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  1. That's actually chinese, they are catching up with japanese tv; there's probably a horrible reason behind it.
  2. So, let's dream... I'd like to see a retale of the original story, in which the fight for survival was much more harsh. The original seven factions never conquered the whole planet, but rather "cleared out" the xenofungus / mindworms of a little zone and managed to live in there, being forced to rely on each other in something like a league of city states / small settlements. Of course nobody trusts anyone and there is conflict and espionage all the time, but ultimately there is a status quo no one wants broken (as they are too weak to be on the winning side for sure), and the UN is more or less operational. On the other hand there is Planet. Planet is evil and scary and wants the seven factions dead. As tech evolves, humans discover that Planet is neither scary nor evil; it can be controled (kind of) and be used for the bettering of manking: a cheap food and energy source, the possibility of colonizing the rest of the planet, and ultimately, transcendence... On a second though, planet can remain scary and evil and used to kill your pesty neighbours... decisions, decisions. Aliens. I don't know what to think about them. My original idea ignored everything introduced by smax, but they make a great plot device: They can help humanity with some basic survival techs and industrialization, and the "us vs them" is a great excuse to keep the seven factions united. They might be the evil hand that controls planet. They might toy with the humans, secretly taking sides in conflicts, embargoing trade or techs if they feel threatened by the human development, etc. Maybe they want them dead, maybe they want them to transcende so that they are easy to control, like planet is. The conflict between different alien factions can be kept secret to humans, making the aliens look more erratic and dissorganized. Earth. Earth never exploted in an orgy of hate and nuclear radiation. The success of the alpha centauri program inspired humanity and now they are a relatively competent spacefaring civilization (let's call it Earth Federation). The federation sent a team to Chiron and found the factions. They offer supplies, tech and a travel back to Earth to all those who are homesick (or mindwormsick, or survivalism-sick), in exchange of joining the federation. It sounds good, but not really. Join the federation as what? A colony? And who are these people anyway, what happened to the UN and our good old countries? Decisions, decisions, again. On a more gamey note, Earth Fed and Aliens provide two paths of evolution though the game. Aliens are more focused on environment and knowledge, while the feds provide easier to apply knowledge (weapons, engineering) and humanity related techs (e.g. stims, clonning, punishment spheres). Each group have their own agenda and siding with them may have a price. There is a third path, that is, not siding with either and remaining neutral. Maybe you can transcend beyond the grip of the aliens, maybe you can fight the feds back to Earth (and the aliens back to aliendland), maybe you can make the aliens and the feds kill each other while you rule your league, maybe you can become the CEO of The East Chiron Company, etc. All this probably would not fit too well into a civ-style game, or a 4x-game, or anything with AI (due to diplomacy / espionage). I'd love to see it, though. Ps.: I'm potentially sorry for my faulty non-native english.
  3. The way I see it, the green model represents (many) small decentraliced settlements with low population, living closer to nature. The extra efficency for the many settlements, the minus growth for the low pop per settlement, and the extra planet for the nature instead of industrialization. I think the big problem is that growth does not cap pop limit, and in general that the smac engine does not represent this model correctly. This is not a model a big centraliced empire should be able to switch to easily, or at all (without losing population, income, etc). In fact, as much as I like the social engineering model in smac, it makes way too easy to change your society completely.
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