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    AI seems broken. Once past the initial 50 turns, they do not know how to compete, especially in a military sense. Civ4 was not as bad.
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    Great. The construction on the big house is done. Plus, we added two additional bedrooms on top of the little house. The frame of the aviary was starting to rot, so we sold the birds, tore down the aviary, and moved the dirty kitchen [i.e. barbecue] over there. We tore down the carport and build a huge carport that covers the SUV, the electric car, and any visiting motorcycles. We're now improving the drainage of the yards. My cook's sister is having lung problems, so she was ordered to get out of Cebu City for two weeks and go to the mountains or the seashore. She arrived her on Monday along with her grandson Keejee, the little boy who stayed with us last year. Then Tuesday, my #2 goddaughter Irish was coronated Miss U.N. at her school. Two cousins came from Mabini on the east end of the island to watch. Yep, we have a houseful! I've been writing a near-future/Xmas/crime story, which I'd hoped to submit to a SF or detective magazine for publication. However, I got decked with bronchitis, and I'm pretty sure it's now too late to submit Christmas stories. I'll do it anyway, but meeh.