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  1. That won't make any difference. If you link a city to another one, which is then linked to the capital, then that first city is automatically connected there as well. It will amount to the same thing as having a separate route to the capital.
  2. It would be kind of cool to have my home town in some game. The Brantford area was where the Six Nations settled after being evicted from the US. They were given 1 mile of land on each side of the Grand River by the British for their help during the War of Independence. There's a statue of Joseph Brant on horseback in a park at the centre of town.
  3. Probably not. Maybe if hell were to freeze over. EA Games, they hold the rights to that franchise. Unless EA manages to finally buy out Take Two, or maybe Firaxis, there's not much chance you'll ever see a sequel.
  4. Huh? You get a Theatre replacement that can't run any Artists and has Horses as a bonus happiness modifier instead of Dye. How is that a plain delight? The Hippodrome is grossly underpowered compared to the Theatre IMO. So much so that I modded the ability to add Artists back in just to make it useful.