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    Cross-posted from a thread I made at CFC. When considering a second leader for England, I'm sure some people immediately jump to Elizabeth I. After all, she's a very significant leader and has been in every other version of civ to date. But what if this time, her boisterous, blustering father was featured instead? After all, Henry VIII is one of the most iconic English monarchs ever. His loud, larger-than-life personality might make a nice contrast with Victoria's prim and proper attitude. We are going for "big" personalities in Civ VI, after all. Now I know Gorgo shares Pericles' music, but I don't think it would be too challenging to put together a version of Greensleeves for Henry to have a unique theme. There's already a version in game, after all. His unique agenda could be called "A Man for All Seasons" (tongue-in-cheek, of course). Our it could be "Renaissance Man." I suggest that he favor leaders who align with him in emphasizing one particular interest, and then have that interest change at random throughout the game to represent Henry's own constantly shifting interests. He might start out obsessed with culture, then be fanatical about religion, then become a hardcore militarist. This would fit with how he jumped around in his pet projects, from composing music to jousting and wrestling to defending the faith to fighting the church to invading Calais. Yes, I am suggesting that King Henry channel Mr. Toad from The Wind in the Willows ever so slightly, at least in terms of shifting interests. Finally, he needs to be voiced by BRIAN BLESSED. If you don't know why I wrote his name in all caps, then you probably haven't heard of him. Google Henry 8.0 to see his portrayal of a modern day Henry's exploits in various BBC comedy sketches. Seriously, this needs to happen.
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    Just heard from my internal source the next dlc will be Henry 8 and the Pope and a religious scenario!
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    It's too delicious not to do. Also, where Victoria uses her fan as a prop, Henry should have a half-eaten haunch of meat. He should use it gesture at the player while talking and casually eat from it while awaiting a player's response. I know it's something of a caricature, but let's face it; so are all the CivVI leaders.