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  1. No news that I've heard. I think they're probably still dealing with the disaster of Fallout76. I'm hopeful that they'll use a new engine for the new game, rather than a retread of the one they've been using. You're absolutely right that they seem to have hit the limits of the tech for that one.
  2. Cekoforbidden, welcome to the forums. I've never actually done a world conquest game. I've come close-ish once, starting as Poland and conquering Russia, Scandinavia, China and India, as well as gaining PUs over Spain and Portugal and incorporating them and their colonial nations. But even with all that I wasn't really all that close. Granted I wasn't shooting for the WC achievement either. I'd say it's probably even more difficult now since they changed the rules about territories.
  3. Peace? Pah. Attack them to show them who is boss!!!
  4. Murderdeathkill (Yes my kid watched teletubbies when he was young. Luckily we somehow lost the ability to watch that channel after a few episodes).
  5. Yeah it’s rare for me to have anything better than a level 2 or 3 at most. Fairly sure it’s a bug.
  6. Will Ferrell
  7. Bunker up and wait to see if they actually land, then slaughter it. The English are bad at that whole landing an army thing.
  8. I've finished a couple games out to 1821 as part of achievements. The closest I ever got to a WC though was my PLC game where I was going for the 1000 provinces achievement. I ended up conquering the Ottomans, Scandinavia and Russia and heading East and conquering all of China (before 1.20 and the Ming buff) and much of India. I also ended up gaining PUs over both Spain and Portugal, and then integrating them, so I had a lot of New World colonial territory too. But I was still far away from a WC. I don't think I'll ever try for an actual world conquest game though. Especially now after they specifically added new mechanics to keep people from blobbing too much.
  9. Looks good, though bummer about the bugs. I think the thing where you kept losing tradition every time you chose your ruler over again is working as intended. If you have super low tradition your government can change. https://eu4.paradoxwikis.com/Republic I haven't ever tried for that achievement. Actually I don't know that I've ever played a New World nation at all. If I did I don't remember doing so.
  10. Robot pops in a normal society are just fine. They can accelerate your growth nicely since they are separate from your organic pop growth. They are different than they used to be though. Previously robots had bonuses to mineral and food production and penalties to other types. They no longer have any of that (bonuses or penalties), unless you use robomodding on them. Instead your bog-standard robots only have the ability to work mineral and food jobs. Once they are upgraded with Droid tech though then they can work all types of basic jobs (including energy and clerk jobs) as well as soldier specialty jobs. I have not gone far enough in a game with robots to get synths, but I believe they are able to work all specialty jobs.