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  1. me and a friend have been re-editing mainstream film and television to get new entertainment value out of previously viewed material.i have had a lot of fun doing this i am very exited about the results and wanted to share with my smac friends.we will soon be releasing all of our favorite ones on a co-channel over the next couple of weeks this is a montage i made commemorating what we have done so far and this is the first release i want to put all the videos on at once but were having minor issues deciding on possibly adding to or changing some of our work before upload so i expect new uploads will be posted every few days as we take another look at them. i hope to get the others up soon because the ones here are ok but by no means the best
  2. a few are just conservative and not rascist......just a few
  3. hello :) larrin you are being welcomed by someone who joined well after you witch means despite the sticky this thread has not caught on.
  4. here is an advert that i don't know what to make of. [ame=]YouTube- double pits to injury[/ame]
  5. "As of Tony Blairs contribution yesterday, he remains unrepentant - didnt even acknowledge the sheer numbers of civilians murdered, or even the loss of life of british troops(many families of the fallen soldiers were at the enquirey - hoping to hear some kind of acknowledgment from the PM that sent their children to die for a Bush agenda). "I would do it again tomorrow" was one of his last phrases." that was when someone from the peanut gallery was heard saying "come on a regret man" not perfectly audibly but nevertheless unmistakably.
  6. as one of the many "bush bashers of the 2000's i am a little envious that britain got their "british bush" in a situation where he has to answer for acting against the will of his people. even if no reprisal comes of the situation just that he was in the hot seat alone is a small victory for blairs detractors and a further justification for american "bush bashers" (" c'mon a regret man!")
  7. speaking of probes how do you restart a fallen faction by probing,must you go to the last captured city of the fallen faction or the capital of the capturing faction?
  8. the real answer: usda guide lines state 180 degrees is the minimum tempurature that meat should be to kill ecoli and salmonila.if the middle of the rat is 180 degrees all germs are dead.heat is heat the only way that microwave is different is that microwaves tend to overcook the outside and leave the inside always check your rat with a meat thermomoter and always cover your rat with a paper towel to prevent splatter
  9. these are more humorous than interesting but i find humor interesting. [ame=]YouTube- Original Takes for Orson Welles Wine Commercial[/ame] [ame=]YouTube- Orson Welles - Frozen Peas[/ame] [ame=]YouTube- More Drunk Orson Welles Outtakes[/ame] despite his early artist achievements he needed to do constant commercial work and cameo appearances to eek out a living.
  10. switching economy to "green" and society to "cybernetic" should prevent the map from flooding before 2600.if that dosen't work convene council to vote freeze polar caps. i'm sorry if someone already made this joke i did not read every single post.
  11. i remember an old t.v show that made a pun about the colloquialism almost every episode.
  12. can a bot hold hands with a noob in an earthuake? check out this ultra cool link.
  13. you see they are so nasty the site sensored a supposedly innocent british colloquialism.