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  1. Doc Hollywood (the plot of the Pixar movie Cars ripped off the Michael J Fox movie Doc Hollywood)
  2. As for Arridani, after returning to Fort Dawnguard with the Moth Priest she and Serana set out to complete a few Dawnguard missions around Riften, including rescuing Florentius Baenius from the clutches of an evil witch who dominated a large group of poor Vigilants of Stendarr (those guys can't catch a break). Florentius was able to teach her more Sun-based spells for battling the hated undead (a sun cloak and an AOE sun-based fireball). Arridani still sometimes forgets to use those though as she is really into the satisfyingly happy sound of an exploding fireball. After rescuing Florentius, the two traveled westward again, first to her adopted home in Nilheim, then on a circuitous route through Falkreath to find Azura's Star and discretely kill a vampire masquerading as a bard in Riverwood, before heading back to Winterhold to return the Star to Azura and then gain advice on the Elder Scrolls. She was directed northward across the frozen expanse of the Sea of Ghosts (luckily across heavy ice which allowed her to avoid having to swim in the freezing water) to the outpost of a crazy old mage who directed her to the Dwemer ruin of Alftand. At Alftand she and Serana fought a gigantic mechanical dragon created by the Dwemer (more from the Immersive Creatures mod) before descending into Alftand for days of battling Dwemer traps and spiders, and nasty Falmer, before ultimately descending even farther down into the massive cavern of Blackreach to find the Elder Scroll. She and Serana just returned to the surface via the Mzark lift (which is where I left off).
  3. I've had a little bit more trouble with CTDs this time than when I last played. Nothing has changes in my setup so I'm not certain why, but I have noticed it more this time than I remember before. It's not a consistent CTD either. I can play for a while just fine, then all of a sudden I'll activate a smelter (for example) and it will crash, but activating the smelter the three times before in that same hour of play didn't cause a problem. I also have the occasional time where the game won't exit from a loading screen. It doesn't crash, just doesn't continue on, and when I reload it will load into the area I was headed into, not my previous autosave. Still, overall the issues are minor, unlike yours. Bears are a pain in the ass. Especially when a snow bear (the most powerful kind) and its six kids all come at me with dogged determination and are just as fast or faster than my character. Still not as bad as Dramans though (think humanoid creatures with the HP of dragons mixed with the speed of Mercer Frey). Those things can kill a 300hp character in 3 claw swipes, even with 250 points of armor. Both the Dramans and multiple spawns of normal creatures are part of the Immersive Creatures mod I have active. You have to be much more careful in the wilderness as you can quite easily run into a creature, or more likely multiple creatures, who can wipe the floor with you on harder difficulties, something that is not as common in vanilla. I don't know if you have the same smithing mod I have, but IIRC you can turn off all experience gains from the tanning rack as one of the toggles.
  4. All hail Nik the Tyrant!
  5. Arridani has now become a full-fledged member of the Dawnguard. She has been slowly improving her spellcasting abilities in heavy armor, in order to make better use of the Dawnguard heavy armor. In-game that was mostly because of the various Dawnguard armors I prefer the look of the heavy gray the most. I could have continued with light armor, since there are light Dawnguard armors, but I wanted to switch. So she is now a classic battlemage archetype as much as a priest, wielding destruction spells and occasionally her Dawnguard axe (or Dawnbreaker), while wearing heavy armor and a college hood. Though she misses the companionship of fellow Dunmer Jenassa, she is slowly starting to accept the company of the vampire Serana in the fight against Serana's father. Serana's instincts to visit the College of Winterhold to try to find a Moth Priest were correct (I could have found the info elsewhere, but I needed to visit the college anyway for the adept level healing spells, since no one else sells them). Though Arridani accepts the college as a repository of knowledge, she has no real desire to study there. Her gifts of fire and lightning come directly from Arkay. While heading to the College, she also passed through Windhelm, the capital of Ulfric's domain, and visited the Gray Quarter, where a sizable contingent of Dunmer have settled after fleeing Morrowind. It depresses her to see the proud Dunmer forced to subject themselves to the Nord racism. She wishes she could do something, but she is not sure there is anything that could be done, so she will continue following the more obvious Will of Arkay in hunting vampires and draugr. And yes I know I could join the Civil War on the side of the Imperials and oust Ulfric, but that is my least favorite questline. And it doesn't really change the Gray Quarter anyway. So now Arridani is heading west again, toward Dragon's Bridge to find the Moth Priest, though she intends to take care of a few other little quests issued by the Dawnguard on the way, including finding a crossbow schematic in Redoran's Retreat, as well as helping the last of the lovers for Mara's quest. On the way back east she intends to stop in Falkreath too, to finally meet the Jarl who had summoned her, as well as go to Ilinalta's Deep to recover the lost artifact of Azura (she will take it to Azura's priestess though, not the elf in Winterhold, as he turns it into the Black Star. She has no problem with white souls since they are animals and other lesser beings, but capturing a black soul is against the Will of Arkay).
  6. Not your fault. I think it's just the game.
  7. Still playing around in Skyrim. Haven't felt a huge desire to go play Imperator yet for some reason. The posted AARs haven't grabbed me yet, and I haven't been able to get into any LPs either. But I am enjoying Skyrim. I played about as far as I wanted to with my vampire character. I really wanted to try to play up the possession and ghostly stuff for roleplay, but in practice I found myself mostly not using the shouts. I rarely use shouts anyway. I was originally picturing shooting an arrow, then hitting the Ethereal Form shout, then repositioning for another shot, but the problem with that is that the AI still knows where you are and keys on you anyway which kind of defeats the purpose. Plus, I kind of dislike using bows. I much prefer crossbows for archery, but the bound weapon mod I have doesn't include a bound crossbow. ------------------------------ So the character I'm playing now is one I was considering going with when I was going to play Morrowind (before running into the issues that made me decide to play Skyrim instead): Arridani Amolyon, a Dunmer priestess of Arkay, the Divine of the life and death cycle. She is not a mace and robes type of priest though (such as the Vigilants of Stendarr); she is a fire and shock wielding Destruction-focused battle-priest, who is soon going to transition into heavy armor. I haven't played a Destruction focused build in quite a long time and it's enjoyable. It's fun to throw fireballs and see the big explosions. She also has some roleplay quirks. As a priest of Arkay she is tasked by her Divine to say a few words over a dead body. She doesn't hesitate to kill other men and mer if they attack her, as their deaths are then the Will of Arkay, but before she moves on she will crouch by them for a moment or two for their last rites. Along with that, she flatly refuses to strip the dead, as she believes that to be blasphemous to the Divine that has funeral rites as part of his divine portfolio. She can take weapons, shields and other items, but no clothing or armor (which has already caused me to pass up some good stuff, but that's fine). Concurrent to that she will not loot the dead that have not risen again, or any of the burial urns, etc. in the barrows, as those are sacred. She doesn't have an issue taking stuff from treasure chests in barrows though. She does however hate all forms of the undead and necromancers. She is still trying to reconcile Serana though. For some reason, at least right now, she feels that Serana is different than other vampires, and perhaps has a chance to redeem herself in the eyes of Arkay (and also because she is basically forced on you, no matter whether you are roleplaying a vampire or someone who hates vampires). I've also been working some other things into this particular game too. Besides activating Frostfall and Realistic Needs (including such things as regular sleep and food), I've also included some items from an article I read about roleplaying in Skyrim: when you are crafting, don't just sit there and spam crafting. Making a new cuirass should take some time, not just 2 seconds. So I use the wait function, to make it as if several hours pass while doing the crafting. I also have a roleplaying quirk that she can't learn more than one new spell per day, and learning it takes at least 4 hours, depending on the complexity of the spell. Higher level spells take longer. So all that combined with the sleep and food & drink requirements from Realistic Needs means I need to plan out my crafting and spell-learning a bit more than normal. It feels a little more realistic. ------------------------------ So far she has been adventuring with Jenassa, the Dunmer mercenary from Whiterun. Despite being forced to leave Morrowind (thanks to a background as an assassin with the Morag Tong before becoming a priest of Arkay), she still prefers the company of other Dunmer, though she generally likes Argonians too despite the normal dislike between the two races (her mentor in the faith was an Argonian, and her ceremonial dagger is an Argonian longblade, from a mod I have). She joined the Dawnguard though and Isran has basically foisted Serana off on her, so she has sadly had to let Jenassa go her own way again. For some reason Serana took a dislike to Jenassa. We'll see where that goes as I'm just about to start the Prophet quest with Serana. In game terms I'll probably stick with Serana since she is essential and can't die to an accidental stray fireball. I've had to be careful with Jenassa since I gained the ability to throw more and more fireballs. It helps that she is Dunmer, with fire resistance, but if she is on her last legs she can still die permanently. So Serana is strictly better for that reason, as well as being necessary for the plot of the quests I'm currently about to undertake. But I might eventually go back to Jenassa too. I don't know yet. So far I've completed the Main Quest up through the end of the Horn of Jurgen Windcaller, along with Dawnguard up through the start of Prophet. Side quests have included working the various Divine quests, including any for priests of Arkay in the Halls of the Dead. I've completed the one for Kynareth, though it glitched a bit. I was originally planning on not cutting the Eldergleam, as Maurice Jondrelle prefers, but he glitched out and I was forced to cut the tree for the sap since he was no longer there to give a different way. But then he showed up in Whiterun again when I got back so I thought that was amusing. Currently working through the Book of Love too. Plus I also completed Meridia's quest. As a Dunmer, Arridani doesn't have any issues with "good" Daedra such as Meridia, and Meridia's ideals regarding the destruction of undead are very close to Arkay's own ideals. Plus Dawnbreaker is a pretty fun sword. She won't do any of the evil Daedra quests though, beyond starting the two in Markarth. For the future I'm planning to continue playing through Dawnguard as a member of the Dawnguard, and will probably do a few sidequests for them too, to find Florentius for the sun spells, and to find their artifacts. I'd also like to get a few more quests that involve killing Draugr in their barrows. I'm trying to roleplay that she will only go into a barrow if there is word that there are undead in there (such as hearing from Hadvar about Draugr plaguing Bleak Falls Barrow). ------------------------------ As for even farther in the future, if I end up playing that long, I've actually thought about possibly becoming a vampire with her too (and yes, I know I just stopped playing a vampire character, but that was for a different reason). She rejected Harkon's offer, but there is still the opportunity to gain it from Serana as part of the Soul Cairn quest. Primarily for roleplaying opportunity though, as the vampire hunter who becomes a tortured vampire too. She would still be a member of the Dawnguard (thanks to a mod I have that allows it) and hunt vampires, but she would secretly be one too. And hate herself for it as she has urges that she finds difficult to control. I haven't fully decided whether or not to do that, since it could be fun too, becoming that which her Divine hates most. Would she have a crisis of faith? Would she then do some evil things in the name of hunting evil for her Divine? Like I said, it could be fun. I just don't know yet if I will play her for that long or not.
  8. Eat - drink
  9. Heh. Stellaris has changed a great deal in 2.0 through 2.2. For the better I think, though they are still working on AI and optimization etc. after all the reworks. The late game tends to bog down a bit after 2400 or so, at least for me. But all the lead up to that is pretty good. My favorite part of the game is still the early to mid game.
  10. Now what will you do now that all your Rhodes lead to Rome?
  11. Fat Bottomed Girls
  12. Conquer all the things!