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    "Ganged up on"? "Under attack"? Because someone told you "no"? Look, the point is we're all busy one way or another. I have a sometimes stressful job; I have a family I like to spend time with; I have a gaming hobby that I like to enjoy and occasionally write about. Other people have other things going on in their lives that takes up their time. We all like this forum and don't want it to go away, which it won't according to Solver. But beyond that, it's just not a big forum anymore. People will come back if they want to come back, not before. I don't have the technical know-how or simple desire to run a website, nor do I have the gumption to learn how. I enjoy doing what I do on this site. That's it. I appreciate that you're passionate about the site. But telling people they need to do this and this, then complaining when they tell you no (or in my case you told me "I don't believe you") is not the way to go about it.
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    at this time, it's been two years since my treatment and I'm (currently) Cancer free...
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    Well I guess it's definitely time to start a new game then. Was fiddling around last night trying to remember how to play.
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    Nobody told me to migrate that
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    Sorry, my mistake - removed his posts once already but didn't press the ban button. Dealt with.
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    Top of the page, "Quick Links" then click "Subscribed Threads". :)
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    look at 'em all!
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    I somehow assumed that the same goes for user profiles and group profiles regarding avatars. Edit - we don't have a smiley?
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    I will never be able to think of the word circumstance in the same way again. :scared:
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    Thanks for fixing the autocensoring! I can say popular and participation now.
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    Please report any site issues you find here. :)
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    GrandpaTroll sighting! How you doing Old Man? Oh, and Spammer terminated.
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    Considering some of the disheveled pictures I've seen of Boris, I'm somehow not surprised he was lost in a train station.
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    Contacted Solver, he fixed it.
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    I did my turns today. I was going to have this fast going on until Tuesday, but I failed.
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    Flagged as spammer and all thread *should* be hidden now if I did this right.
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    Hi all, we are growing a small, private group of testers for 10 Crowns. If you'd like to join, please email testerapplications@mohawkgames.com Let us know your name, your email, your ID on a Civ forum (like this one), and a short summary of your history with 4x/Civ-style games. Hope to see you soon!
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    Shockingly enough, looks like this went well. WPC is now on a different server, after many years on the previous one. Things seem to be working well, and I'll be keeping a close watch for issues in the upcoming days.
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    An advance warning that WPC will experience some downtime within the coming week or two. The downtime itself will be limited to a few hours if all goes all planned, or maybe a couple of days if it goes as usual. The reason is that WPC will be moved to a different server.
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    The only one I've used is the CQUI mod. Haven't played in a while so I don't know if it's updated to the current patch, but if so it's a good addition. It adds more info in one place, upgrades various things (such as adding a queue to the city build screen) and (my favorite) upgrades the trading screen so you know in advance if you've already traded for a specific resource, without having to go check somewhere else.
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    Back when I was in Turkey years ago now, ANZAC day was a big thing around the US embassy and where I was working. There was a lot of prep work to support the US dignitaries coming in to pay respect to our allies.
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    Nik, I want to supplant the lovely Astrid as your luv slave, and have all your babies. You done a Man's Job, sir - and thanks loads for going the extra mile. -Happy latest-16th-birthday Friday.
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    AI seems broken. Once past the initial 50 turns, they do not know how to compete, especially in a military sense. Civ4 was not as bad.
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    Chapter 15 - The End By now it was mostly a waiting game. None of the AI would dare to attack me as my military was stronger and better trained than anyone else. I had no desire to go to war with anyone, so it came down to pushing my tourism and science to see which of the two victory types would finish first. I still recruited as many great people as I could and purchased all of the great works that would fit in my empire as possible. I also ended up being able to purchase the great engineer and great scientist that boosted space race projects, and eventually started my first launch site. My policies were increasingly geared toward science and tourism too. Many of the late game economic policies boost tourism in some ways, and the two really late game city state policies boost both science and culture by 10% per city state that you are suzerain of. At the time I was suzerain of 4 city states for a really nice boost, but with the late game governments finally being researched by the others some of the nations started a concerted effort to deprive me of my city states. I ended up losing Geneva for good, and both Kumasi and Toronto fell out of my grasp for a while at various points too. The Bolshoi Theater and the Hermitage were both constructed. Neither was super important but they both allowed me to hold more great works for more tourism. I finished the Bolshoi a turn before my very last civic before only having "future civic" available. At turn 283 I checked my tourism victory screen and realized I was definitely getting closer. My spaceport was close to finishing too, and I definitely had the science rate to research all the techs soon, so it would definitely be a race to see which would victory condition would finish first. Would I be able to finish before turn 300? I launched the Earth satellite, followed right after by the Moon Landing (thanks to my great engineer). I realized that I only had one spaceport though so I started building another one in my capital. Recruiting Carl Sagan would give me one of the Mars Lander parts for free, but I still needed to build two more if I wanted the space win condition. That wouldn't happen before turn 300 though. But on turn 296 I needed one more turn to finish out the Tourism victory. All hail the superior tourism of Nubia. The end!
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    A new civilization is coming to Sid Meier's Civilization VI, and it's Nubia! Their leader is Amanitore and their Civilization Ability is Ta-Seti, which gives - 50% production towards ranged units. All ranged units gain 50% experience. Mines over strategic resources gain 1 production, mines over luxury and bonus resources gain 2 gold. Amanitore's Leader Ability is Kandake of Meroe, which gives - +20% production to districts, 40% if there is Nubian Pyramid next to your City Centre. Nubia's Unique Unit is the PĂ­tati, which is stronger and faster than the ancient Archer and upgrades to Crossbowman. Nubia's Unique Tile Improvement is the Nubian Pyramid. A Nubian Pyramid can be built on Desert, Desert Hills or in Floodplains regions. They provide Faith, as well as additional yields based on the adjacent District, or Food for the City Center.
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    And part 4 just released
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    I've played a bit of Ultimate General Gettysburg and can vouch for it. It's a great game, easy to get into and great fun to play.
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    And seperate links to the first three parts:
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    Hi, Downloads and mod hosting is no longer possible with the current setup. At least not in the way we had. So we no option to upload new mods, or update current downloads. However, we haven't deleted the old files. I found the file for your mod and updated the thread about your mod with the new download link. Let me know if you need something more.
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    That guy looks like your classic douchebag high school quarterback who only dates cheerleaders.
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    Yes. The little portraits give the relation or mood of that leader versus the leader you're looking at.
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    That was my experience as well...back when I was playing this game at least. Need to play again sooner or later.
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    Finally getting your time of day mod was one of my primary reasons for asking Donald! As to the brothel...I'll think about it haha
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    the beta email I have is the one that is "his name + 57" at rogers, and another one that is the same front, but the back is at cogeco. I assume that is the same email you have. I also have him as a friend on steam, but he hasn't logged into steam in over a year....
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    My email is royparrish01[swirlything]gmail[andyouknowtherest]
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    If there's a ton of other religious extremism leading to terrorism in the West, it's going severely underreported. In just roughly the past week, we have had no less than 4 terrorist attacks in Europe, all with attackers from Middle Eastern countries making explicit appeals to either ISIS, Islam, or Allah during the attacks. If you're the average German, French, or American citizen sitting at home hearing about this going on and then you hear a politician get on the same TV set and say "clearly Muslims have nothing to do with terrorism", your conclusion is going to be that the politicians are crazy ideologues unable to see what is right in front of their faces. And that's what's driving extremism. Because the extremists actually look like the less extreme viewpoint on reality.
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    ...If anyone wanted to do up avatars from their custom factions and/or mods -COUGHchuftandKilkakonCOUGH- and post them here, they are welcome encouraged to do so...
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    It's very strange that I managed to miss this thread for three days - it was never highlighted... How-to guide: making flc biographical animations for faction mods
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    Good point, amended the text slightly.
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    Hi Jasev, welcome to WPC. :)
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    Hi Rubin. :) Glad to hear we've helped someone out already. Hear that everyone? We helped someone out! :DD Now, how did we help you out?
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    Hey dale good to see you mate Im tony aka garretsidzaka. i do the modcast thing for dan quick and have modded a whole crapload of civ stuff. i do alot of stuff at Civfanatics as well as (up until recently) apolyton. i plan on playing here now and will still provide the content you all love to hate to listen to anyone curious about me or the ModCast, just PM me any time
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    Really? Test--- Asher --- no, that's not censored.
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