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  1. I open up this thread for anyone to post funny jokes as they come across any in their email inbox etc. I start with a picture illustrated one: Newsflash: After a two year loan to the United States , Michelangelo's David is being returned to Italy . Before the loan: After the loan: His Proud Sponsors were:
  2. Great work on the leaderhead picture in Evil Empire, BU !:bb: You totally rule!
  3. My good ol' friend, BUncle! First of all I sincerely regret, that I did not find this thread earlier, and wasn't here in time to offer you a shoulder to cry on. I can assure you, that you are very much valued, loved* and respected member of this cyber-community. Of course, you still need some fresh-and-blood friends to hang out with, but I am sure you have others apart from the chess club. You can also find new ones with your friendly, easy going attitude and good humour. * - yes, I'm sure Ali is included in those who love you
  4. There seems to be many who do not want to believe in Global Warming and showing statistical significance of global temperature changes in short time periods will indeed be difficult. However, the data on CO2 quantities in the air increasing is pretty clear, and I've not seen people arguing that fact. The sceptic argument seems to be focused on whether that is causing warming. Now, let's step back just a moment. What if we call it Global Heating instead of Global Warming ? You know, when you take a bowl of water-ice mix (at a temperature 0 Celsius) and you start heating it, then for a while you will not see any significant temperature change -- at least not "globally" within the bowl. What you see is the ice melting. Only when all the ice has melted, then you will see the temperature rising if you still keep heating the bowl. Now, let's look at how is the ice doing in our big bowl, shall we ? http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/20100108_Is_Antarctica_Melting.html http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.cfm?release=2009-107
  5. My brand-new addiction, the Neptune's Pride is having a server break-down problem. And I am totally grumpy about it... MLIA.
  6. El-Thrasher sighting, Hurray! Good to see you pop over here too! Replies in bold:
  7. Happy Birthday Mr. President :):stpats::bb:
  8. Sorry, BU, I didn't mean to offend you! Fixed it for you now :)
  9. Oh, I found another one dedicated "Just for You"™, Buster's Uncle: picture deleted by moderator. (we have a dedicated thread for that. see rules)
  10. This is your mistake (highlighted in bold). You need to unpack the stuff under the main SMAC folder, it will put the scenario inside the scenario folder and other important files where they belong (new factions with graphics and text files).
  11. According to the marketing dep, CivRev is the game "Sid always wanted to make". OK, it is far shallower than the PC Civ games, but in a good way. You can play a full game into Modern era and win by technology victory arriving at Alpha Centauri (Yeah, SMAC rulez) in 2-3 hours. However, the greatest thing about it is the fact, that the streamlined game allows you to play online multi-player games from start to finish in 1 sitting: typical MP games last from a few minutes to a few hours with 2-4 players. This attracts a large number of players and a very active competitive community. On the PS3, the MP leaderboard has about 60,000 registered users. OK ,most of them are inactive and probably only played a couple of games and left, but there are still hundreds, possibly thousands of active players. You can see changes in the top-10 of the leaderboard daily, so that shows there is activity and you can usually get a game going within minutes if you go online. ps: I've been playing SMAC ever since it came out (12 years now ?) and only completed a handful of PBEM games and participated in a few dozen (some still going, but many died due to some players getting bored and not responding, so the game gets stuck). In comparison, I started playing CivRev about a year ago and already logged about 600 ranked games on the leaderboard and played several hundred additional non-ranked games with friends. Now, that's a huge difference, which means that now I know the CivRev tech tree by heart, but I still need to lookup the SMAC one when I play.
  12. OK to say something on-topic here: I recently played a head-to-head ranked MP game getting English on random. Opponent was Arab, so I thought, OK, it is time to test out the strength of those longbow archers, because I figured I would be soon visited by a fundamentalist horse army. So, after making my 2 warriors in 5 turns, I set the workers on trade and teched Bronze Working in the next 5 turns, trying to play it safe. Normally, my strategy would be to horse-rush myself with almost any civ in h2h, because there are all those AI capitals waiting to be exploited. Well, as it turns out the first barbarian village gives me Horse Back Riding. I resist the urge to start making horses and build some archers after BW is finished. But when I get my 100g and see still no sign of Arab horses, I can't resist anymore and start building my own horses, just then I bump into an Arab warrior with my own warrior. We are both 1 tile from a barb which has 1 flag, I am on a hill. He is faster next turn and takes the barb, but then I kill his injured warrior from the hill. Now, I'm sure the horses will come soon, so I complete my archer army in London and continue building my counter-attack horse army form 2 cities. Sure enough, a single horse kills my warrior, but I manage to revenge it with the horse army. However, after that no more seems to be showing up, I find the Chinese AI but they have an archer army already up, so I retreat. My tech is set to Feudalism for early knights, but I am not actually researching anything, my workers are set to food/hammers for expansion while I gallop around to learn the map and try to find any stray barbs left. In the meantime I setup some longbow archers at choke points and nice future city locations. I am shown the location of the Ark, so I build a galley, but the Ark gets picked up before I could get anywhere close. However, I do find School of Confucius on another island, giving me a Great Explorer and a Great Scientist -- just before picking up I get my 1st culture based GP, and it is a Great leader. Oops, that means knights and elites with a barrack! I'm still in ancient with 3 techs only and 4 cities, I rush barracks in a 3-tree location and settle the GL there, pop Feudalism and make a march+infiltration knight army. It takes 5 turns to reach Tripoli with it, then the game is over in the following turn. So, I had every good intention to not horse rush and wanted to get to the Modern era, but ancient elite knights just don't let you waste time like that.. LOL
  13. This weeks game of the Week is Arabs against Aztecs (North), Germans (NW), Mongols (NE) and French (SW). Artifacts/relics in the game: 1. Seven Cities of Gold on an island N of Mongols, can be reached by galley in 2 turns from the Aztec cap 2. Atlantis East of the Mongol cap 3. Ark of the Covenant on island far South from the Mongols, East from the French 4. School of Confucius another island East of the Ark one There are several nice islands with good resoucres (double whale, lots of dye) in the area around the Ark and SoC and another group at the north around the 7CoG. I managed to get 1900BC domination on Deity level by taking out the Aztecs first, then Mongols, Germans and finally the French. Key is to rush a galley and 7CoG ASAP, then walk the 100g settler south to settle near Paris and build a road to bring down the attack force fast. As for non-dom I played a culture game, won by 800AD, I did not know the islands and did not use them to full potential, mostly settled the main land, even that not fully optimal. On 2nd play-through I could do better, but I will not bother. Good luck to everyone.
  14. The typical Spanish strategies are fairly passive in the early game stages (ancient/medieval), focusing on expansion to whale spots and islands, then trade tech/gold to end the game with tanks/bombers or economic victory. Although, MorteEterna mentions some early ancient rushing technics using single galleon and warriors, what I am talking about here is something different, to spice it up a bit This strategy is focused on early medieval aggression using the special bonuses of Spain: galleons from starting with Navigation and the +1 naval bonus (medieval). The attack force I am suggesting is a vet galleon fleet + vet legion army giving you an attack of 9+6=15 and a defence of 4.5+6=10.5 against counter attacks -- both of them are better than an Arab horse army and we know how deadly that can be. Plus with the Spanish you also have a 3-move mobility thanks to the galleon fleet. Now, how do we pull this off ? Start: First of all do not walk with the settler whale hunting. You may move 1 tile if you can still get 2 trees and access to water, sometimes it helps to get closer to a barb so that you can get it before it grows to 2 flags in 3500BC. You might want to avoid being next to a mountain as that can give away your location to your opponent even through the fog. Having 2 trees is crucial for this strategy so do not compromise that! If you can have 3 with 2 grass is even better but its rare. Another aspect to watch out for is to be able to have access to 2 different bodies of water if you are on a narrow land strip -- that could be very helpful to accelerate your exploration. I would even sacrifice food for that (as long as I get the 2 trees). Once settled in 4000BC, you set your 2 workers on trees and build at least 2 warriors (5 turns), possibly more if you have more directions to explore or fear and early rush (impi or horse). It is often worth to spend some gold to rush a 3rd warrior as soon as you get your first gold find (exploration, barb or friendly hut). This is pretty standard so far. Now, for the twist: after your warriors, do not grow or tech, just keep your workers on the trees and start building a galleon while your warriors explore and collect gold. Once you reach 100g and get the free settler, rush the galleon and use it to ship the settler to a whale spot -- either island or mainland shore if you spotted one near. When you got your galleon, I suggest to leave its militia in Madrid fortified (preventing walk-ins or galley drops) and pick up one of your warriors with the galleon instead. That way you can still pickup any artifacts or huts you may find on island, but you also have the capability to take out barbs on islands or galleon-drop into an empty enemy capital if you happen to find one. The militia at home can alert you to any incoming threat with its 2 tile scout range, so you have time to rush a real defence when needed. Once your first galleon is out, keep your workers still on the trees and work on a second galleon or set your city to bank hammers on a wonder (EITC). Exploration and building up your attack force: You will need to have bronze working and iron working, a barrack in Madrid and build 3 galleons and a legion army (or more). That's 190 hammers which sounds like a lot, but you will rush some of it with gold and should be able to get a 2nd or 3rd city produce some as well. You can often buy bronze working from an AI for 20g, so do not start teching it, instead set your whale cities on gold to expand as fast as you can. You need to get 4-5 cities in ancient ASAP to have enough trade and production power. Your whale cities should grow to 3 pop, then spend 2 more turns to bank 8 more food and then rush a settler so they can grow back to 2pop next turn. If you can buy BW form an AI for cheap, do it and switch Madrid production to barrack, otherwise push out a 2nd galleon, then bank hammers on EITC -- do not build a 3rd galleon before the barrack is ready, you want that to be veteran. If its getting late (your hammers are piling up) and you still could not buy BW or obtain via galleon-drop, then tech it with all your cities, you should have at least 3 at this time, so you can get it in 2 turns max. Once you reach the point that you either have 4 cities, 3 of them with 3 pop plus Madrid with 3 pop OR 5 cities with 1 of them 3 pop the other 2 pop, then you set them all the trade (11 pops = 22 beakers) and tech one of the 20 beaker techs -- check the tech tree, if 3 of them are taken (no green 1 beside it) choose the 4th one. This way you should back-fill all the first level techs taking you into medieval to get the +1 naval attack bonus. Then you can research Iron Working in 2 turns, while Madrid is banking hammers again for the legions. Alternatively, you can do that earlier once you have BW and the barracks ready and the 3rd (veteran) galleon complete and you do not want Madrid's production to run idle. If your expansion goes faster than the production in Madrid, because you found good whale spots close by maybe with some extra food for faster growth (whale+grass can shave off 2 turns from the grow->bankfood->settler->regrow cycle, instead of 8 turns you can do it in 6), then you can build/rush a second galleon from a different city which has some trees. It is good to have the 2nd (non-vet) galleon out as soon as possible to speed up exploration, you may find some artifacts or a galleon-drop target. For this purpose, you should also switch the militia of the second galleon with your 2nd warrior, and leave the militia either in another mainland city if you settled such, or on a choke point. Exploration with the galleons is crucial not only to find barbs/huts and artifacts, but also to find out where are your enemies, so you can plan your attack ahead of time. Once you have your veteran legion army, pull together your 3 galleons (1 of them veteran) and form the fleet, your Spanish Armada is ready to attack. You may want to take along some archers for the ride, they can help take the heat off counter attacks and you can also leave them behind in the newly captured cities. In terms of economics, it is best to complete the barrack and the 3 galleons while still in ancient as you will rush them at least partly and the rush cost goes up 50% (from 2gold/hammer to 3gold/hammer) once you enter medieval era. The legions are cheap you can even hammer them out completely, so you do not need to squeeze in the 30 beaker IW research in ancient. In fact, you could research that as your back-fill technology, since you will have bronze working already (need that for the barracks in ancient). Naval supported hit and run attacks: Your attack force should be ready for action just about the time when the initial exploration and rush-fights are over and the other civs are busy expanding or teching, sometime around 1500-1000BC. This time, you should have at least 1 militia in your fleet, so you can see what you are up against. Previously when you were exploring, you were sailing along the shores to see what's on the land, but once you form your fleet and going in for action, you should move around in deep water, so that your foes do not see your fleet approaching. Time your moves such that you arrive to the enemy shore beside the city in the last few seconds of the turn-timer running down. Land your troops to the attack position in the last second, then as the turn is over and the next turn starts, you attack immediately -- this is called the "double move" since you effectively made 2 moves (landing and attack) with no time left for your opponents to react in between. Nasty tactic, and very effective, but there are some caveats. You need to make sure all your cities have their work orders and NOT finishing a building, settler or wonder, units are OK, they just start making another without asking what to do. You should also make sure not to complete a tech in that turn as the advisor pop-up asking what to research will delay your attack giving chance to your opponent to make a move or rush another unit. Against stronger defence or multiple single units, you may need multiple legion armies. Good thing, those are cheap, your major expense in this campaign is the barrack+galleon fleet (160 hammers), and those will not die in the attacks, so even if you need to make extra legion armies to keep up your invasion, that should be easy. This is an important difference compared to horse or knight rush tactics. Here, your major investment is safe what you can lose (legion armies) are cheap, while horses/knights/cats are more expensive. While your fleet is out there attacking, Madrid should produce archers and legions, both for its own defence as well as reinforcements for the attacks. The rest of your cities can work on long term goals, expansion, research, gold. You might win the whole game with this type of attacks, but do not count on that! Look at it as a great way to take a few cities here and there, boosting yourself while slowing down your opponent, also forcing him to build more defences and counter-attacks in other cities. If you see that a city is strongly defended, do not hang around too long, just move on to another easier target. Artifacts: During your exploration, you may find some key artifacts: Seven cities of gold gives you 200 golds in ancient and 250 in medieval, which comes very handy for your unit rushing. If you find Angkor Wat (and there is no English in the game), you'll likely get the Great Pyramid, then you can switch to fundamentalism making your attack force even stronger. The Knight from the Templar is a nice extension to your attack force, also giving a 9+6=15 attack with the vet galleon fleet. Defence against rushers: This strategy may seem very vulnerable to rusher attacks, since it takes a long time to get together that Armada and legions. However, the fact is that Madrid is kept on production almost all the time banking hammers for galleons and barrack. This means, if a rusher pops up, you can simply switch production to warriors (for early rush) or archers, or later legions and rush a sizeable force instantly. Your militia in Madrid is able to give you enough warning for both the horses and impis, unless they have a march upgrade or the opponent is a Mongol in medieval (you should place out some units for early warning in that case). You should also not spend all your gold on barrack/galleon/settler rushing at any point, always keep some in the bank for emergency defence rush. Once you get BW, you should also make an archer in Madrid to be safe against any surprises, but do not waste hammer/gold on making an army that early. Once your attack force is out, then you can build one. Expand and tech further: Even though, you are not likely to lose your fleet and the legions are cheap to replace and continue attacking, you should plan for a longer game, because your opponents will get pikes/cats soon enough and that severely limits the effectiveness of your Armada. Although you can also switch to cats instead of legions to keep up the pressure a little longer. Please, refer to the fine Spanish strategies in the archive for the further planning. Basically, you want Code of Laws for expansion, Currency (if you can get it first), Monarchy for the dye, Construction, Engineering, Invention, Steam and Democracy once you finished harassing others.
  15. Placement of your first settler, i.e. location of your capital: I do not advocate walking around, it is waste of turns and risky. However, a 1 tile movement may be helpful as that will not lose you any turns (you still settle in 4000BC). Try getting more sea or 3 forests, or fish if you see it. An important point to keep in mind: unlike other civs, you do NOT need to rely on grass tiles to grow, so you may sacrifice that to gain more sea or more tree tiles. But make sure you keep at least 2 trees available. Another reason to move if your starting location is below a hill, which provides bonus attack for anybody wanting to take your cap. In that case either try to move up onto the hill or away from it, as long as you can find a spot with 2+ trees and 3+ water. Start: Spend the first 5 turns to build 2 warriors and send them out to collect gold and explore. 3500-2500BC: cap research 2 techs BW + Alphabet while growing to 3pop. Rush an archer if needed, e.g. if there are rusher civs or Spain (who tend to galleon-drop into empty caps). Once you got your 100g settler, rush another from cap after it banked >=8 food to grow back to 2pop. For getting that 8+ food after reaching pop3, there are 2 ways: a) 1 turn on 2 grass+1sea (5 food), then 1 turn on 3 sea, but then after rush you have to spend 1 turn on grass again to get back to 2, option b) work 3 sea for 3 turns getting you 9 food and 18 beakers+2 in next turn on sea while growing back. So option a) lets you rush the settler after 2 turns, but you only get 8 beakers in 3 turns, while option b) gets you the settler 1 turn later but you also got 20 beakers in the same time (half of the Writing tech). Settle 2nd and 3rd city with fish if possible -- your warriors have explored so you see the opportunities. Other resources to look out for: ox, cattle, dye. You should build or rush at least 1 archer per city, more if you see enemy coming up. The 3 cities work on sea research Writing + COL, 12 beakers minimum, so it takes 4+5 turns to get them at worst case, possibly less if fish made some city grow faster. You should get COL around 1500BC taking you to Medieval era (CB+BW+Abc+Writing+COL). Push out 3 settlers (1 from each city), all cities should have ~20 food banked, so they all grow back instantly. This will take about 5 turns unless you have a lot of gold and can rush it faster. If you do not have 2 trees at some of the cities, then work on sea collecting gold so you can rush. You can also put workers in city or on hill, that would get 1 hammer. Next 3 city placement: - 1 production focus 3+ trees and/or oak, hills (iron), - at least 1 settler pump (cap can act as another): cow, double fish, grass+ox+tree - the last one focus on sea with fish/dye That brings you to 6 cities around 1000BC, next 10 turns push out 2-4 more (from 1/2 settler pumps), reaching 8-10 by 0AD. During those 10 turns research Monarchy + Feudalism, at start of this period you get about 20 beakers/turn, at the end about 40 (with the new 3pop cities set on sea and research and the use of dye), average ~30, the 2 techs cost 120+160=280, so it should finish about 0AD. Do not switch to Monarchy when you get it, stay in Republic. Production city starts building baracks ASAP (after 1 archer for defence), should be ready just before Feud is completed, if not rush it the turn before so free knight appears there and it is veteran. Then start building knights in 3 cities (main production + 2 others with at least 2 trees), may switch some cities to gold to help rushing. Use of Great People: you will probably get 1 explorer from normal culture, then either a scientist or builder as a free GP for Monarchy (unless there is English in the game). Use the explorer for 100g, save the scientist, use the builder for Samurai castle. If you have oak or a city beside multiple hills, then research Construction after Feud. It should be available straight, because you already backfilled pottery and have enough beakers to tech-jump over masonry. After that go for Religion (should be 3-4 turns) while building your knight armies and moving them towards the enemy. You should complete Religion and switch to Fundamentalism just before attacking the first enemy cities. You may have to kill some units on the way at choke-points, which should not be a problem for your vet samurai knights and they may gain an upgrade even before hitting the first city. While you are attacking with your knights, continue building more in the 3 construction cities, while your settler pumps continue to make new cities and the rest continue to grow and research using sea tiles. The research path from here: Engineering (+1 production per city) Invention (another GP) Steam Power -> start making cruisers and cruiser fleets to support your knights Math (if not back-filled yet) Navigation (for the whales, you already have cruisers) You will also most likely back-fill Iron Working, so you can build cheap legions for counter attacking if you are pressed. Of course, the above scenario assumed that you are not being rushed by other civs. If you are, then you should switch gears and counter the rush. In some circumstances it is also worth to start with HBR and send out some horses to get more barbs and possibly horse-rush some AI cities. You are typically too slow to horse rush human players, so I do not recommend that. However, in SP games and also in H2H you can get some AI caps, which makes the detour worthwhile. A variation that I often do when I see Chinese in the game (ffa): you can skip researching Writing: for this you need to get the 3 cities up before you finish Alphabet. You will need to switch to use grass for a turn or two with your cap, then push out a settler before finishing research of Abc. Then if you finish Abc with 3 cities (12 beakers), then you will get the option to go straight for COL (it costs 90 beakers that way, so you need to make at least 9 beakers/turn to get the option). It only saves you 10 beakers compared to the standard path, so 1 turn and you waste that much by pushing the settler out early (before you banked enough food from sea), so that's not the point. The point is to get COL while still in ancient, thus it is cheaper to rush settlers. This is the case that I mixed up originally, in this case you have the 2gold=1hammer case so good to use sea instead of 1hammer worker placement. Now, it is important, that once you made your 2 settlers from the 3 cities, you set them back to research and get another tech before making the new cities, so that they start with 3pop. You choose the cheapest tech at that point, e.g. Pottery can be had in 2 turns while your settlers reach their location. You can also finish Abc in 2500BC as per original strategy, but then cancel choosing the next tech until you get the 3 cities up. You will see if this is feasible at around 2600BC depending on how close you are to the 100g (or have it already). E.g. if you have 90g and do not see another barb or potential naming spot but want to pursue the skipping anyways, then you could sell a warrior. having a Chinese opponent is an incentive fort this, because you will not get a free spy from Writing anyway and you can backfill the tech later once you reach 41 beakers (should be about when you get Monarchy). A few words about spies: if you do get a free spy fro Writing or get some from barb/hut, then look out for flags in enemy cities indicating settled great people. If you see any, go try to steal it. You should move your spy at the end of the turn when you get close to the city. If you step close in the last seconds of the turn and quickly move again at the beginning of the next turn to enter the city, then your opponent has little to no chance to capture your spy. Another good use of spies is to destroy buildings. Prime targets are: cathedral of Paris, courthouse of Athens, a wall in any city, a library in Thebes. Island settling: Japanese do not need whale or fish to live on islands, any spot will do making them much more feasible -- of course it is still better to have those resources so if you have the option without wasting much time than chose the spot to have access to those goodies, but do not waste time hunting for them. In the above strategy, your first 5 cities will probably be on the main land (initial 3 + settler farm + production center), but later ones can be and often preferable to be on islands. Of course, the map dictates everything, so if you have plenty of room on main land, use it. If you are in a tight spot close to enemies, then settle islands instead (but you still should have at least 3 cities with reasonable production capabilities on the main land, one of them being your cap).
  16. Old-time SMACer and practising CivRev player zsozso reporting for duty! Indeed, there are a lot more players of CivRev than SMAC, but they probably do not know about this forum... I will post a couple of strategies myself soon.
  17. Talking about CIVilians catching up.... Hmmm, isn't it time to rename this site to WePlaySMAC ?
  18. [scrapping the floor under the bar] Hmmm, pictures, you want... Here, I found some, is that what you are looking for ?
  19. Sexual predator, ay ? My good friend, those don't prey on old folk like meself... Thanks for the drink! [tries to bow lifting his hat, but falls off the chair...]
  20. Hand ? No, got 2 of 'em -- more than 'nuf for me. But I need a good drink, hey bartender, damit!
  21. [crawls in half drunk] I wonder if those underwear pictures have been posted already... [with raised volume toward the bar] Now give me something strong that can help me stand up straight
  22. And you gonna post photos of it on facebook ? Well, there is only one member who would interest me with such picture (if being worn by owner)... BU can guess who is that
  23. I read the "Prophet, Interrupted - Believer Succession" story and loved it. BU has painted the picture of the perfect religious zealot to lead a jihad, with all his personal problems to fuel his rage. Great story!