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  1. Hi Dan, Yea i see your point and its a VERY good one. Ok i shall move it to those cord's. Im glad your helping me Dude.Im glad your here to help me through this amazing game.Im sorry if it seems frustrating at times:), but we all have to start somewhere:). Glad your helping dude,truly:). Ritchie:)
  2. Hi dude, i just thought this may be the best square in the 3-4 tile raduis. Where would you move it to Dan?. Ritchie:)
  3. Hi dude, Ok so i have done what you said, and i have established our first base. I have not built anything yet:). It also said that the gaiains have been eliminated!!!!:). See what you think Dan.Thanks Mate, Ritchie Dan And Ritchies First Base.SAV
  4. Hi Dan, Yea thats great avice mate thankyou:). So the most important thing is not waste anymore than say 3-4 moves to establish my base. I suppose it all comes down to luck on where you land on planet. I will do as above dude, and post the save when i have established my first base dude. Thanks mate this is REALLY great advice:). Ritchie
  5. Co ords 22,38
  6. I reckon here Dan. What you think? Ritchie:) Dan And Ritchies Game.SAV
  7. WRONG FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Zakharov of the University, 2100.SAV
  8. Ahh its ok everyone i found it....:)
  9. Yea dude, it took me ages...lol:) Im playing just SMAC but yea i do have SMAX too:)
  10. Hold on dude, try this:) Ritchie:) Dan And Ritchies Game.SAV
  11. Tried it dan, no luck dude. Im using vista though
  12. Hi Everyone, Where are the save files inVista for SMAC. I have been to program files the Firaxis games then saves but only 2 files are coming up. Autosave.1 and Autosave .2. I have four games saved on there and i cant find the rest of them.Thanks Ritchie:)
  13. This is what it says in my Alpha Centauri ini file Dan:) [Alpha Centauri] MainFontSize=16 InterludeFontSize=16 Prefs Format=12 Difficulty=0 Map Type=0 Top Menu=0 Faction=1 Preferences=10111011111000011101110110100110 More Preferences=1110100111000101101000 Semaphore=00000000 Announce=111100001010101001 Rules=1101000001110 Customize=0 Custom World=2, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, 1, Time Controls=1 Latest Save= Latest Scenario= Main Volume=127 Voice Volume=127 Music Volume=127 SFX Volume=127 ds3d=1 eax=1 FastUnitAnim=0 SmoothUnitAnim=0 DisableOpeningMovie=0 Faction 1=CYBORG Faction 2=PIRATES Faction 3=DRONE Faction 4=ANGELS Faction 5=FUNGBOY Faction 6=CARETAKE Faction 7=USURPER DontResetBeginnerPrefs=0 [PREFERENCES] ForceOldVoxelAlgorithm=0
  14. In my saves i cant seem to find the game i saved dude. It just says Alpha Centauri Autosave 1.SAV and there is just another file that say's Alpha Centauri Autosave 2.SAV. Hope this helps. Unless of course it has worked Dan:) Ritchie
  15. Did it work Dan?