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  1. If I try to see my profile, vBulletin says, page not found. :S EDIT: Hmm. Now, I can see it. :confused:
  2. Thanks. :) For living demo see my website. :) (link in signature)
  3. Okay, let's see...
  4. Thanks for you like them. :) btw: I have more smiley, I made them for my forum. Do you want them?
  5. Here is the whole smiley pack. :) And some of them: Smileypack.rar
  6. Yes, thanks. :)
  7. Some of my new smileys.:) If you like them, I can upload the whole collection. :)
  8. Create Civ 5 Avatars!
  9. Jon: There will be no more religions? WE WANT RELIGIONS! Jon: Will Civ 5 Moddable?
  10. Okay, I will try.
  11. Well, I tried to make infinite animation. I can fix it, as you wish! :)
  12. Okay, I improved my CivIV smiley. Faster Animations. :civiv:
  13. Great!
  14. Well, I need rework the whole one! There isn't way to edit them with Easy GIF Animator. But, thanks.