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  1. Oy. So, as you can see I'm a more frugal behind the times gamer than ever. Mostly because gaming has mostly not been an important part of my life the last few years - I'm now into bicycling, and (like many bike riders) local govt activism. Also somehow we never replaced our circa 2010 desktop. Did get a new laptop for QOTM, and she says I can game on it but I'm like "nah you don't want Steam on that, it will be annoying" We also have chromebook around the house, but there are issues I won't go into. When I do want to game, I've been playing CiV, mostly to get Steam achievements. Its an easy game to drop into briefly. But for some reason, during the pandemic, I was looking around on Youtube for a history to watch, having watched my favorites (like Gettysburg and Bridge too Far and Bridge at Remagen and Lincoln) too many times. I happened on Maximillian, an Austrian series about the war of the Burgundian succesion , and all of a sudden - wow, this is like an EU game, and heck, why not fire it up.\ So I played EU3 as Burgundy. I ended up in a strategic dead end (no one it made sense to attack but France, France guaranteed by Castile and allied with a fairly strong Hesse, so wars unwinnable) Decided to try another OTL failed state - Lithuania. Having some fun with that. Bought HOI3, because Paradox, on sale, and guess can run on this PC. Thought I'd say hi here.
  2. None. My obsession for several years is biking. If the weather is too bad for biking (which it hardly ever is) there is local bike advocacy to consume my time. I don't think I've played a game in over a year or two. Haven't purchased one in several years. I still get emails from Steam about their sales which sometimes look tempting, but I ask "why when I have all these games I haven't finished that I don't play"
  3. Goal met. I got 80 cents worth of credits, and today purchased Episode 1 of Half Life 2 (Already have basic HL2, though haven't played it yet) for 79 cents in the Christmas sale. It was a silly goal, but still fun.
  4. Solution for me - bike commuting. I haven't posted here about that yet, have I?
  5. I have so much backlog. I have played a good bit of EU3, have been playing a lot of Civ 5, tried Gal Civ. I have been playing Scibblenauts (mainly for the card drops). I started Fable, but am at the long no save segment near the beginning - I will need a long weekend day when QOTM is out of the house and the weather is too sucky for bike riding to get past that point. Games I own but have not yet played at all include The Witcher, System Shock 2, Syberia, Half Life 2, Gal Civ 2, and EU Rome. I own Sim City 4 on Steam, but have had technical problems getting it to run.
  6. My current steam goal is to accumulate credits from selling trading cards, and then buy a game for zero real money. I have no use for the cards, and in the past used the credits combined with cash to buy games. But I think it would be particularly satisfying to get a game only from card drop credits. I am up to 54 cents in credits. Every so often I see a game on my wish list on sale for under 2 dollars, so I think this is doable. Sadly I have run out of card drops for Civ 4, the game I would prefer to be playing these days (when I am not biking) and to advance this goal I need to play other games. A fruitful source of cards is Scribblenauts (not my kind of game, it was a gift from one of POTM's friends) .
  7. How would you compare these to Sid Meiers' Gettysburg?
  8. So is anyone here on any of the beer rating sites or apps? BeerAdvocate, Ratebeer, or Untapped? I have been rating beers on rate beer, and find "ticking" different beers to be quite addictive (so to speak). I am up to over 500 different beers ticked (and yes, I will rate and review from a sample, or a taster in a flight)
  9. I am looking forward to voting for Ramsey McDonald.
  10. Lee Atwater helped get us to this point.
  11. 1. Although IIUC, the "pale" in IPA refers to pale malts, not the color of the beer, it still seems odd to me to refer to a "Dark India Pale Ale" or worse, a "Black India Pale Ale" I prefer the term Cascadian Dark Ale. Because it sounds like something out of Baldurs Gate, or Star Trek. And because it emphasizes the regional US origin of the style.(you see, I haven't changed much ) 2. Checking Ratebeer, I see I have only had three. But the one from my Alexandria Va local, Long Black Veil from Port City Brewing, was really, really, good. I nice combination of grapefruity hops with almost honey like sweet malt)
  12. I cannot believe I said the above. Two hearted is very nice, and not too hoppy at all. I have become an IPA fan in the years since.
  13. Hi. I still exist. If anyone is here who remembers. I do play Civ (Civ 5, currently). But don't game as much. My obsession for several years now has been bicycling.
  14. http://www.climatecentral.org/news/record-numbers-grow-fourth-warmest-june-in-history/ June 2012 was not only the planet's fourth warmest June since record-keeping began in 1880, but also the 36th consecutive June and the 328th month in a row that global temperatures have risen above the 20th century average, reported the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Monday in the agency’s monthly State of the Climate report. The last time any month came in under that 20th century average, in other words, was early in the second Reagan administration — and the last time any June was below average, Gerald Ford was president.