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  3. Really sorry about this, I should probably have been checking the forums much more carefully. (A PM would have been fine by me, if that's what you are worried about.) The Empire/Imperial/Fascists faction bases look pretty good. (The cobbled together version I had was supposed to be a bare bones, barracks looking building, but yours fits the appearance much better.) For the Arcology, a couple of the deadlock bases seem a somewhat better fit. (http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?261-Graphics&p=153017&viewfull=1#post153017, right side, 4th from the bottom looks good, also right side, 6th from the bottom), although the more hive-like one is fine if you're not interested in doing anything with these anymore. The "choose between two pictures" on was actually switched to this picture, though perhaps I uploaded the wrong one in the actual file uploads I sent to you. (Obviously just the face, not the other parts to it.) (Of course, if you're not interested in any of this thanks to the 3 months wait for a reply, that's fine also.) Thanks for getting these up, though.
  4. Usually just the standard SMAC music. On its own its o.k., but that works fine in game.
  5. Finally got around to actually uploading the music as mentioned earlier. (These tracks are taken from the planetfall civ 4 mod.) http://www.mediafire.com/file/24a8p5kv4cwezfr/Planetfall%20Songs.zip
  6. Looking through the fx folder, it seems the music in game is built up from smaller effects (there are pieces of the main background music split into different files.) The Planetfall civ 4 mod does have complete faction soundtracks (either by just recording them in game, or otherwise putting them together.). (I'll see if I can upload it somewhere on here, as it is stretching the attachment limit when trying that method.)
  7. <a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?1686-Taking-requests...&p=153356&viewfull=1#post153356" rel="">http://www.weplayciv.com/forums/showthread.php?1686-Taking-requests...&p=153356&viewfull=1#post153356</a>

  8. The efficiency modifier is a strange one anyway in the way it combines several ideas (if you haven't seen this already in the civilization descriptions, and cybernetic future society has some elements). (In setting terms, red tape and recycling, in gameplay terms, energy distribution and empire size). If making the game over again, I'd likely split to concept in two, one modifier to represent recycling, and one to represent administration. I do have some ideas written up in some blog posts where "administration" represents the empire size and waste/corruption effects, and "efficiency" represents recycling and energy efficiency, and improves the productivity of otherwise bad terrain. (If you've played the planetfall civ 4 mod, my ideas had an effect similar to the biodomes civic improving food on flat dry and flat polar terrain, though effecting all resources, and with the increase dependent on the modifier.) For the actual game, I suppose recycling could be represented by +1 to energy, industry, and perhaps the growth penalty reduced to -1, to represent the idea that fewer resources are needed to do things thanks to recycling. The efficiency's reduction of energy waste actually seems to work well at representing recycling as well, even though the empire size and energy distribution effects don't for the setting idea as well. A support bonus might work, using a vaguely similar idea to clean reactors. In balance terms, the green economy efficiency improvement is also important for running more effective police states, in addition to handling large empires.
  9. They would still have to handle the various licensing issues that might come up, though.
  10. I've got a whole list of ideas here: http://pickly-braingas.blogspot.com/search/label/Alpha%20Centauri%202. They don't include very many of the space ideas, and stick more closely to Alpha Centauri, but otherwise includes some ideas similar ot yours. Because of the importance of Xenofungus to the game, I couldn't personally see an updated alpha Centauri taking place on non-earth like planets, but a colonization game along those lines, using new civilization mechanics, and probably multiple planets and asteroids, would be quite cool in its own right. There are a couple of colonization mods like this for civilization 4, I think, and some older games about this sort of colonization, but newer ones would be neat as well. (Or, if newer ones exist, I'd hope to learn about them.) It's unlikely that we'll get a new Alpha Centauri game, due to some splits between different companies (I'm not sure of the exact details, but I think that Ea owns the copyrights to the game, while the developers have all moved somewhere else).
  11. Mid game generally. I'm thinking of this as the point in the game when I've got a good amount of cities set up, terraforming going strong, and some offensive units being built. Early game often is more boring due to the limited resources (Which means not a lot goes on), and late game turns into a mop up of whichever victory condition I've chosen, so the mid game is generally the most interesting. (This is typical of most 4X games.)
  12. Yang doesn't seem much like an atrocity guy either, more like a "draft half my population and sacrifice them in human wave attacks" type guy. :)
  13. I guess this thread shows how many of us read the manual or use lots of artillery. :)
  14. What my post above was attempting to say was that if a faction has a property, you can edit it into another faction, whether or not it was in a "bundle" property like Alien or Aquatic. (Though the description of Cha'dawn starting later is strange, does he only land on planet some years later, or is there some other effect?)
  15. The faction gameplay properties are all in the text files (As far as I know), so there won't be any properties of a faction that are restricted to those supplied by the game. (Though music is something I'm not sure how to change.)