-titan-jerry-pournelle-dies-at-84 If you have never read his stuff, do so. Dated now, but still very worth the read.
  10. 3rd chipmunk inside the house this summer (well, and spring). Gotta figure out how they are getting in.
  11. Now that is good to hear!
  12. It is the new D&D game. From my (very) limited exposure, it is better than Pillars of Eternity. The + Good graphics, good settings, good characters, good mechanics. The - It is a bit short (for now) The mixed It has 2 modes - player and DM. As a DM, you can create dungeons and put them out there for others to run through. I expect a lot of content to be added over the next couple of years. As a player, you can go solo or go with up to 4 buddies. The one problem I have been having is that it auto puts me with others players - people I just don't know. Sometimes that might be fun, but not when I wasn't expecting it. I am sure it is just some setting that I haven't figured out yet, but it was kinda annoying last night.
  13. Howard Johnson
  14. Anybody interested? Good: Fallout Bad: Must be online (and my internet is crap) Neutral: 24 person servers, no NPC's, looks like a survival MMO Great 30 min clip about the development of, with great insight as to what it is all about:
  15. Fish slaps are a good thing. Frozen trout anybody?
  16. From the little I understand about your local elections, it just sounds like people are fed up with the do nothing policy. Sh*t or get off the pot already, based on who won.
  17. The whole empire sprawl limits I keep finding is ruining my normal play style of grow quick and claim all you can quick. Haven't played enough to figure out how to work with it instead of against it.
  18. Big statue, tourist attraction!
  19. Hope to re-install and try it again this summer. From what I have heard it has turned into a solid game.