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  1. Labour Day patch! Patch 16a for Planetfall, the Alpha Centauri total conversion mod for Civ4 BtS, has been released. This patch needs to be applied on top of the main v16 file of Planetfall. Patch a breaks games started under the patchless version v16. Changelog: 1. Female Navy Seal by SaibotLieh used for the Spectre spec ab version of the Marine. 2. Drop Trooper graphics changed to the Female Sci-Fi Marine by SaibotLieh. The old graphics now serve as the Light spec ab version of the Drop Trooper. 3. Female Sci-Fi Spec Ops unit by SaibotLieh used as the Anti-Personnel, Guerilla and Spectre spec ab version of the Drop Trooper. 4. The Subsea Trunkline now provides an Engineer specialist slot. 5. One of the Consciousness starting techs changed from Social Psych to Renewable Energy. 6. The Consciousness suffer 25% less negative Planet from population, this time for real. That part of the trait wasn't working. 7. The Pirate Sea Colony Pod is now a military unit like all other colony pods. This means it will get a production bonus from Police State, as intended. 8. The Pirates can now also gain research from pillaging a base. 9. The Planetary Council wonder provides +100% great people points in its base. 10. AAA Tracking offers +50% strength versus Missile units. 11. The Resonadar promotion has been renamed Neural Amplifier and now requires Morale III. 12. The map generator function for resource quantity placement now takes into account starting era and the Expansion Factions game option. 13. Size of military on the demographics info tab reduced by a factor of 10. 14. With the goal of making espionage less of a public affair: 14a. The cost of gaining passive espionage effects on a target player are now dependent on the target's overall espionage points accumulated throughout the game rather than dependent on espionage spending accumulated by the target against the player who wants to gain infiltration. 14b. Espionage mission cost for spy against target depends on the relative overall espionage points accumulated rather than spending vs each other. This was already implemented a while ago, but not yet mentioned in patch notes. 14c. You can only find out how many espionage points another player has invested against you, if you gain the "see research project" passive espionage effect. 15. Bug fix: stealth units no longer become permanently visible after having pillaged a plot. 16. Bug fix to the Transcendence Concordat motion.
  2. I'd like to have it removed as well.
  3. Off to Shogun.
  4. To Uno.
  5. Sent two days ago or so.
  6. Sent.
  7. Sent.
  8. Turn to U no who.
  9. Seriously? Where's European integration when you need it?
  10. There's no spam that I can see. The ordering of the poll options seems strange. The poll options are ordered from few to lots of spam, but then with the no spam option at the end. The logical ordering would be to place the no spam option at the start. As a consequence of the current ordering the results may be distorted and not accurately represent reality. Therefore this poll does not meet the standards of scientific methodology. Furthermore if the goal of this poll is to prove that spam needs to be reduced, it is a bad poll question. Perhaps there are people who think there is spam in the OT, but they like spam because it livens up the place. I for one wouldn't mind spam if there was any.
  11. I don't want to use PayPal. Can't I wire it directly to your account?
  12. My cache must have updated really slowly. I only just noticed the normal Xmas smilies too. Which is ok with me, as Sinterklaas has just passed.
  13. lol I just noticed the Xmas SMAC smilies. :b:
  14. Turn sent.
  15. Turn sent.