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  1. I remember from Apolyton times, that every team PBEM game or similar event added a badge to my profile, so that after a while my profile was cluttered with icons of years old games. For my WPC presence I decided to change that and to display only badges of active games. That means, that the Apocalypto badge has to go. Since the team forums of that game are public now anyway, I decided just to leave the Civ group and hoped the badge would be gone as well. But not so. So my question is, what do I have to do to get rid of it? Please. :)
  2. I'm going to need a replacement for several weeks soon, so if you're interested, mail me to my nickname at web de and I fill you in with everything you need to know. On a second thought, we may talk about you taking over permanently if you're up for it, because I have a feeling I'll be abroad this year a lot.
  3. That's true. I'd prefer no trading as well, especially in a game with 18 participants, which could end up in a huge tech pace and be over very soon.
  4. No, because that's not what I proposed. In the scenario constructed by you each attacker could take 1 city. That aside, I'm sorry to announce, that my participation may be in danger by a possible business trip abroad over several weeks in February. While I could continue my PBEMs during this time (I'd be able to send/receive emails), I wouldn't be able to play a pitboss game. Whether it's me who will be sent to this client or one of my colleagues, will be decided within this week. Chances are low that it's me (~25%), but exist.
  5. I have another proposal, to get out of that turn order prison: Wars are ok, as are double moves, period. However, to prevent overly exploiting the system and to strike a deal between warmongers and builders/peacenicks, I propose the following rule: - In every war campaign (defined from DoW to peace 1-vs-1), after losing 1 city, the unlucky defender (not the attacker!) has the right to demand an end of hostilities, if he doesn't think he can take his city back in the same campaign. To achieve this, he has to offer peace in-game, and the attacker (now 1 city bigger) has to accept it. A new war can be started by either side only after the period the game enforces to keep the peace (I think it's ~10 turns, depending on speed). This should keep more people in the game longer without eliminating competitive playing. - Diplomacy should be limited to in-game means. No contact - no treaty. After meeting and researching the appropriate techs, other things are possible (right of passage/gifting units, vassalage, defense pact etc.), but they need to be openly visible through in-game means, no secret plotting. - If possible, personalities are kept secret. Player names are the same as in-game leader names. - Borrowing/gifting units is ok, but these units need to be marked (Incan Maceman, Chinese War Elephant, etc.). Asking a neighbor for help should be coded by offering a gift of x gold in-game (x=1, if that's not possible, perhaps 10).
  6. What about a simple rule then, that double moves aren't allowed in the DoW turn? That's just 1 turn to watch and should limit annoyance to a minimum.
  7. I haven't seen a meter reader in decades. I'm reading them myself and report it by mail or online. I didn't even know, that they still exist.
  8. Truth to be told, I don't think Rommel deserved half the hype he got mostly for propaganda purposes from both sides: own side to present him as some kind of super general, the other to disguise the suckiness of their own commanders of the early African campaign. He was a brilliant general on divisional and a very good one on corps level, no doubt, and had a very high tactical skill. His operational level skills however were questionable, and the higher he got, the worse he was, because tactical brilliance gains you little if you're commanding an army or even army group.
  9. Lots of them.
  10. Please remove the Apocalypto award from me.
  11. I'm sure I'll regret that decision, but... if this game really fills up to 18 players (strict condition), I'm in.
  12. I don't have a potence problem, but I could use a fake Rolex. Pretty please!
  13. Sorry to disappoint, Zoid, but I stopped to believe the propaganda of both sides in this conflict long ago. While I don't think the use of firearms was as necessary as Israel claims, I'm not buying the story of Israel firing without provocation either. Following long term observations of both sides in the whole conflict, most likely there was violence, and Israel overreacted, as always. Israel may be reckless, but they aren't dumb. After the PR disaster last year, this time I bet they'll come with plexiglass shields, pepper spray and batons rather than firearms. And with camera teams. There won't be any violence on both sides (or else there will be sharp footage in the news). The activists will get arrested and released a few days later. The whole convoy goes to Ashdod, the construction materials are confiscated (perhaps not even all) and the rest is delivered to Gaza in trucks. Not telling it's a good thing, but that's what I see coming.
  14. They will board it without casualties. They're prepared for violence this time.
  15. No, it's delicious and moist.
  16. The UK, Sweden and Denmark don't have it, for example. Also most of Eastern Europe. The EU could be a good currency area, if the European integration included common economical and fiscal policy. And if (as it happens in the USA) strong countries (states) supported weaker ones. With one word, if things went in the direction of the United States of Europe. But this is not popular in an area with so many nationalities and people who believe to have different national interests. The USA did it better historically, they just created their own independent nationality. Trying to create a "European nationality" is bound to fail, and multi-national "empires" didn't too well historically, just look at Rome, Austria-Hungary and the USSR to name a few.
  17. Is Beta really back? Because he doesn't play his turns...
  18. That's just what he's doing in TRSB right now.
  19. I'm posting in a spam thread. Infract me baby!
  20. The EU is only half popular and the Euro not popular at all, and if both begin to cost serious money, people begin to grumble. The ruling coalition's support is already in the crapper due to dumbass politics of Angela "Pantsuit" Merkel and Guido "Babbling Idiot" Westerwelle in the past two years, and if they start to throw out money with both hands, their polls will plummet yet more. So they begun to do half thought-out populist stuff, like the nuclear power phase-out, which per se is a good thing, but the coalition just had extended the remaining period of the nuclear reactors (despite a wave of protest) and now suddenly caves in. This flip-flopping shows just how desperate they are. Now they know, that if Greece goes belly-up, a lot of rich people will lose a lot of money and the capital markets will do strange and unpleasant things. Which is not in the best capitalist interest, of course. And they also know, if they bailout Greece once more (after doing the same last year with zero effect), yet more increasing the already gigantic own debt, they can forget all elections until hell freezes over. German and French managers last week put an advertisement in every newspaper that matters, that "we" (they mean themselves) need the EU and the Euro and therefore "we" (this time they mean the tax payer) will have to save both at all cost. My personal opinion is, if they need it so much, they can pay for it themselves. I certainly won't sleep worse without the EU.
  21. Northern Europe is doing fairly well economically. It's the "Club Med" having trouble.
  22. I fail to see how increased offtopic spam defines the success of a website. I post mostly in the ontopic part and will continue as long as I play the games supported by this site. Where's BU gone?
  23. As long as it's a good mean to pump money from the taxpayer to the capitalists and banksters (I like to call them financial terrorists), it will persist. And this may last quite a while. I wouldn't shed a single tear for it, though. Down with it any day. Let it collapse and form a northern european union instead. And get it right this time, i.e. make a common currency only if a common fiscal and economical system exists.
  24. Still waiting for a certain PM.