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  1. Hello again, Thanks for hosting my Colonization: 2071 mod of Civ4Colonization on weplayciv. I'm glad to see some people have still been playing & enjoying the mod; but since last week I've heard people can't download the mod anymore, I was wondering if it had somehow been deleted or become inaccessible due to the format change? The forum page appears to still be active (http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/topic/1979-mod-colonization-2071/#comment-65482), however when I go to the download link (http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=216) it says the page does not exist. Anyway, please let me know what you can find out and thanks again for hosting the mod! Best, orlanth
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    So I finally got around to trying Firaxis' "Beyond Earth" remake of Civ5 (being free to try this weekend on Steam), and imagine my surprise when I come across this: "traces of an advanced alien race named the Progenitors".. who left behind the above Progenitor Ruins and other sites for archaeologists to launch Expeditions to and recover Artifacts, just like in good old 2071! I wonder if this is sheer coincidence or if some Firaxians were actually playing this mod at some point? Or of course, Progenitor nanobots could have infected both me and the Beyond Earth designers with a subliminal mind virus..:scared: Anyway, so far Beyond Earth doesn't seem as bad as some reviews led me to expect - it's certainly not a huge step beyond vanilla Civ5 and doesn't have the unique economy of Colonization, but overall it plays like a fairly well constructed scifi total conversion mod of Civ5, of which there are currently precious few. I'm not sure yet whether I'll actually buy it (haven't played long enough to see if the Progenitors have any more role than the above ) but if you like Civ and scifi conversions like Planetfall it is worth giving it a try this weekend.:b:
  3. hey, I'm glad to see WPC is back up and hosting! :) aand I'm glad to say I've cobbled together a pack of 200 new Terrain Textures for use in Civ4 modding! It's 25MB in size which is past the limit for uploading here, might you be able to host the zip? Right now I have it at https://sourceforge.net/projects/col2071/files/terrainpack.zip (If it wont let you download, pm me with a sourgeforce username and I'll grant you access.)
  4. mod

    A big thanks to internetwars.ru for posting a detailed review of this mod (in Russian!) :b: http://www.internetwars.ru/CivMODS/2071/2071.htm
  5. Hmm, malware warnings are still coming up on Firefox for every page on this site I've seen messages on cfc that this is making folks hesitate to visit the site or download files from here. Hopefully should be gone by 9/20, but from Dale's post it seems there may be some forum script still being labeled as malware, I wonder if its caused by some banner or popup. it may be worth trying to "verify" the site sooner through google webmaster tools? https://support.google.com/webmasters/bin/answer.py?hl=en&answer=1624972
  6. mod

    Here's a small alpha version patch if anyone's interested (edit: can be found in the last post here since it didnt upload in this thread). I haven't accomplished a whole lot new, but I've been trying to enable an "Education" system for aliens where they melt down their citizens into new units in a Decomposition Vat . I've put the building in for Amphibians and it's buildable, but when I try to send units to "school" there nothing happens, even for units with no penalty to Education. I'm not sure yet what's going on but if you like feel free to tinker around with the XML to see if you can get it working. I am also adding a UFO Cult Leader for aliens to help them abduct more specialists from Earth. I did have a minor breakthrough on importing difficult unit nifs into Civ4Col, so check out the new units for the Brilliant Biochemist, Infamous Drug Runner, Mutant, and Human Hybrid among others. Also working on a reskinned Japanese Emperor AI leaderhead, using alpha texture to try & make it appear as a cloud of semitransparent binary digits in front of a background.
  7. Thanks Solver, much appreciated. The MDS checksum from my local copy was: bd944ddd118f6e3bc312ff193fa1d9a4
  8. Hello, Would you be able to host a mirror of my Civ4Col mod Colonization:2071 ? I tried to upload it here myself, but the file size was too large (600MB), it's currently hosted on atomicgamer at the link below. Thanks and best wishes, orlanth http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/downloads.php?do=file&id=216%22 http://atomicgamer.com/files/95495/colonization-2071-v1-41
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    Megaupload has been taken down which I had depended on to host this mod. I'm looking for another good place to upload, which needs to accept large file sizes >500MB, and hopefully allows downloads without having to register etc. Any suggestions?
  10. mod

    Thanks for the ideas kynalvarus. I wasn't able to change details of the Soldier profession itself, but was able to add defensive Colonial Garrisons sent by Earth governments, that hopefully provide some initial protection while you coordinate the development of a colonial militia. Uploaded patch 1.4a added to the top post on this thread. (As usual, unzip the patch in your Mods/Colonization 2071 folder and overwrite old files.) * Updated Domestic Economy by Androrc; when you successfully create supply and demand to consume goods in a colony, in addition to providing cash, local goods consumption creates a small amount of Liberty and Propaganda to represent the satisfaction of your colonists and their growing self-sufficiency. Also adjusted some of the goods demands (eg to avoid consuming Tools which are needed for construction.) * Behaving more like colonial civs, it seems the Alien Empires can be more opportunistic/aggressive if they find you vulnerable. To compensate for early vulnerability, Earthling civs will Colonial Garrison unit dispatched by their government and can recruit more on Earth; although their gradually escalating cost weak offensive capability will eventually necessitate development of a colonial militia. Alien players are also able to buy a few defensive Progenitor Killbots during their setup phase.
  11. mod

    Hm that's a surprise to me too! My guess is that with their behavior more like default Europeans the aliens are now getting more opportunistic/aggressive, saw you were vulnerable and pounced :-O Anthropologists and Field Stations shouldn't generally make them hostile (though there is a small chance a poorly skilled Field Station will antagonize them, eg one build by a Convict). Because Soldiers and Weapons industry take some time to develop, to give some early game protection while your colony gets going I'm thinking of adding a few early-game Colonial Garrison units with low strength and a city defense bonus, and letting Alien players start with a few defensive Progenitor Killbots purchased in their Advanced Start. <<I had learned to handle the starting UFOs reasonably well, once I understood how to use low orbit and space "terrain" features to improve my corvette's defense.>> Great, that's just the kind of thing I was aiming for. :) It will take balancing but hopefully there's a happy medium where the UFOs can be dangerous but not overwhelming; I will look into maybe triggering some by Event later into the game. Sure, a smaller "Village Hall" style building could be worth thinking about; OTOH since the Politician profession unlocks at Civil Rights, I was thinking of making City Centers themselves buildable at a low cost rather than automatic. I'm hoping to put together a techtree redesign and expansion and could use playtest feedback and design input re what plays well, so keep gathering ideas while playing!
  12. mod

    I've now uploaded a new Version 1.4, some of the principal updates are below: * The mod now includes the Domestic Economy Modcomp by Androrc. Each colonist type and colonial building generates demand for a certain type of goods which can be seen in the Civilopedia. If you generate enough supply and demand, goods can be consumed in your colonies by your citizens and buildings, creating cash from your internal economy that can eventually decrease your dependence on trade with Earth. * Some graphical updates; let me know what you think of the new look * Enabling the full set of diplomacy options for Alien players * Removed starting UFOs to make the early game less difficult, while leaving open the possibility for Aliens to develop and build UFOs in the later game * A number of changes to the default AI behavior for natives (aliens), mostly by removing most of the native-specific behaviors from vanilla Colonization to hopefully enable Alien Empires to behave more like regular colonial civs, while also having more of a focus on internal population growth from Food.
  13. mod

    Thanks for the commends kynalvarus. After playtesting feedback I agree the early Alien UFOs may have been too hard or frustrating; the updated version removes the option of a free starting UFO for the aliens, while also making some improvements to the alien AI behavior so that the Alien Empires hopefully can eventually develop and build some on their own much later into the game. Don't get too secure though as I may re-add more UFOs in a later version after enabling a UFO Countermeasures tech to defend against them. >:) As mentioned in the top post, there is an occasional bug where Research Labs will not be available in your colonies after starting a game. We havent yet been able to track down the cause; but for now a basic workaround is if your first colony starts without a Research Lab, start a new game. If your first colony does contain a Research Lab, you should be fine for the rest of the game.
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    Good news, I think the patch 1.3d I just uploaded to the main page has resolved a lot of the instability. It can't be used with old savegames, but give it a try and let me know how it goes.
  15. mod

    From a look at the log files, it seems like nearly all of the crashes I've seen occur after an alien AI player runs a function "(AI Diplo Declare War Trade)" ; hopefully there may be something simple to fix in this function that resolves almost all the crashes. Unfortunately not being a programmer or knowing any c++ I haven't had any success when trying to locate this problem or edit the DLL myself. I've attempted it several times but keep running into many problems I dont understand, and due to my job demands I realistically cant invest enough time to learn c++ from scratch this year. So at this point, I'd need to ask for some help from an SDK modder to advance much father with this mod. If anyone reading this has some familiarity with the SDK and would be willing to take a quick look at the mod, please contact me & I'd be very grateful :)