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  2. Thanks man. All good if it takes a while, I'm not in a rush for Civ5 stuff anyway haha.
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  6. I may still have Spatzimaus's mod on my computer - I'll give it a look when I get home (currently about 4,000 km from home, so it'll be awhile). D
  7. Wow thank you Darsnan! While I'm hunting for Civ mods with a SMAC theme I wasn't looking for mods for SMAC itself however I did think about doing that a while back when I saw a Mars mod (which is one of my search categories) on the AlphaC2 forum, but sadly they never released it. Couldn't seem to find any other good respository of SMAC mods, just simple maps. So thank you for that list, I'll have to have a good look and see if there's any mods for it that fit under my franchises of interest haha. Seriously playing Civ5 is still on my to do list, but I own it and plan to! Darn it looks like they took the files offline for the SMAC mod. That's a shame! Obliterating rare mod files is not good practice! I'll still give it a mention in my next update though.
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  9. Heah Blake00, Featuring this for you so that more people will see this and hopefully help out with your project. As far as Alpha Centauri is concerned, the Alteri Centauri was a project started by Illuminatus (a.k.a. Jack Hawksmoor) that was meant to gather all the SMACX scenarios into one repository so that it was available to all. The original version is located here: I've been upkeeping it with additional scenarios as I find them, so it should be very comprehensive in that respect. As far as Civ5 mods for Alpha Centauri, I really enjoyed Spatzimaus's Alpha Centauri mod: I've got over 2,000 hours into Civ5, and almost exclusively I used that mod while playing. Unfortunately I'm pretty sure Spatzimaus didn't upkeep the mod against current patches or modpacks. HTH, D
  10. Hey guys, Been a active member over at CivFinatics and Poly for years now making mods and helping other modders with hosting issues etc. Just discovered this place and thought I'd better join up! Especially as I’m currently on the Hunt for big Civilization total conversion scenarios with a particular focus on Civ2&3 (but still looking at other Civ games too) relating to a whole bunch of my favourite fantasy & scifi movie/TV/gaming franchises. Been posting in a few Civ forums and getting great feedback, plus whenever someone has told me about an awesome scenario that’s disappeared over the years I’ve managed to track it down and bring it back from the dead to CivFinatics hosting, so helping me has helped the community. Hell in some rare cases I’ve even filled a gap by making the scenario myself haha! Anyway I figured it was finally time to hit some of the other communities out there for help too . Many have already been found so make sure you check my list BEFORE making suggestions to save yourself time & effort lol! At this stage I’m looking for Civ scenarios relating to Mars Colonization, Sid Meier's Alpha Centauri, Command & Conquer, Red Alert, Dune, Master of Magic, Sid Meier's Colonization, Master of Orion, Doom, Babylon 5, Star Trek, Star Wars, Stargate, Fallout, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, and Heroes of Might & Magic. If you can’t help me then maybe my list will still help you find something cool!
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  12. They are indeed a small studio and it takes time to develop patches to improve the game. I'm not sure what doesn't work with character customization? They have fixed a lot of things lately so maybe it's been fixed.
  13. All about vegan leather
  14. I can't find any really informational videos or even pages that really help me, but I've made a map or so I think. My game crashes tho once i try to use the map i made also i can't use it in multiplayer, im confused and don't really know where to go from here.
  15. Have you tried his website?
  16. Hello everyone! Are you looking for the best motherboard for your gaming pc. Check this amazing post on how to choose a motherboard for gaming.
  17. So far I have randy syndrome and the starter pack for ps3, what should my next figures. Id appreciate it if you put your 2 favorite characters so i can figure out who to get. Thanks guys
  18. New Spam reported, only new post, so....
  19. I noticed this on tabletopgamingnews last night and I have to say that I am intrigued. Suprised we havent seen a CCG style game for bloodbowl over the years, but this could be a blast to play if it is anything like Dominion. Matt
  20. possible Spambot in New Members thread, flagged for confirmation...
  21. Hi, I tried on apolyton, civ fanatics and his main website to contact him but haven't herd anything back for a over a year now. If anyone knows where he is these days or on the nets, I would apreciate any info on that. Even his phone number or a private email he has.
  22. "Hello there, would you like to colonize a world with me?". You can't believe your eyes -The Sid Meier is asking you to colonize a world with him! You stand there dumbfounded looking at the vidscreen for a second before responding, "yes, yes, absolutely yes!". Sid smiles, nods, then says "The shuttle leaves docking bay 9 in an hour. Be on it". The line goes dead. You immediately send out a communique to your underlings outlining the plan, then jump on packing. Twice you trip over half-packed suitcases, but you make it out the door and to the holding pen just in the nick of time. In the few spare seconds you have you check your pockets to ensure you didn't forget anything: yup, the datapad with Sid's comlink is secure in your front pocket, along with an EC chip with enough credits to buy an additional supply unit for your Faction. You start to run down the pre-boarding checklist when the bay's loading lights flash from green to red indicating the gates will open any second now, and suddenly for some reason you get a dark epiphany in the bottom of your stomach: Sid is a consummate gamer, so why in the universe would he invite you of all people? Was it because he'd seen your exceptional schooling marks as well as what you'd accomplished since entering the workforce, or what if the real reason he invited you was because he sees you as an easy mark? The loading siren blares and immediately the gates swing open. The crush of humanity, eager for a better life on one of the colony worlds, surges forward, and your carried along like a stick in the current. There is no turning back now, the die is cast, and your fate awaits you on some planet you'd never even heard of just an hour before.... Directions: 1. In your scenarios subdirectory create a new subdirectory called "Sid_n_Me", and download and unzip the attached files into it. 2. Start Alien Crossfire, then select Scenario, Play Scenario, and load "Sid_n_Me". The game will then let you choose the difficulty level you wish to play. Enjoy!
  23. I've had it get stuck "committing turn" and had to quit and reload. But happens rarely, so...
  24. I am unsure if the original Link above for the discord is still good, but here is a more lasting one (hopefully)
  25. Sorry, I was testing something for the discord, dealing with emoji's, both static and animated
  26. testng, please ignore the sign...
  27. It was for a bit. I've just had my turn for the second time today (the very same turn) as the game doesn't seem to be saving. If you watch the bottom right corner it first says "committing turn"; then once that's done after a couple of seconds, it says "waiting for X" (the next player). Both times it has got to the first message, but not the second :/
  28. Spambot posting in Paradox games - War Never Changes AAR thread... reported and posting about it here...
  29. I am good, so is Dale
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