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    I am currently (as I type this), loading up 1.0 and I'm attempting to port over my currently Modded game (over 150 mods). According to Fluffy's Mod Manager, only about 7 of those mods have not yet updated. My research has shown that most of them 'should' work without the update. The only Mod that isn't currently updated that might not work is the Psychology Mod. Past update history for this mod has been 2-3 weeks post game version update timings, so I am still expecting a wait for this to be updated. BUT, as the new game version is mostly bug fixes and adds little content from B19 (ability to say what colonist, etc can or can't eat), all of the mods that currently aren't updated "should" work. Most are reported to work (although I'm expecting a few errors at load time) and We will see if I'm grooving on the newest version(s) or not... Cross your fingers...
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    My SMACX AI Growth mod has been extensively playtested for you to enjoy! Be the 1st kid on your block to embrace the coolest game changes since it came out 20 years ago. Grind up your enemies with a better vision of society than previously possible, thus: I began this mod in mid-April of 2018. Its design, and all the playtesting needed to improve it, have taken 4 PERSON MONTHS of full time work to produce. In some other universe where I made money, that could have been a third of a year's salary! This mod aspires to professionalism, to be substantially better than the original game. I hope people will try and enjoy it, as that validates the effort spent. Please let me know if you find any bugs or omissions. DESIGN SUMMARY - I've tried to make the AI play better. That's really important. - Factions are better rounded, and most don't have penalties. This helps the AI. - Aliens are no longer overpowered. They are no better than normal factions. - The world generator is tweaked to give the AI factions more land to grow in. - Enormous 80x160 and Giant 128x256 maps are defined. - Choosing 30%..50% land mass yields substantial continents, but still plenty of ocean for the Pirates. - This mod is designed for a Huge map with 30%..50% land mass. - On a Standard map, some AI factions will not have enough room to grow. - Techs, facilities, units, and abilities are completely reordered, for what I consider to be good pacing. - Armor has been strengthened to match weapons at the same tech level. - Secret Projects come later in the game and cost at least 300 minerals. - Overpowered Secret Projects come MUCH later. - Social Engineering choices are gradualist and incremental, to facilitate mixing and matching. - Future Society choices become available in late midgame and are not overpowered. - Completing the entire tech tree is required to Transcend. - Facilities, abilities, and units are assigned to Explore, Discover, Build, or Conquer according to what they actually do. - "Explore" really means "colonization and growth" to the AI. It doesn't mean exploring. - The AI uses Foil and Cruiser Probe Teams now. Watch your sea bases! - The AI uses armored Probe Teams now. Better have a weapon when they come! - Planet Busters and Conventional Missiles can hit anywhere on Planet. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS, INSTALLATION, LICENSE, DESIGN DETAILS, CHANGELOG - see the included readme_mod.txt. Everything you ever wanted to know about 6 calendar months of work, but were afraid to ask!
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    A few I've knocked out so far. Note that I'd already done Miriam and H'minee.