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  1. You can try to run the dxsetup and vcredists manually as administrator while the game is not running. base game + GS should just work. You get all the game play rules and mechanics and none of the civs, wonders, scenario's, etc. from R+F. In Windows 10, press the Windows key on your keyboard and type 'dxdiag'. Press enter. It gives you a diagnostics of directx on your system, and tells you a lot about your system and problems. You can save all that information to a .txt file from the program. The contents of that .txt file you can put on for example and link back here, or put it here in a quote or code block.
  2. It's indeed a play in order. Much more like PBEM then Pitboss in that regard. And indeed no turn timers for PBC... too bad.
  3. I joined the game that was screenshotted. For others who are unclear, use the join code: xvNY
  4. Ooooh! PBC games being set up. Count me in when there's room :-)
  5. I know now. Very sorry to hear this and I really hope you beat this ugly thing.
  6. I have the same key as Quill (see also my blogpost: First and foremost, I'm not domination win kinda guy, I generally win by culture or science. So I also haven't gotten much issue with the loyalty system. What can happen is that if you conquer to fast, the cities around your last conquest don't generate enough loyalty (this is tied to population) and thus that city keeps flipping back to Free City. Which means it can stall you. Or you ignore it, blitz on, so that enough cities around it are yours too. City flipping only happens if you have not enough pressure from your own cities. Monuments, governors and policies all can help with bringing it up, but in the end big cities are a huge help in this. To get back to difficulty conquering, you definitely need to pay more attention to conquest then in vanilla, otherwise a city will flip back rather soon. But if you do that, it should be good. One thing I haven't tried and I can only theorize about, is conquest overseas. Say you're on a continent and your enemy on another, more then 10 tiles away. That means you're going to have trouble getting enough loyalty there right from the start. I have no solution to that yet. I doubt razing would be the solution, because that basically guarantees eternal war with all other civ's for being a warmonger.
  7. Luckily this is completely separate from culture then
  8. I'm guessing you mean SSL 2.0. Which is indeed out of date and the certificate here is not valid for SSL2. If you got the notification I think you got, that's an indication why Edge is still not a very good browser when it comes to security. Firefox and Chrome for example will not (without extra action) let you visit SSL2.0 secured sites This site uses primarily TLS1.2 which is the current, most secure standard for securing web-traffic.
  9. I have it and play it quite often since release actually. I really like it. The game has gotten harder for multiple reasons: The extra units are sometimes difficult to combat, they have nasty abilities. Not always extremely powerful, but nasty. Think the Priests (new Advent unit) that can put your unit in stasis. It means the unit cannot be harmed but also do no action what so ever that turn. And the AI seems improved. The aliens make better use of their abilities on times it makes sense. Not always mind you, but more often. And for these reasons I like it very much.
  10. Thanks for this Rhoth! I enjoyed it. Already looking forward to your play with Alex. Do a check if CQUI is updated after the summer patch... that patch did a lot of UI work under the radar and broke nearly every UI mod out there.
  11. site feedback

    That has been an issue indeed. Those are now solved and measures take to prevent that in the future. Mostly by using this new forum software and implementing HTTPS. You can still change the Theme by the way. Completely at the bottom, you have a small text Theme with a little downwards arrow next to it. Click the arrow and select the other theme.