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  1. I'm a newbie here, but I don't think disagreeing with you and detailing reasonable responses why is having a bad attitude. Everybody is maintaining a very civil attitude. Civilization already ships with the kinds of Scenarios we are talking about (they did moreso in the Civ II expansions than today). Off the top of my head, I can recall an American Revolution scenario, a World War II scenario, and a Barbarian Horde scenario in Civ IV. Civ II had the alien invasion scenario, the Gods of Olympia scenario, a post-apocalyptic Earth scenario, and many many more. I didn't play a lot of Civ III, but I'm sure they were there, too.
  2. To be honest, Alpha Centauri only got a story by chance, because there was some staff member bursting with creativity on the team. And the vast majority of said story is kept here, and not in the actual game itself. It works because it's a new frontier, a new world of mysteries. It's still extremely free form: There is no intermissionary period wherein you read about Zhakarov's final discussion with Miriam before she is eradicated. In fact, they don't even get any last words: eradicated faction leaders are just gone. You have to fill in the blanks yourself. Civ doesn't have or need to write an original story because the 'story' (as has already been said) is that of the Earth. That's what it's all about. And the Earth changes dramatically depending on how you play it. It would spoil it for me, in my opinion, if I was thinking of one nice story, and the game forced me to consider another. Again, it's fine in SMAC, because SMAC needs some structure, being a foreign world. Civ is alternate history-type stuff. GalCiv went the Scenario route. It was jarring, to say the least. Learning techs and then forgetting them in between missions. Ick. The open-endedness of Civ allows for countless mods, anyways. Since Civ II (when I started), mods have been pouring out of the franchise like a waterfall. I'm pretty sure CivFanatics even still has the Adventure mod detailing the first Book of the Lord of the Rings series, followed by the trek through Moria mod, followed by the War of the Ring mod, supplying the full LOTR experience. Civ IV has Fall From Heaven, which (especially when combined with Fall Further) offers the same level (if not more) of story and flavour as Alpha Centauri. I don't understand why you call vanilla Civ a 'Kill-Fest' because there's no story. Board Games have been popular much longer than video games, for instance. Monopoly doesn't have a story, and nobody dies in that game. Agricola, Puerto Rico, and Settlers of Catan also do not feature people dying in various ways. Battlestar Galactica (the board game) has a storyline and people die in it. When I play Civ, I rarely go out warmongering anyway. To be honest, if you find the lack of a structured story in Civilization limiting to your imagination, the problem is your imagination and not the game. Right now, any story we make for Civilization is interesting and unique. Any story we make for Alpha Centauri is fan fiction. Most people can write fan fiction because the actual work is done for them: the characters are developed, the setting has been produced, and the flavor is prepared.
  3. Maybe it will be like Civ II and you can starve your allies' cities to death by placing friendly units on their resource tiles.
  4. In my opinion, there isn't much need for a structured story in Civilization. I've never had any difficulty using my imagination to form plots in Vanilla single player gameplay. One of the reasons for this is that Civilization covers 5,000 years of history. Most stories are fairly character driven. Good luck with building memorable characters if they'll be dead in four game turns. Instead, the story that you get will be in a 'history textbook' format. You're writing history from scratch, after all. When I was younger, I'd go through complex timelines of my Civs in Civilization II. If you wanted to write a story, Civilization gives you the perfect setting in which to do so.

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