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  1. Best quote from me grading exams this marking period, "The Flint water crisis was a result of politicians failure to properly install condoms".
  2. kitchen (been a while, last posted on page 226...)
  3. So, who's up for next year?
  4. Interesting. Might have to try it out again (in a few months, that is).
  5. I have an extra key or two if anybody wants it. Send me a PM (or ping me on Facebook - FB goes to my phone, WPC doesn't). Good game (in beta til the 14th), but not sure about long term re-playibility
  6. Mod crazy (though, I was running about 40-50 of them back in 18 when I last played). Haven't deleted this game off the comp yet, though, like I did with most of the others, as I know I will be back. Just burned out on Project Gorgon (WOW or EQ esk clone game, good, but limited so far due to super small dev team). And Fallout 76 being opened up (great game, but I don't see long term life in it).
  7. Ya, I know. But, from the little that made the news over here, sounded like the Tsunami was going to make it to you, and that the hurricanes this season were fairly severe. Glad to hear things are good.
  8. Any word from our PI friends about Palu? everything I am hearing says is that it is just getting worse and worse..... last I heard over 1,600 dead and almost 20k missing?
  9. glad to hear that B19 stuff is getting updated.
  10. I have heard good things about NEXT, but as all my time was pre-NEXT, and there are still compatability issues, it will be a while before I try it out again.
  11. LOL
  12. Cancer clean is a good clean