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    Here is an old link to CGN: http://www.civgaming.net/forums I believe several people have tried searches before and have had no success. The owner of CGN was a player named buster: you might be able to contact him via a message sent from apolyton, if you have an account there. Alternatively, vyeh was an Admin at CGN, and you may be able to contact him at Civfanatics. HTH, D
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    No apologies necessarily offered. Regular co-host Joe "joebreeves" Reeves and interim regular co-host Daniel "DanQ" Quick are joined by Firaxis Games Executive Producer Barry Caudill in the first of a two-part installment of RevCast (RC) on the release of Civilization: Revolution for the iPhone and iPod Touch; RC is a podcast focused on CivRev on its various platforms. This, the series' eleventh episode entitled "Geekiness in the Way of Nerdiness" (Part 1) is now netcasting with a runtime of 14m59s. The summary of topics is as follows: - 02m19s | Topic #1 Why an iPhone/iPod Touch port of Civilization: Revolution, and why now. - 04m15 | Topic #2 On the lack of public lead-up to the release of this iteration of the game. - 06m32s | Topic #3 Comparing this mobile version of CivRev with that of its other mobile version, that found on the Nintendo DS. - 09m01s | Topic #4 The designing of the interface and menus, and responding to those expressing frustration with the end results. - 10m42s | Topic #5 Being one of the higher prices games on Apple's store, and how this came to be. RevCast is the second spin-off of the Civ strategy-centric PolyCast on which Barney serves as a regular co-host as well; the modding-centric ModCast was the first such spin-off. Unlike either of its older siblings, RC has no defined segment categories. Its next episode, the second in this two-parter, is scheduled for release in a fortnight.
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    Привет господа. Качественное удобрение - залог отличного урожая, поэтому так важно применять минеральные подкормки осенью, благодаря которым растениям удастся пережить зимний период и уцелеть от нашествия грызунов и насекомых. Однако классические (простые) подкормки несколько негативно воздействуют на качество распределения их по участку. Для того, чтобы исправить этот нюанс, рекомендуется использовать сложные удобрения, содержащие в себе азот, калий и фосфор.Минеральные удобрения содержат в себя следующие виды полезных микроэлементов:Азотные - прекрасно способствуют стремительному росту и развитию растений. Фосфатные - существенно повышают показатель урожайности, и улучшают качество продукции. Калийные - хорошо обеспечивают устойчивость растений к различным болезням, кроме того, такой урожай долго хранится и прекрасно переносит транспортировки. 1)аммиачная селитра купить в минске - Минеральные удобрения купить в Минске можно самовывозом в течении 20 минут, либо c оперативной доставкой. 2)минеральные удобрения купить Минск - Мы предлагаем вам приобрести только комплексные препараты, позволяющие полностью насытить потребности растения после обработки. 3)неорганические удобрения купить - Каждый товар проходит тщательные клинические испытания на различных видах почв и только после этого запускается в серийное производство. 4)минеральные удобрения в Беларуси - Мы заботимся о том, чтобы предоставляемый нами сервис был высокого уровня. Нам будет приятно видеть у нас на интернет ресурсе НАЖМИТЕ ССЫЛКУ Увидимся! сульфат магния марка в органические удобрения купить диаммофоска 16 16 16 применение жидкого комплексного удобрения торговый дом минудобрения жидкие комплексные удобрения для томатов аммонийно нитратные удобрения мочевина сульфат калия цинк удобрение применений жидких удобрений удобрения для плодовых деревьев райкат старт цена удобрение для кактусов аммиачная селитра аммиачная селитра мочевина циркон удобрение комплексное удобрение гранулах концентрированное удобрение гуминовое калийное удобрение сульфоаммофос 20 20 14 органоминеральные удобрения аммиачная селитра оптом жидкий аммиак удобрение жидкое комплексное удобрение 11:37 купить калий удобрение кристалон особый подкормка калийными удобрениями удобрения для растений купить флорон применение известково аммиачная селитра диаммофоска npk цинк хелат цена удобрения плодородия почвы кальциевая селитра марки а удобрение корней деревьев удобрения для огурцов нутривант плюс картофельный комплексные жидкие удобрения гост монофосфат калия применение для томатов удобрение защита минеральные органические и бактериальные удобрения неорганические удобрения купить монофосфат калия осенью удобрения минске аммиачная селитра цена удобрение содержащее калий фосфор табу протравитель 10 мл жидкое удобрение орхидей цена калийные удобрения хелат марганца
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    Продам дом Красноярск
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    Spambot posting in Paradox games - War Never Changes AAR thread... reported and posting about it here...
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    Im doing great, Lord still loves me, as do my family! Still working 60 plus years young. Still Civin, still playing favorite three PC Games, Call To Power, Ages of Empire II The Conquerors and CIV IV: BTS (all with modifications for my enjoyment. Take care and hope everyone is doing well here!!!
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    Aww man, I need to come around more. I didn't know there was a metal thread
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    My thoughts are this. We are okay as we are, but it might be better if the site changed focus to a Paradox one. However, I would not want to see anything like the zoo that the official Paradox forums are. I get that changing like that is a lot of work and that Solver has better things to do. Civ is dead to a lot of folks right now. I really have not enjoyed anything past Civ4. 5 is brain dead and the leader animations in 6, ugh. If there is a skip key, haven't found it.
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    Now is the OP not you, or is post #2 not you?
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    Mate, enough with the agro. I'm not having a go at you. I simply don't see the point of changing logos. Is there something fundamentally wrong with the existing one? The logo didn't get changed for CivRev2, Civ5 or CivBE so why change it for Civ6? You haven't given a reason for change. All I see is an artist trying to claim the pretentious naming rights for logos on various Civ fan sites. I actually do think they're good, but why change for the sake of change?
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    And a new X-COM video trailer: http://www.gametrailers.com/video/hit-points-xcom-enemy/728718 D
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    Dude. I didn't know you were doing a Tuber or I'd have buggered off.
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    I still don't have my PC up and running, and I'm suspecting the hard drive is about to die. I expect to have everything sorted out no earlier than sunday, probably later.
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    Nope. Not in Program files. I also ran searches for 2k Games and Firaxis Games; these folders/files are not on my computer. [My folder for Beyond the Sword is located in Documents/My Games; it is NOT filed under either 2k Games or Firaxis Games.] [...and the defragmenter is still running...]
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    This is it for avatars unless anyone has requests (hint).... 144.
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    Sister Miriam and the Nine Vestibules of Hell (click the image to see the discussion thread) Scenario made by Darsnan. Download link here. Submission for the GOTM0909 are closed. Final standings - September 2009 No code has to be inserted here.
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    I wish we had a forum in which to debate strategy and discuss things that can make me a better player of the game.
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    Now let's think of where we can use it (#51)? Well, we certainly can post in OT without problems. I think we could post it in Site (since there is the "and Community" part). Why don't we test it in OT under a new thread. "Chiron is a harsh mistress. How will you treat her?"
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    I was thinking of E II's rig, when I asked you to modify my avatar.
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    What else is there? Once you AoD there's really no going back.