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  1. Responding to your wall comment visible in the right sidebar in the forum root - Uno, of course, has indeed given up completely.  Sounds like for good reason, though no idea why it's SO bad for him, and not me on my weak machine and poor connection...


    Solver ain't coming back, y'all.  If the members want WPC fixed in any of the various ways it needs, the members are going to have to figure out how to do something about it.  Solver wouldn't get in your way.  Please spread the word, GK...

    1. godking


      My internet is via a cell phone if I want more than authentication right now.  Purchased a new house, and the place isn't properly wired, and cannot afford 5K worth of drywall holes to run proper wiring.  I get speeds via wireless of less than good old AOL (which, I discovered, the next door neighbor still uses....).

      In the summer, I have the time.  the other 10 months of the year, I don't.  High school teacher equals 60 hours of work in a week, along with time I want to spend with family (2.5 year old daughter is a hoot - although exhausting).  

    2. Buster's Uncle

      Buster's Uncle

      Well, that wasn't aimed at you personally, although I find you a smart & mature member capable of stepping up and doing much good IF you had the time and the inclination.  -But, although it inspired me to make a general appeal, I just wanted to plant the idea that the members needto save WPC, and could...