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  1. Woah, I disagree with quite a bit of what binTravkin said but he is certainly right about you. Your wordview is astoundingly naive and black and white and you have a severe lack of historical knowledge.
  2. I'm not sure I understund you correctly. Condensers and Echelon mirrors should no longer be buildable by formers but instead become base facilities or should they be both?
  3. The whole air combat issue is made even worse by scrambling. If a bomber fights a scrambled fighter they fight weapon vs weapon, a fair fight. If the fighter attacks the bomber it's weapon vs. armor which is basically a turkey shoot. In this way scrambling actually hurts the defender in a lot of cases. I agree with chuft that air combat would be far better than the incosistent mess we have now if it worked as described in the manual, ie. figters get +100% in dog fights. Btw a 100% basically means almost certain victory (99,1%) in a fight between otherwise equal units. PS: 99,1 is for fission units for fusion it's 99,96% and for higher reactors it might be treated as 100% for all practical purposes.
  4. <p>Maybe we could still make a it a 4players game if I satrt a random game, are we all still in?</p>

  5. 'Firepower' is probably a relict of Civ2. As IacN guessed it is equal to the module cost of missiles. Base self destruct damage for missiles is 12 as well.
  6. Err, what I wrote is for Smac. In Smax it's different. If you want to test it please reread chuft's posts although it's a lot of text. It does not only matter if you nerve staple captured bases or your own but also when you do so (several bases a turn or each base in a different turn).
  7. There is also a difference between nerve stapling self-founded and captured bases. Unfortunately, all testing I have ever done on the subject was in Smac which according to chuft's posts behaves weirdly. I can, however, verify that in Smac nerve stapling your own bases can be done with impunity if you don't mind the sanctions. Nerve stapling captured bases will increase the sanctions just as chuft said. After 13 uses of nerve stapling in captured bases there will be a reduction of the clean mineral limit and from that point forward nerve stapling your own bases will also count as an atrocity.
  8. I hope you can find it. Some of the stuff was really interesting and helpful.
  9. I like the original image better. Your version looks too artificial. I don't understand what the fuss is about, anyway. Miriam is no beauty but she is not ugly either. Moreover, I'd say she gives a more realistic image of a female leader than girls like Santiago and Deirdre.
  10. 40*80 is Standard size, correct? In that case it should be 6 on Transcend.
  11. Early on Green is somestimes chosen for the ability to capture worms. In late game the efficieny is the sole reason someone might consider Green. Planet rating becomes almost irrelevant. Eco-damage can be suppressed entirely and natives just don't cut it anymore. Even with high planet rating you will have losing odds against trance+resonance+base defence(+sensors). On the other hand, natives can be dealt with by empath units, artillery or self destruct aoe even if you have low planet rating. Moreover, it's not really possible to field a large native army since capture probability decreases with the number of natives you already caught. Building them yourself is ineffective, too. They are more expensive than far superior standard (non-psi) units with good reactor.
  12. I think he he proposed to change konwledge to +2 Research, +1 Talent, -2 Probe, IacN. This would be OK. The extra talent though strong is not as powerful as the HGP since it is aplied differently. I don't like the change to frontier. Sure you can force people off it by giving it a negative. But then the player must take one of 4 choices which all suck. Instead of looking for a the most beneficial government you are forced to take the one which hurts you least. This is not fun. IacN has it right. Better improve police state and fundamentalism sufficiently to make them more viable.
  13. Ah, I missed that -3 Police already leads to pacifism drones. Yeah, -3 is too much.
  14. I answered your post on Apolyton. In a nutshell: The rebalanced SE seems to be fine but I would have to test it to say for sure which I won't. The only problem I can see is that you refer to the future societies for various things (pop booms for instance) as if they mattered. They don't. If you reduce the technology requirements for the future societies significantly they would me more useful. (Note that this would be good change even for the unaltered SE.) However, if you do you have to nerf them a little. Otherwise they would be too strong.
  15. Sorry for the self quote. You need to be more specific. Otherwise we wont be able to help you.