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  1. (belated?) Happy Birthday, Darsnan.
  2. I've never even heard of Saberhagen before. That does sound like classic science fiction, though. I may acquire a copy of his work.
  3. *The pale spectre returns* Where the living cannot go, I went. I travelled the dark paths of the internet and spoke with Chuft. I delivered your message on the same night as I last appeared here. If he wants to talk to you he will, but he has no interest in doing so. This one does not believe that sending additional missives will have a different effect. *The spectre fades*
  4. *A pale spectre of a previous forumite hangs in the air before you* Where the living cannot go, I go. I will travel the dark paths of the nethernet to seek your lost companion. What would you bid me say to them? *The spectre disappears, leaving a goat, an altar, a quill and a piece of parchment.*
  5. Winner, it's just that you're comparing fundamentalist Islam with a much more moderate vision of Catholicism and Protestantism. But sure, whatever, it's your mod, you can do what you want. Unrelated, I think my atheist evangelism was a little uncalled for and while I do firmly believe that belief in microevolution and not macroevolution is just plain silly, I think that I should have been more polite in expressing my opinion. So, limited apologies if anyone was offended.
  6. Macroevolution is simply microevolution over a long period of time, if you believe in one then it is a logical fallacy to believe the other to be false. I urge you to look critically at what you have been taught and what you believe. I suggest thunderf00t's youtube videos*, the works of Prof. Richard Dawkins and even your Holy Bible as aids to rejecting religious dogma for the intellectual failure that it is. As for this post, I think the portrayl of the islamic faction is unfair, you're giving the protestents, catholics and jews a far easier ride when they're just as bad. I think the factions should be comically charicatured to emphasise the absurdity of the various religions and to make them more fun for everyone to play. * His latest in the "Why Do People Laugh At Creationists?" Series is quite good.
  7. There are several established bee-lines that people go for, personally I like blind research for singleplayer because it makes things a little more interesting. Maybe bdanv or one of the other multiplayer gurus will answer this.
  8. Description of The Sleeper Awakens: "A troubled insomniac in 1890s England falls suddenly into a sleep-like trance, from which he does not awake for over two hundred years. During his centuries of slumber, however, investments are made that make him the richest and most powerful man on Earth. But when he comes out of his trance he is horrified to discover that the money accumulated in his name is being used to maintain a hierarchal society in which most are poor, and more than a third of all people are enslaved. Oppressed and uneducated, the masses cling desperately to one dream that the sleeper will awake, and lead them all to freedom." Sounds good, I might buy this... Thanks Nugog, Zkribbler. I watched Hereafter recently. I thought it was a good film, typically Clint Eastwood (Directing) in that it felt much more art-house than mainstream releases. Story, despite dealing with a real psychic (he can talk to the dead) wasn't silly and, indeed, was well crafted, IMO. There were two twin children, however, who delivered their lines as if they couldn't act at all, but I've heard that kind of strange, unnatural accent on Children IRL, so it might be deliberate. Whatever. I liked it, you might do too. It should certainly make you think more than the latest Disney film.
  9. I went to an "introductory" lecture on Quantum Computing at my Uni. I was expecting an informal overview of the subject and some cool stuff about the engineering behind them. What I got was a hardcore mathematical overview of the subject. Suffice to say that the maths seems hella complicated, there were professors in the front row struggling to understand, there was general amusement that nobody in the room understood what was going on, except perhaps the lecturer. I still don't know how a quantum computer would usefully differ from a traditional one. Cryptology and the ability to perform certain types of calculations much better are mentioned when it comes up.
  10. Sounds like an interesting shake up to the game, I'll use this alphax in my next game. It is a pity about all the concessions that have to be made for the AI. Other possible affects of low gravity: Cheaper orbital spaceflight, Plant and animal life would develop differently (unsure of gameplay affects, perhaps slower population growth by moving children's creche to after genetic engineering or antigrav are developed - counterproductive to your high nutrients goal, perhaps forests more difficult to plant, perhaps move and rename hydroponics lab to earlier in tech tree), High terrain would have very little atmosphere, perhaps reflected by defence penalty.
  11. Normality is restored, thank Athie!
  12. 400 m/s isn't that fast' date=' only a little over the speed of sound; so you probably wouldn't get [i']big[/i] explosions on impact. Seems perfectly plausible to me that the matter piles up.
  13. :'( Apparently not. The new backup suffers from the same problems. I'll not have enough time to solve this before the website goes down. On the plus side, we have all the backups made by Dan and Petek still and the backup I made does allow you access to quite a lot of the site.
  14. Thanks, BU :) I don't know if you were commenting on this, but that last post of mine may have seemed slightly arrogant. I'm not saying I'm a better programmer than whoever made HTTrack (the SW I'm using), just that their software isn't particularly well suited to the task I'm using it for.