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  1. I'd be happy with something along the lines of: just with better factions profile pic resolution and a more interesting background than the blue. Maybe some kind of transition from military war machines to elements of industrial factory setting, but the images lacking focus so as not to compete with the text and the leader profile pics. The text would have to be something that suits the theme in the background and can be read clearly.
  2. Think this for inspiration: Well trained and professional Spartans vs. the numerous and well equipped masses of collectivist hordes of Chairman Yang. Maybe emphasize this stereotype somehow...
  3. How about a banner version of it? there is too much space covered by unexciting SMAC terrain, unless that space will be used for something. Also to remove cities, you could have used the "see terrain only" feature to generate a second screenshot and then combine the two sections of the screenshot so that the city does not appear there. Just press "T" until the cities and units disappear.
  4. vs. surely there must be a better colour than black, (which arguably is not a colour, and should not be used anyways). the one on the right looks pretty bad in comparison to the one on the left.

    <p>hey bdanv, could you please launch the game for t_ras and me, you just have to pretty much set up passwords and while you're getting through the first turn during password set up, auto-assign the workers in all the human-controlled bases.</p>

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    <p><a href="<___base_url___>/showthread.php?4532-2-Player-Game-proposal-competitive&p=148423#post148423" rel=""></a></p>



    <p>Hey look, our first drone. Should we nerve-staple this one?</p>

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    <p>ah don't worry, we're more into psych allocation increases around here.</p>

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  7. I used to be a weekend warrior at the gym 4 months ago. Haven't had a decent work out since though. But back then the numbers looked something like this bench press 95 lb. (10 reps) (I avoid this exercise as I feel a lot of discomfort at higher loads) (back) squat 155 lb. (6 reps) dead lift: 185 lb (3 reps) shoulder press: 65 lb barbell (10-12 reps) bent over rows: no data ( I do cable rows with about 100 lb resistance and 12 reps) I can do at least 30 push-ups (shoulder width apart) my favourite exercise: back extensions on extension bench (wish I had one at home) right now I feel that all this sitting around has not done any good for my lower back. From photographs of family outings it seems posture has begun to slip too. Time to get serious about getting back into the gym on a regular basis
  8. I like what you're doing here BU :b:
  9. Cyberethics!
  10. <p>Hopefully we are insured for this sort of thing.</p>

  11. <p>Of course now, almost nothing separates Behemoth (the mauser wielding, hog-sized cat) from the members of the WPC forums. How long before we realize the inherent danger of this new arrangement?</p>

  12. <p>hello, I see our resident artist is quick to spot imperfections in our avatars! thank you for setting the transparency of the background in my picture.</p>


    <p>I have installed the unofficial patch!</p>

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    <p><a href="" rel="external nofollow">[Patch] Unofficial SMAC/X Patches Version 1.0</a></p>


  14. <p>I may try to convince you to participate in an experimental SMAC multiplayer scenario. But I promise that this one is going to be a lot more exciting and will have a reasonable time limit too! I drew my inspiration for this idea from an old Russian card game similar to bridge.</p>

  15. <p>hey man, what have you been up to lately?</p>

  16. Just beautiful! I love this intro
  17. anybody know? I'm really curious, like many of you I simply hate the way air units are handled in SMAC
  18. I hope you were not vapourizing innocent human civilians.
  19. you are truly unfortunate then
  20. haha, this is awesome
  21. This makes me wonder if it would be possible to make air units artillery-like. So when air units attack ground units, they basically conduct combat as if they were artillery units.
  22. are you sure that you haven't been nerve-stapling captured bases? That's what happened to me, infact I had a surrendered Pact-mate declare vendetta upon me after I nervestapled citizens in a former base of his.
  23. Of all the people it could have happened to, it happened to Miriam! very clever BUncle! “Her name is Jezebel, because she was conceived in fornication and sin. I want no part of her. God will bring justice on you and your demon flower in due time.” Good ol' Miriam!
  24. Is it the same Time Warp that can be chosen in the Custom Rules or is it a special BU time warp where only BU's faction gets warped?
  25. I'm afraid to ask what year you launched the satellite. I really took my sweet time in getting that junk out into space