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    <p>Have you seen this bases set I did the other day?</p>

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  2. Great work on the leaderhead picture in Evil Empire, BU !:bb: You totally rule!
  3. My good ol' friend, BUncle! First of all I sincerely regret, that I did not find this thread earlier, and wasn't here in time to offer you a shoulder to cry on. I can assure you, that you are very much valued, loved* and respected member of this cyber-community. Of course, you still need some fresh-and-blood friends to hang out with, but I am sure you have others apart from the chess club. You can also find new ones with your friendly, easy going attitude and good humour. * - yes, I'm sure Ali is included in those who love you
  4. I open up this thread for anyone to post funny jokes as they come across any in their email inbox etc. I start with a picture illustrated one: Newsflash: After a two year loan to the United States , Michelangelo's David is being returned to Italy . Before the loan: After the loan: His Proud Sponsors were:
  5. There seems to be many who do not want to believe in Global Warming and showing statistical significance of global temperature changes in short time periods will indeed be difficult. However, the data on CO2 quantities in the air increasing is pretty clear, and I've not seen people arguing that fact. The sceptic argument seems to be focused on whether that is causing warming. Now, let's step back just a moment. What if we call it Global Heating instead of Global Warming ? You know, when you take a bowl of water-ice mix (at a temperature 0 Celsius) and you start heating it, then for a while you will not see any significant temperature change -- at least not "globally" within the bowl. What you see is the ice melting. Only when all the ice has melted, then you will see the temperature rising if you still keep heating the bowl. Now, let's look at how is the ice doing in our big bowl, shall we ? http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/20100108_Is_Antarctica_Melting.html http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/news/news.cfm?release=2009-107
  6. My brand-new addiction, the Neptune's Pride is having a server break-down problem. And I am totally grumpy about it... MLIA.
  7. El-Thrasher sighting, Hurray! Good to see you pop over here too! Replies in bold:
  8. Happy Birthday Mr. President :):stpats::bb:
  9. Sorry, BU, I didn't mean to offend you! Fixed it for you now :)
  10. Oh, I found another one dedicated "Just for You"™, Buster's Uncle: picture deleted by moderator. (we have a dedicated thread for that. see rules)
  11. This is your mistake (highlighted in bold). You need to unpack the stuff under the main SMAC folder, it will put the scenario inside the scenario folder and other important files where they belong (new factions with graphics and text files).
  12. According to the marketing dep, CivRev is the game "Sid always wanted to make". OK, it is far shallower than the PC Civ games, but in a good way. You can play a full game into Modern era and win by technology victory arriving at Alpha Centauri (Yeah, SMAC rulez) in 2-3 hours. However, the greatest thing about it is the fact, that the streamlined game allows you to play online multi-player games from start to finish in 1 sitting: typical MP games last from a few minutes to a few hours with 2-4 players. This attracts a large number of players and a very active competitive community. On the PS3, the MP leaderboard has about 60,000 registered users. OK ,most of them are inactive and probably only played a couple of games and left, but there are still hundreds, possibly thousands of active players. You can see changes in the top-10 of the leaderboard daily, so that shows there is activity and you can usually get a game going within minutes if you go online. ps: I've been playing SMAC ever since it came out (12 years now ?) and only completed a handful of PBEM games and participated in a few dozen (some still going, but many died due to some players getting bored and not responding, so the game gets stuck). In comparison, I started playing CivRev about a year ago and already logged about 600 ranked games on the leaderboard and played several hundred additional non-ranked games with friends. Now, that's a huge difference, which means that now I know the CivRev tech tree by heart, but I still need to lookup the SMAC one when I play.
  13. <p>I love your avatar, but I sure do miss the last one. It was still cracking me up.</p>

  14. OK to say something on-topic here: I recently played a head-to-head ranked MP game getting English on random. Opponent was Arab, so I thought, OK, it is time to test out the strength of those longbow archers, because I figured I would be soon visited by a fundamentalist horse army. So, after making my 2 warriors in 5 turns, I set the workers on trade and teched Bronze Working in the next 5 turns, trying to play it safe. Normally, my strategy would be to horse-rush myself with almost any civ in h2h, because there are all those AI capitals waiting to be exploited. Well, as it turns out the first barbarian village gives me Horse Back Riding. I resist the urge to start making horses and build some archers after BW is finished. But when I get my 100g and see still no sign of Arab horses, I can't resist anymore and start building my own horses, just then I bump into an Arab warrior with my own warrior. We are both 1 tile from a barb which has 1 flag, I am on a hill. He is faster next turn and takes the barb, but then I kill his injured warrior from the hill. Now, I'm sure the horses will come soon, so I complete my archer army in London and continue building my counter-attack horse army form 2 cities. Sure enough, a single horse kills my warrior, but I manage to revenge it with the horse army. However, after that no more seems to be showing up, I find the Chinese AI but they have an archer army already up, so I retreat. My tech is set to Feudalism for early knights, but I am not actually researching anything, my workers are set to food/hammers for expansion while I gallop around to learn the map and try to find any stray barbs left. In the meantime I setup some longbow archers at choke points and nice future city locations. I am shown the location of the Ark, so I build a galley, but the Ark gets picked up before I could get anywhere close. However, I do find School of Confucius on another island, giving me a Great Explorer and a Great Scientist -- just before picking up I get my 1st culture based GP, and it is a Great leader. Oops, that means knights and elites with a barrack! I'm still in ancient with 3 techs only and 4 cities, I rush barracks in a 3-tree location and settle the GL there, pop Feudalism and make a march+infiltration knight army. It takes 5 turns to reach Tripoli with it, then the game is over in the following turn. So, I had every good intention to not horse rush and wanted to get to the Modern era, but ancient elite knights just don't let you waste time like that.. LOL