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  3. Did a quick test in my santiago game turning hq into exactly no ecodam and changing to free. Granted I have the nexus so only - 2 planet but I didn't get any ecodam in free. Reloaded and tested with ecodam - 8 and it shot up to - 21 when I changed to free. Before Free market: After:
  4. Hello. Time for another short round. I liked the last screen so much I just had to show you. Since nothing important happens I show you Deidre setting up for some techextortion. And we get our first fungal pop. Eco-damage was 20something. We get a big one. :gunsmilie: Seems a little strange since all I can build is impact units. I have always thought that you needed 6r ones to get this. Time to leave some pods for the elusive MKIII. Zarkhov started this and a few turns later Deidre started on the ascetic virtues. I make a good trade with Miriam. Getting close to Deidres 69 votes. She is pactsister to Lal so I need about 20 more pop or give up an arm and a leg for Miriams votes. This is why I normally don't play Santiago. She is a slow builder but a fast conqueror so I guess that evens it out. Look at this lowered Monolith. I got a nut on the same square. Thats right a 4-2-2 Monolith. Never have had that happen before.
  5. Hello. Pop an artifact for crawlers. :) No wonder Miriam wars Morgan. Oh and Deidre started work on The Pholus Mutagen. She now has the ability to build tiny iod's. Blast rifle gets even more instabuilds. It got another colony pod the last turn also. Mm more credits. Who is buying those pearls anyhow? Planet retaliated next turn and took out a former near Blast Rifle. Also built another city in moonsoon and forgot to screen it. Hmmmmmm expensive but none of the other will relinquish it. Ok. Crappy tech but it gets me closer to a powerful secret project. Sure lets be friends. :santa: Peace treaty signed afterwards. Got her map also. Morgan sure is in a heap of trouble. Still playing nice. Thanks for the map chairman. Popped the last artifact. Great now the ai has another tech to demand. (Missiles would have been great.) World map. Ooh as seen put down another in moonsoon. Forgot to screen that one also. Nice. Mmm credits and growth.
  6. Yes. I started a small boom 2195 after hurrying a few creches. A tad late to combat Deidres massive poplead but it was the earliest I could manage. Not a big fan of the new factions but Domai seems fun. I'll try him sometime with directed research.
  7. I promise I won't. Since there are some pods left up north I should at least try to get some basics instabuilt in the moonsoon area to get the newly founded a wee bit more productive The colony pod you see in the last screen was also podbuilt. Weak enough? Who are the stronger factions then? I guess I got the best of gaians and spartans this game though, thanks to the nexus and early trading for doctrine flex. I really should have lowered a monolith into the sea though to upgrade my iod's.
  8. Hello. Senethro has been a good advice giver this game. I did it like he says and sure enough an expensive build is instantanious. Seems kind of cheap though not sure I'll do it if it doesn't come naturally. I meet Deidre. She is stingy since I'm running planned. Truce and no techtrades. She's been no slouch when it comes to Iod's either I count two there. Fort is settled with some nice sea tiles. Feeling nice today. It will be good to have when I start popping my artifacts. that iod already landed some worms on Zarkhovs island so I move in for the kill and our trusty champion grows. Popped my first artifact for this. And the second for this. Two good unit advances in one tech. :) And we get another. Seriously I'm not playing the hive this game, Ali. Why are you so good to me? Lady Deidre completes another. Could have stolen that tech but since I have low production I would have lost out on it. Elections. Deidre wins. I'll try to remedy that in 10-20 years or so. I traded techs with Morgan and there is peace. Miriam is stingy so I settle for truce. Third artifact removes nutrient restricions. Changed to democracy somewhere around here when I hurried my first Children creche's. And the fourth removes mineral restricions. And she keeps on giving. Killed yet another small iod. No growth this time though. I've gotten a few of theese latley. Kind of nice to rush buildings and upgrade troops. My holdings in Moonsong. And the rest of my empire. Ooh forgot to tell ya I'm reserching build for crawlers and tree farms and energy restrictions.
  9. Nice one. :hungover: I thought that I could paste bubblegum avatar to salmas left and that would be the not xrated picture. But decided against since I'm :hungover: and need my sleep.
  10. Nope. This should be allowed though. http://images.fanpop.com/images/image_uploads/Salma-Hayek-salma-hayek-246039_1024_768.jpg Otherwise we would have to continue in the babes thread.
  11. Would if I could. After all I've got leet paint skillz. I'll give it a try.
  12. I think the best way to get her to respond to this thread is to totally ignore her. Chicks don't usually like that. But you are right sober and kindof hungover. I'm sure i'll still get to make a reference to her awesomness. After all she let us settle in the jungle unhindered. And she let us catch no more than 5 iod's. Thats pretty awesome. Oh and Santiago only bows to Ali.
  13. We get another. :) And it grows bigger, the bigger the better. Another one we are on a roll. 2174 We build The Weather Paradigm in Sparta command and the Command Nexus in Bunker 118. Even more xp. We get another this is getting silly. :) Silly silly thats 5 we got and only four failed. :) We met Zarhov the turn before. we have raised terrain next to Bunker 118 and will plant 2 cities there. Building another one for Moonson so we should soon have 10. Having found a couple of artifacts we should soon get a techlead against the ai. We make our first elite. Stupid me I shuld have made a 1-2-1 first then I would have had two. Now it's 5 vs. 5 we like em big.
  14. Icsing with condensers and boreholes and a few pacts would lead to an early trancend. Directed research would also be nice. Never done it myself though. The few trancends I have done have all been 23++ for me.
  15. In hindsight that would have been the way to go. I sure wish you would have posted your thoughts a little earlier. 10 pop 2 would have been nice.