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  1. Hey check it out! its marr! --> :marr: Thank you fearless Forum Leaders!
  2. pink, legal jargon wielding bubblegum, How many will drown, salivating, thinking of you?
  3. I want my :marr:!
  4. <p>We can stay friends as long as I don't have to see you wearing a pretty little dress to match that feeling.</p>

  5. I intend to do so! ...hopefully before I am wheeled away kicking and screaming into forced retirement.
  6. MY.2256 playing as University
  7. well I'd like to request an extension, 2 weeks if possible.
  8. Has anyone already completed this scenario?
  9. Leaderhead smileys are really neat for TTT! Hope to see those SMACX factions up as well soon, thank you BUncle for preparing them!
  10. I'm at MY. 2205, Chairman Yang and his Gaian accomplices have knocked me off balance with their clandestine covert tactics and I'm struggling to keep control of my territory as the rubble of my massive research centers change hands practically every turn on the South West and South Eastern Edges of my little empire. There is no love from the tree-hugging lunatic Deirdre towards my Democratic Market Liberal Academic Faction but I have forged an alliance with Planet Cult who has launched an impressive blitzkrieg that threatens to drive the Gaians into the sea from their native continent. As for Chairman Yang, he will soon find that the entrepreneurial academics will soon put an end to his air supremacy in the region! And now I must gloriously take the trash out to the curb for pick up in the morning.

    <p>hey Visha, you up for an experimental game where we Play By Thread, with no passwords and two players per team, where each team controls two factions?</p>

    <p> </p>

    <p><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?t=1959" rel=""></a></p>

    <p> </p>

    <p>feel free to just jump in, t_ras needs a co-pilot for his University-Hive Team.</p>