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    at this time, it's been two years since my treatment and I'm (currently) Cancer free...
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    Top of the page, "Quick Links" then click "Subscribed Threads". :)
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    look at 'em all!
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    I somehow assumed that the same goes for user profiles and group profiles regarding avatars. Edit - we don't have a smiley?
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    I will never be able to think of the word circumstance in the same way again. :scared:
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    Thanks for fixing the autocensoring! I can say popular and participation now.
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    I am currently (as I type this), loading up 1.0 and I'm attempting to port over my currently Modded game (over 150 mods). According to Fluffy's Mod Manager, only about 7 of those mods have not yet updated. My research has shown that most of them 'should' work without the update. The only Mod that isn't currently updated that might not work is the Psychology Mod. Past update history for this mod has been 2-3 weeks post game version update timings, so I am still expecting a wait for this to be updated. BUT, as the new game version is mostly bug fixes and adds little content from B19 (ability to say what colonist, etc can or can't eat), all of the mods that currently aren't updated "should" work. Most are reported to work (although I'm expecting a few errors at load time) and We will see if I'm grooving on the newest version(s) or not... Cross your fingers...
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    Please report any site issues you find here. :)
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    Sorry, I was testing something for the discord, dealing with emoji's, both static and animated
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    If you will be great video games player will you buy gaming chair? or it ia wasting of money?
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    I'm playing a RTS and actually really enjoying it. Not something I thought I would ever do again. The last RTS to really hold my interest was C&C Tiberium Sun or Red Alert 2. I tried Warcraft 3 but didn't like the hero character stuff and that was about that for me and RTS games. Northgard is a viking themed RTS that not APM focused with tons of units in mass swarms of units. It's a combo of some resource gathering, some units, tile control in a kind of Civ way, and lots of resource management. Winter is a threat you can't ignore. Food production goes down. Wood consumption goes up. Your warriors are less efficient. Throw in a random blizzard and things can go wrong in a hurry. It's $30 on Steam and I think it's worth the price. I suggest checking out the Giant Bomb Quick Look. That's what really sold me on the game. 3 Moves Ahead also did a podcast about it which really detailed the game well.
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    My SMACX AI Growth mod has been extensively playtested for you to enjoy! Be the 1st kid on your block to embrace the coolest game changes since it came out 20 years ago. Grind up your enemies with a better vision of society than previously possible, thus: I began this mod in mid-April of 2018. Its design, and all the playtesting needed to improve it, have taken 4 PERSON MONTHS of full time work to produce. In some other universe where I made money, that could have been a third of a year's salary! This mod aspires to professionalism, to be substantially better than the original game. I hope people will try and enjoy it, as that validates the effort spent. Please let me know if you find any bugs or omissions. DESIGN SUMMARY - I've tried to make the AI play better. That's really important. - Factions are better rounded, and most don't have penalties. This helps the AI. - Aliens are no longer overpowered. They are no better than normal factions. - The world generator is tweaked to give the AI factions more land to grow in. - Enormous 80x160 and Giant 128x256 maps are defined. - Choosing 30%..50% land mass yields substantial continents, but still plenty of ocean for the Pirates. - This mod is designed for a Huge map with 30%..50% land mass. - On a Standard map, some AI factions will not have enough room to grow. - Techs, facilities, units, and abilities are completely reordered, for what I consider to be good pacing. - Armor has been strengthened to match weapons at the same tech level. - Secret Projects come later in the game and cost at least 300 minerals. - Overpowered Secret Projects come MUCH later. - Social Engineering choices are gradualist and incremental, to facilitate mixing and matching. - Future Society choices become available in late midgame and are not overpowered. - Completing the entire tech tree is required to Transcend. - Facilities, abilities, and units are assigned to Explore, Discover, Build, or Conquer according to what they actually do. - "Explore" really means "colonization and growth" to the AI. It doesn't mean exploring. - The AI uses Foil and Cruiser Probe Teams now. Watch your sea bases! - The AI uses armored Probe Teams now. Better have a weapon when they come! - Planet Busters and Conventional Missiles can hit anywhere on Planet. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, INSTALLATION, LICENSE, DESIGN DETAILS, CHANGELOG - see the included readme_mod.txt. Everything you ever wanted to know about 6 calendar months of work, but were afraid to ask!
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    not sure what a dxdiag or how to get one - as for updating drivers there have been driver updates during the last week of Feb and on Mar 5 and I have installed both .... and it still crashes claiming a "display failure" and insisting I need to update my drivers. The ONE unusual thing about my setup is I went from Civ 6 1.0 -> GS _without_ R&F. I emphasize that no other app on my system (it's a fairly powerful Win 10 install that most would consider a good mid-size file server) is experiencing any difficulties at all (including the original Civ 6) - and I am VERY annoyed with 2k support as I've had one machine generated e-mail in 10 days and no actual help in solving the problem. And I am CERTAINLY not willing to throw more $$$ at 2K until such time as this problem is fixed. I have considered uninstalling everything and re-installing (I've got the Civ 6 DVD version and got GS via Steam so can I do this?) but unless I have confirmation it's safe to do so don't want to put myself in a position 2K expects further $$$ to get back to what I've already paid for! I would welcome your opinion on whether this might help. At this point I am assuming that my problem is based on by-passing R&F as I am stone cold certain I've done the driver update correctly. Thanks for your help.
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    I have an ATI card myself, a RX460, so much worse than yours, and have no problems running the game. If anything, I think it runs better than vanilla. But I have seen others with Nvidia cards reporting problems, so it might be a matter of Nvidia not updating their drivers well enough? Can you post a dxdiag and a zip of your logs folder? Then the devs can be notified and hopefully find the problem so that it's fixed for the next patch.
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    Peace? Pah. Attack them to show them who is boss!!!
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    Low-Grav alphax.txt Change Log The way I've organized this is by the sections of the alphax.txt, so if you open the file (I use Word Pad) you can search on the key word and follow along. #RULES - Movement rate along roads changed from 3 to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases movement. Also this assists the AI in that they can more quickly congregate units at threatened points in their empire. - Max artillery range changed from 2 to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases artillery distance. The AI will use this on occasion. Forewarned is forearmed in this case! (Note: you will need Scient's patch or better, as this does not work in the base game). - Max airdrop decreased from 8 to 6. Rationale: flying around a battlefield is exponentially more dangerous than for planet or sea-bound military units, as drop units are exposed to a larger field of enemy units while airborne. In a low grav environment these dangers are compounded even moreso: from battle damage, malfunction, or just plain inexperience while airborne, a drop trooper can literally reach escape velocity much more easily and be lost forever in the depths of space. Thus the decision has been made to lessen the strength and duration of a drop pod's thrusters in low grav environments. - Intrinsic base defense increased from 25 to 40. Rationale: benefits the AIs as they are typically on the defensive. #RESOURCE INFO - Boreholes changed to have a -2 nutrient intake. Rationale: simulates the horrid conditions workers face while slaving away in the boreholes (i.e. this "fits" with the darker theme present throughout Alpha Centauri). #CHASSIS - Infantry movement changed from 1 to 2, Speeder changed from 2 to 3, and Hovertanks changed from 3 to 4. Rationale: lower gravity increases movement. - Hovertank chassis now available at Monopole Magnets. Rationale: with the decreased gravity hovertanks become available more quickly. - Needlejets and copter chassis disabled. Rationale: the thin atmosphere of a moon or small planetoid is not dense enough to support roto nor winged aircraft. - Missile chassis movement decreased to 8. Rationale: similar to drop pods, missiles face a greater visibility and threat matrix while flying through the air, especially with continually being confronted with the dangers that lie just over the near-horizon as the missiles transit towards their targets. Thus the decision has been made to decrease their distance, effectively telling commanders "use missiles wisely". - Missile chassis is now available at Doctrine: Air Power. Rationale: with the decreased gravity rockets become available more quickly. #WEAPONS - Conventional Payload available at DocAir. Rationale: with the decreased gravity rockets become available more quickly. - Planet Buster has been disabled. Rationale: on smaller moons or planetoids the detonation(s) of planet busters are actually significant enough to change the trajectory/ orbits of these bodies, and so are strictly prohibited from use. #ABILITIES - Air Superiority disabled. Rationale: not needed since there are no aircraft in this game. - AAA Tracking: moved to DocAir. Rationale: need to start building units ASAP that can defend against missiles! #UNITS - Crawler has been removed from this section – you will have to prototype your first crawler yourself. Rationale: crawlers are overpowered human exploits, so this is in a small way benefiting the AIs. - There are several new units available to build. I’d suggest reviewing them to get a feel for what you will be facing in this game. Of note are the following: A) Missile Frigate available at DocAir B) Drop Trooper Mk1 available at DocAir C) Chaos Battletank available at Fusion D) The Battle Ogre Mk3 has been replaced by a "Drop Re-entry Assault Carrier - armored" (or "DRACa Mk3"), which is a missile troop transport. Still haven't figured out where to place this, but right now I'm thinking it is going to replace the Planet Buster. E) Seawolf Attack Submarine available at Superconductor F) Missile Mk1 available at DocAir G) Resonance Probe available at Field Modulation #FACILITIES - Virtual World moved to Social Psycholoy. Rationale: watering down the beeline to Industrial Autmation. - Cloudbase Academy: moved to Monopole Magnets. Rationale: watering down the beeline to MMI.
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    Any chance someone technically minded can increase the efficiency of our account making anti bot systems. I've nuked a handful in the last couple of days, but we never used to have this problem.
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    I have run it while exploring, for if anything, the faster explore.
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    Nik, I want to supplant the lovely Astrid as your luv slave, and have all your babies. You done a Man's Job, sir - and thanks loads for going the extra mile. -Happy latest-16th-birthday Friday.
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    Will we see President Trump in Civ XI?
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    Beta has been AWOL for a long long time. I haven't heard from him in years. He never seems to visit steam or facebook. I have tried both (and the emails) trying to get a hold of him, numerous times over the years he has been missing. I haven't tried in a while, probably over a year likely more. If he isn't participating he has his reasons. I just hope they are healthy reasons and he is continuing to enjoy his retirement. He has been retired for years but I don't think he is much over 60. Unless something "sudden" happened, I imagine he is enjoying retirement in the great white north with his occasional trekking jaunts all over the world. One of the last times we talked he was heading down to or just back from South America, Peru I think.
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    con would be the most likely to know more.
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    Have the same two as GK. He's not active on linkedin or facebook anymore either.
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    the beta email I have is the one that is "his name + 57" at rogers, and another one that is the same front, but the back is at cogeco. I assume that is the same email you have. I also have him as a friend on steam, but he hasn't logged into steam in over a year....
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    If there's a ton of other religious extremism leading to terrorism in the West, it's going severely underreported. In just roughly the past week, we have had no less than 4 terrorist attacks in Europe, all with attackers from Middle Eastern countries making explicit appeals to either ISIS, Islam, or Allah during the attacks. If you're the average German, French, or American citizen sitting at home hearing about this going on and then you hear a politician get on the same TV set and say "clearly Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism", your conclusion is going to be that the politicians are crazy ideologues unable to see what is right in front of their faces. And that's what's driving extremism. Because the extremists actually look like the less extreme viewpoint on reality.
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    ...If anyone wanted to do up avatars from their custom factions and/or mods -COUGHchuftandKilkakonCOUGH- and post them here, they are welcome encouraged to do so...
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    Scenario Name: Belated Winter Solstice 2005 Challenge SMAC/ SMAX: SMAX Author: Chaos Theory Date of original posting: 2/23/06 Original host site: Apolyton (for best results, copy the .pcx and .flc files to your main Alpha Centauri directory) The story: In 2145, Foreman Domai led a strike at Morgan Mines. It was brutally suppressed, but Domai and some followers escaped, helped frequently by an unknown Sinder Roze. Morgan put increasingly large bounties on Domai's head, but was cruelly taught that money can't buy everything when shareholders in several major corporations withdrew their support for Morgan. Two days later, he was arrested on charges of fraud. Damning evidence surfaced, including some tapes Morgan swore under lie detection were not of him. He was swiftly convicted and imprisoned, but while the business world was distracted, Sinder Roze completed her takeover, and began transforming Morgan's faction. Domai eventually fled across the ocean, unaware he was no longer being pursued. There, he founded a communist society, of the worker and for the worker. He worked singlemindedly for the prosperity of his people until his death last year of emphysema, perhaps triggered by poor working conditions among the Morganites, or perhaps an unforseen complication of cryogenic sleep. You were installed as the new leader, to carry on Domai's legacy and bring true communism to all of Planet. Unfortunately, Domai was neither educated nor intelligent. You now know that Domai made some very poor choices, and your research program is in shambles. Even worse, rumors of weapon-bearing aliens are circulating amidst your drones. Perhaps your old contact Sinder Roze can help? The rules: DO NOT .txt files besides readme.txt yet! No cheats/exploits/bugs that are disallowed in PBEMs. If another faction owns the Voice of Planet, you may not build the Ascent to Transcendence, until you rectify this (by infantry, planet buster, or whatever). Scattered across Planet are landmarks 1-8. If you have a land or naval unit on a landmark, you may read its associated .txt file. You may use the scenario editor to carry out instructions listed within. Only follow the instructions in each once per game. Some changes: Specialists changed slightly. Tech tree rearranged slightly. SE settings slightly changed. High-powered weapons increased in cost. Pulse armor removed because it's stupid and the AIs misuse it. Artillery damage increased. Copters substantially slowed. Ships slightly sped up. Certain special abilities are allowed on more units. Dissociative Wave costs 50% more. Blink Displacer costs 4 times as much. Lowered maintenance for Subsea Trunkline, Holo Theater, and Paradise Garden. Increased maintenance for Hab Complex and Hab Dome. Satellite and Ascent to Transcendence build costs increased. Mining platforms give +2 minerals before Adv Ecological Engineering, and +3 after. Mines do not lower nutrient production. ws2005.zip
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    In the past everyone has pretty much agreed that items of this nature are for CMN only. However if you feel strongly enough about this, then I'd say take it up with bdanv and see how he feels about it. And since the "How to" for factional editing is my document, then I'll say I have no qualms about publishing it for general consumption if thats how people feel about this sort of thing nowadays. D
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    It's very strange that I managed to miss this thread for three days - it was never highlighted... How-to guide: making flc biographical animations for faction mods
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    That vendetta inter-sites is still going on?
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    It displayed fine for me. I checked the default view, too. The Zack: did a joke just flop, or what? It happens.
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    ...No, maybe more like "If you're a Civ gamer, we do want you to register."
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    The NES (see my sig), but Jack already put that in the News Desk forum and on the front page.
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    One last pair, since they're already done.
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    A few I've knocked out so far. Note that I'd already done Miriam and H'minee.
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    Thanks, Solver! I've been a member of both the 'poly, CGN and the CFC SMAC forums for years ('poly and CGN since December 2005 and CFC since May 2006). I am a CMN. I am a member of the Data Angels in AC Demogame 3 at 'poly and organized AC Demogames 4, 5 and 6. I like to extend my own welcome to both the people I've met before and to every newcomer.
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    Hi I'm air force. A buddy of mine on a MMORPG, Tibia, was raving about Civ II back in the day and I decided to jump in on the Action. I sucked. Horribly. But I <3 Fall From Heaven/FF and the 4th generation of Civ was mine to conquer!
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    Hi Rubin. :) Glad to hear we've helped someone out already. Hear that everyone? We helped someone out! :DD Now, how did we help you out?
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    Hey dale good to see you mate Im tony aka garretsidzaka. i do the modcast thing for dan quick and have modded a whole crapload of civ stuff. i do alot of stuff at Civfanatics as well as (up until recently) apolyton. i plan on playing here now and will still provide the content you all love to hate to listen to anyone curious about me or the ModCast, just PM me any time
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    Damn! It's not working? I'll have to go re-add it.
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    Site Issue: Try typing an allcaps word as the first word in a thread. It automatically changes to small letters.
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    Really? Test--- Asher --- no, that's not censored.
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    This one's in discussion.
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    I'll repeat myself once again. :) -custom PM folder do not function properly I can move threads to a custom folder (other than subscribed) but that action does not appear for PMs.