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  1. Sent it to you Viking in PM
  2. of the forum..... (but continued on Discord)
  3. It looks good.... makes me want to play again. Last I played was just as they added in the shipwrecks...
  4. Still on my wish list... some day....
  5. overhead projector
  6. Worthy game, but has some balance issues.
  7. 3rd chipmunk inside the house this summer (well, and spring). Gotta figure out how they are getting in.
  8. Now that is good to hear!
  9. Howard Johnson
  10. Fish slaps are a good thing. Frozen trout anybody?
  11. From the little I understand about your local elections, it just sounds like people are fed up with the do nothing policy. Sh*t or get off the pot already, based on who won.