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  1. They've created an invitation-only OTf recently. Viewable logged-out, only postable by members not known to be insufferable. -If you're an inactive member put off by certain polititrolls and disruptive/prolific persons, *PLEASE* have a look: https://apolyton.net/forum/miscellaneous/old-timers-home. -And spread the word.
  2. -I'd just like to point out that the Clown Posse coalesced in early May, 2009, and was operational through only the first week in June that year. I was never a fraction as active posting after I returned late that year - check my posting history, please, and let me live that one down, finally. -And shaddup; I just wanted to top this thread for a year... -Also, I do have more on-topic posts than you, even if you're Roth. Again, check my posting history.
  3. The cancer that finally killed this forum? SO not interested. Feel free to share a link, though.
  4. Portraits7 Leaderheads are the most time-consuming aspect of a SMACX faction graphic, so in the same spirit as the Bases, Logos and Landscape series (also to be found in this section of AC2 Downloads), here are eight leaderheads, ready to copy/paste as-is into your next custom faction. It is hoped that these graphic goodie files will give beginners at faction modding a leg up. For info on art techniques and to ask any questions, post here. These portraits were a lot of work, but all I ask is that you credit me in the blank space of the .pcx you use one in. Posting to let me know you found it useful would be okay, too. Enjoy. http://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=368
  5. https://alphacentauri2.info/official/ The buttons lighting up blue and other features of the original site have been reinstated. All known problems fixed, all 400 tech mini-pages present, accounted for, and crosslinks working. Seven contemporary working SMACX sites, including this one, added to the Links page. -It was a great loss to SMACX fans when this site went away in late 2011 - a loss now rectified. This is a real pleasure for those of us who used to browse the site in the Old days...
  6. http://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?topic=21187.0
  7. The Sopranos
  8. Good book (James Tiptree Jr.?)
  9. ...If anyone took initiative to run a contest HERE and leach our bandwidth raising activity HERE - delete the contest stuff with my enthusiastic blessing - we'd still get few people go up a level and look around, and that's where little newbs come from. ...
  10. Nik, I want to supplant the lovely Astrid as your luv slave, and have all your babies. You done a Man's Job, sir - and thanks loads for going the extra mile. -Happy latest-16th-birthday Friday.
  11. UPDATE: Contest If you wish to enter contest, submit your save with turn, in which you posses Transcendent Thought 1, linked below. [Edit - after player feedback, we ease the requirements for Contest] - It must be your first attempt in the game in order to be counted in standard competition. - Standings for Librarian and Transcendence difficulties will be held separately. You have to choose in which difficulty you want to participate for regular standings. If you play later the other difficulty, it can be only for Consolation Standings. - If you restart the scenario, because for example you lost the first attempt, even if changing difficulty, but still want to submit your game, you can enter consolation standings. - Achieved victory conditions are not objectives of this scenario. If you win by, for example Dimplomacy (get elected Supreme Leader) or conquer whole planet, then you need to play further until you obtain Transcendent Thought 1, and the turn you have it, would be your sav file submission. - Submissions after deadline are ranked in Consolation Standings. --- Nikolai, I guess there's no Front page anymore to promote this to, but just well link on Facebook w/ pic as traffic-drawing content. And if you edited the rules update into the OP, I would find it in my heart to forgive you...
  12. Who?
  13. That doesn't dig any deeper, 'cause you're all right, Roth - but the point stands, and I don't much care for people telling me I'm not being ganged up on and then dancing too close to taking the other side. You did better than most not dancing over. Internet people make me tired sometimes.
  14. Ooookay. I went away for 45 minutes or so to think after I saw that. I see I'm under attack for praising someone to the sky. -From two numbskulls who don't know why I left, and why I have zero tolerance for being ganged up on at WPC, a place I will never feel safe posting, since 6 February 2012 to the end of time. No big show, no all-caps, no swearing, just bitterness that this is what I get for trying. Enjoy your dead forum when the coma slips into death soon, and forget this thread.
  15. The link to the YitziPatch 3.5d, BTW - http://alphacentauri2.info/index.php?action=downloads;sa=view;down=352