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  1. awesome! looking forward to starting this!
  2. Yeah the Spartans were totally useless, I think they spent the entire game just shuffling some really scary-looking war-machines over their little island.
  3. Its fun because of the background story and adventurous elements involving the picking-up of UN "reinforcements" from the large landmass to the south. (That part gets points for being cool) The scenario is a little too easy, I'd say. The AI puts almost no effort in driving you from your island into the waters of Chiron. I think some work needs to be done to make chairman Yang and the Drone Rebels a little more dangerous in this region.
  4. Oh did zsozso not submit his win?
  5. this is making me think along the lines of creating a scenario with a super-huge map of chiron, but also adjusting unit-movement range, artillery range, and maybe increasing the effect of roads on unit movement as well. I wonder how that would affect game-play within the realm of combat as we try to scale up SMAC to larger maps. Or use a different time-scale, we could agree that the Planet's year has 10 months, and treat each turn like a month. So when the game tells you that the turn is MY24508, you would just mentally move the decimal place over to the left one digit, and it would be MY2450.8, as in the 8th month of year 2450. We'd have to still change the artillery range and production times to reflect this different scale of time.
  6. erm nevermind, you guys just recreated the archipelago, there is no super-huge map of Chiron
  7. hey guys, where did you get that super huge map of Chiron? I'm talking about a screenie that is in Mart's first post on this thread. Does this map exist as an actual map file?
  8. whoah! I order the construction of a base an almost get hit in the eye with one of them space rocket launching towers. And yes, this time I plan to win this scenario, unlike the previous two...
  9. haha, I still suck way too much to complete these GOTM games in a reasonable time, (or to complete them at all) I don't get how you guys end up taking on the whole world and still winning so quickly. The odds just don't line up. I think zsozso got really lucky this game

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    <p>I'm going to use the private album feature to post game screenshots for Ross' input. Since you are my opponent in a PBT game, I figured it would not serve my Team well to have sensitive information available to you. So I decided to remove you from my list of Friends in order to keep you from gaining access to my precious files :)</p>


  11. Guys, enlighten me, how does directed research work? I was just recently playing a game, leading the Peacekeepers as Bro Lal, and remember being able to choose Social Psych from the list of tech to direct my research at, but instead went with Ecology. Then once I discovered Ecology, Social Psych is no longer available as a tech choice for research. It became available only on the following breakthrough. What's the pattern here? I should have been able to research Social Psych at any time since its a basic tech advance.
  12. it is, until you get hit with a restraining order XD
  13. My intel suggests that it is bdanv's birthday sometime around now +/- 3 days. Let's all wish a Happy birthday to this excellent CMN and President of ours!
  14. What if we all also stitched the DG forum links into our underwear?!
  15. I've never seen a democracy game in action and I was wondering what do players make of the faction's citizens? Do we have to vie for their support and be elected as governors of actual bases? I was thinking along the lines of modeling the power of the people by having simple rules for Citizens' Political Preferences Citizens' Political Preferences 1. Citizens always want to maximize the growth rate of the colony they are in. (Monitor the ratio of incoming nutrient units to the total number of nutrient units needed to make colony grow by one citizen) 2. Citizens always want their base to receive more energy points as Psyche. (Consumer Goods) That means that when the time comes for Governor elections (which we can hold every 10 mission years or depending on what the constitution will say) The candidates running for governor can make campaign promises which will be recorded and then checked at the end of the governor's term. If the governor fails to deliver then his political integrity will suffer. Citizen's Judgment = Campaign Promise X Politician's Integrity The politician who wins the Governor's Election will usually be the one with the most ambitious campaign promise and the strongest integrity. And that was just talking about regional politics, then we go to the federal level where we have governors now taking votes on issues that range from energy allocation levels to energy spending. Imagine if you were elected because you promised your base's citizens to make nutrients even cheaper but for that to happen you know you'll need to hurry those recycling tanks or hurry a colony pod to drop the cost of growth at your base. You will need to push the governor's council for funding and you will need fellow governors to vote with you and not against you. A whole new political game ensues where behind closed doors you make deals with other Governors. "Sure I'll support your request to hurry those recycling tanks at U.N. Information Agency, but you in return must vote in favor of hurrying my colony pod at U.N. Equality Village." Furthermore a Governor's weight in these decisions will be proportional to the number of citizens he represents, which is basically the size of his base.
  16. I was seriously demoralized when a massive Planet Cult hovercraft fleet appeared and vaporized most of my supply foils/crawlers as they swept through my territory. Then I lost 2 bases on the periphery and one base, which was a major support base for my military with a punishment sphere.
  17. I've never played Civ 1, in fact I don't think I've ever seen Civ 1. My first game of the series was Civ2, followed by my discovery of the much older Colonization.
  18. heh, I ended up voting for an extended single player game, the internal faction (political parties/agenda's within a single human controlled faction) concept really turns me on.
  19. What jumped out at me from the Believer's story? I think it may be the crushing intimacy that the reader is forced to share with Manuel in his thoughts and emotions in the early and middle parts of the story. From such a vantage point, you really feel the ground shift under your feet as you watch Manuel slide into a kind of madness that alienates the reader by the end of the story. Of course it would be a shame for other elements of this story to go unnoticed. Something should be said about the tension between Manuel and the only other character with a heartbeat in the story, a woman by the name of Prudence. Definitely a key element there with a vital role for the story teller. Oh and I think there's success in keeping the number of characters down to a minimum, there are only two here, it makes it extremely effortless and enjoyable to follow while allowing for greater depth in their development.
  20. Sign me up! I would be really interested in a game where there are 2 human controlled factions going head to head. I don't really want to play against AI. (Stupid AI moments: Packing 20 needlejets into a besieged base and keeping them grounded)
  21. <p>Got it! Thanks man</p>

  22. I was just wondering why Iron Man mode is not imposed on GOTM scenarios
  23. I'm starting to see why you guys ascribe superhuman powers to her. The writing is superb, especially the Believers, Gaians and the University background stories really left a strong impression with me. I also thoroughly enjoyed the rendering of the Morganite faction, I don't think I've ever really taken the time to really imagine the workings of my favorite faction. You guys rock for bringing the game to life like this
  24. Too busy reading the faction background stories for this month's GOTM, and with good reason too!