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  1. Why you still link the discussion link to apolton on the site of your podcast I don't understand...that site has become as bad as civfanactics. Anyone who is acussing your show of having unconditional love for civ V hasn't listened to phil or the show much....there be reasons I am glad he doesn't post here.
  2. <p>And feel free to join in the 'Name the Game' erm...game in the 'Other games forum' - the more the merrier. I'm not a CivV guy myself(CivIV+BtS my personal fav 'Civ' game), but there are lots of things you can involved in besides CivV if you look around :yes:</p>

  3. no he can't we have enough entries all ready...grumble...
  4. I could do one on F or G. Are these usually cooperative or competitive games? Would prefer F.
  5. Eh...you know stratigies like this one and the build settlers and not settle them really annoy me. It seems like you are taking advantage of game mechanics by playing this way and not really playing the game the way it should be played. I mean if you did this in a MP game...I would consider it cheating. One of the reasons I dislike so of the posters and players I dislike is they play like this all the time. I am not sure if the community would consider them exploits or not...but I do.
  6. I thought there was but there doesn't seem to be....I will have to try and figure out how to do that as it seems not to have worked. Find it on the groups section there are not that many gorups here...if you can't let me know. This weekend I will try to get the link working not sure why it isn't working now though...
  7. Come join my group! I have a group here on the site for people who miss the movies and the playback! I to enjoyed them and I am sad to see them go.
  8. Long oh yes...I won't be nearly done by the time the contest is over..even if they do extend it due to low enrollment...which I have all ready suggested. Should advertize it in steam..I only saw it when i came here.
  9. good glad you entered Nik...was going to post in your DAR that you should. I like yours, your going to push me to be even more creative in my next postings..
  10. I've found no use for cats unless there are no trees or mountains around the city. Unless you can put something in front of the cat it is very weak. I'd rather use the resource and time for another swordsman or something else. I've found archers on a city are great especially in the early game. Attack a city until your unit is about to die back out of city range but keep an archer on the city...hit it every turn, usually the city damage will only do one to it and by the time it gets to where it would be about to die you have a level up you can use for a heal, and you are keeping the city from healing so when you unit heals up attack the city again. Now of course this falls apart if you have his units to fight so you do have to take those out first.
  11. Well I loved the movies and I still watch the ones for civ IV...in fact I have started a group here on the site...bring back the ending movies, look for it in my signature. I would pay for dlc that was the movies, if it was as good as the first one ten dollars for a set of ending movies would be a definite purchase. Though I suppose people putting them up on youtube is to blame for the lack of them...opening movies will be going next...sigh (you tube ruins everything)
  12. We have our first entry! You can read the continuing saga of the British in South America here..in the epic game of epicness! http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?4725-The-epic-game-of-epicness Edited by Locutus: link fixed (at request)

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