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  1. <p>nice animation! thank you!</p>

  2. <p>hi. do you have a submission for the GOTM competition?</p>

  3. Can anyone else confirm that nessus canyon give +1 minerals? I can not find it in the datalinks anywhere that it does, but in every game I play it gives +1 mineral for every square listed as canyon.
  4. Agreed, Simon is very cheater friendly and Hex is extremely played out.
  5. hex was fun for about a week until people found out the trick to beating it in like 30 seconds
  6. I've brought up the possibility of cheating at simon a long time ago...
  7. I still can't figure out how the hell people got so many points on that bubble shooting games so fast. What am I missing here? Is there an option to change your difficulty, if so how do you do it?
  8. beat me by alot 1366 point in 2287.
  9. I'll show you mine if you show me yours... LOL
  10. POP
  11. Do one for each victory type if you want. I am likely only going to do 2 games. I already finished a conquest. I might do a Transcend game, still debating if I want to play a game lasting that long or not.
  12. Rice krispies
  13. San Fransisco
  14. Strategy is part of the title... Just not in brackets. :)
  15. Doesn't take a scientist to know you get put in a box and buried when you die. Not interested in turning this into a religion discussion, so hopefully we can just leave it at that.