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  1. Sorry I missed the competition. Would have been a tough vote between Dale's and Rhoth's, IMHO. But had to bring up the Civ3 PTW Demo Game. What a piece of work that game was. Too bad it had that stupid 'tied and allied' ending between GoW and Neu Demogyptica. From a gaming perspective, I still feel it was unfair on their part. And man, did that game ever generate some strong opinions and reactions. Was quite an eye-opener for me.
  2. Vox Public Announcement - Operation "Immortal Beloved" April 9, 2003, 00:52 These are solemn times. While Vox Controli's attention has been focused on the settlement of the continent, the nation of Gathering Storm has used this window of opportunity to take advantage of their one-time friends and neighbours to the north. First it was trade pact pressures. Then a road being built towards us - but for what purpose? And then most recently - the final straw - GS observer warriors moving off of their negotiated positions to cut key road links within Vox. A prelude to invasion? These transgressions will not be allowed to continue. The Voxian senate has called an emergency session to deal with this new and unexpected threat. The vote is unanimous. Vox Controli declares war on Gathering Storm. Operation Immortal Beloved is launched.
  3. Good to know we are safe up here.
  4. I know. I was playing hard to get.
  5. hey GK. If it was real post card, then no, I did not receive it. Sorry. If it was a an email sort of thing, then I may have, but don't recall it. When did you send it?
  6. Thank you! How true. Agree completely, and to reply to Penry`s post above, the one unit per square/hex was and is silly. You may refer to a stack of doom, but when you look at the major battles up to the 20th century, they were fought on relatively small battlefields with large armies of mixed capabilities. Not unlike CIv4. You need to understand my bias here. I was raised on Avalon Hill and SPI wargames, where the designer at least tried to create a modicum of historical accuracy. Out the window with Civ5, and not having even taking a look at Civ6, but if it is similar, I may not be interested. better of going and joining those playing Grigsby's War in the East.
  7. So why don't we all just keep playing IV? Time will tell. Does anyone need a Minister of Information......
  8. ...the more they stay the same. And that can be a very good thing. :) Greetings one and all. I've been away for a long period. Good to see the site up and active. :b: All is good at my end, but very busy with a host of r/l stuff. Many thanks to one and all for the recent birthday wishes. And thanks to Rhoth and conmcb and E_T for their efforts to wrangle me back here. Civ VI !!??? Please tell me it is better that V. Please. Not sure how active I will be, but given that I hit an age milestone on Wednesday, thought I should check back in. And hey, I am still in the top 10 for posts on the site. (well, I am 10th ...) Trust everybody is doing well. Cheers! Beta (aka Betahound in the bad old days of Apolyton)
  9. There is definitely activity. Global conflict. Opportunities. Diiplomatic risks. It can't get much better than this folks!
  10. Understood. :b:
  11. Hi folks. Sorry for my absence from posting in the ISDG thread. I was playing the turns regularly, but was also busy over the last bit and besides, not much was happening in the game, so turn reporting suffered. Well, things are happening now. Three civs are at war with Realms Beyond, our 'allies' in the last war. And I have posted a comprehensive report for turn 178. Would be good if some of the regulars and irregulars checked back in. Also, Vex promised me she would join our team if I hosted Red Rum. I know we are in last place as a result of our two wars, but our civ is growing (5th in population btw), and geo-politically it could be a lot worse. Team WPC Needs You!!!!! If you do not have access to the private forum, post here and I will make sure you get access.
  12. I have finished my turn and paused the game. Over to the axis-of-evil folks.
  13. Nah - a flesh wound. The address is working again this game. Game is back up and connected to civstats. I went into the world builder and added a few modern armor.
  14. Yes - we are losing. (You would think I should be use to that by now....) Sorry - long day getting back from California and then another getting resettled back here at home. Also trying to deal with the hosting issues. I have taken my games down until I get the dns issue worked out. Working on it. Probably tomorrow am. (est)
  15. Hi folks. I am back home now. The trip went well. Better than expected, considering my wife and I were travelling with my 82 year old mother. She was amazing and did really well, and we all had a great time. :b: As to the game, I will restart civstats for this game and the others. Given the dyndns issue (yes - the silly 30 day thing expired while i was away), do we need any reloads?