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  1. The -3 planet will also give you a nasty -30% when doing psi attacks. Makes fungal towers very fun.
  2. If I'm not mistaken, Eudinomia. Which is a late middle tech. It seems like Lal is best for OOC. His first negative(-1 EFFIC) is effectively harmless, and his benefit of population size would be very helpful, along with the talent bonus. Planetary Govenor vote benefit is ehh. Still helps somewhat. You might not get in office, but you can at least get your allies in. The police state aversion might be a minor problem though.
  3. So I was playing for a bit, and used nerve gas planes against the Gaians. Now they fought back, and managed to get my main reseach base on my island, and then obliterated it. I'm wondering if the AI was doing intelligent tactics, or raging.
  4. Must have been a coincidence then. Oh well.
  5. Conflicting SE choices. Eg, no running thought control and democracy.
  6. I'm a tad soft in early game negotiations, could that be affecting it?
  7. The AI hates me as well.
  8. <p>Hello! Also thanks for the information.</p>