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  2. I connected your nether portal up to the nether tunnel area. But last night when I logged on I noticed some lag on the server (when walking or mining noticed some of deja vu) - this morning the lag seems worse - noticed it especially when trying to sleep or use a nether portal .
  3. I bet it´s because of the Discord server taking much of the traffic.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Why is traffic so bad this week. Should be summer vacation and lots of people gone for vacations...but not.
  6. LSD (Sorry, remember seeing tracers on this stuff a million years ago).
  7. Well I am not. Rather have Super Spain than Super France. They get too many bonuses to combat as the game goes on and I don't get many. Going to focus on building my economy via TCs rather than continuing to expand in Africa. Morocco is allied to the Ottoblob and Yemen is in a hugfest with the Mamluks, Dawasir, and Fars. I need to recover some manpower before I go for Yemen. Also TIL, that I should stop taking so much territory in wars not due to AE, but due to wasting so much bird mana (no claims). Thank you Reddit. Edit, Spain is allied with England.
  8. Possible Spam
  9. I think my end will be the app that seems to want to be modal or fronts itself when I am typing in another app. Grr. And why design it like that.
  10. Last week
  11. So I made the portal (and moved it to y 52) but then went back to overworld. I advanced a lot with clearing the abandoned mines (the are at least two of them joined together), and started on a rail system to get stuff out to the surface.
  12. I actually started a different game, chasing some of the newer achievements (complete the Zroni for one, and have five relics for another). It took several tries to get the Zroni, and it ended up being a great start, with potential to get the five relics I needed without even needing to wait for the late game. Unfortunately the third Zroni colony ended up inside the Ether Drake's system, which meant I couldn't follow it, and by the time I beat the Ether Drake to take up the hunt again someone else in the galaxy had already completed it.
  13. Looks like things are going pretty decently though. In my game Super-Spain was the big bad for much of my time, though the Mughals were annoying near the end too, a bit more than the Ottomans, who were my friends until the late game. Looks like France and the Ottomans will be your big bads.
  14. So here is the update now that I have had a chance to go in-game. 1606, Mali, Katsina, Malindi., and (yes) Clanricarde as vassals. One military tech behind the Euros. Big France, Otto blob still yet to deal with. France got a PU over Portugal, so that is the current PITA. Trying to take as much TC as possible at the moment w/o the TC regionals forming a coalition.
  15. Ah, I was wondering where that obsidian had come from, lol. I'll make a nether portal now, and push north from there, to join up with yours.
  16. I'm going to have to give this another try when I get a minute of free time.
  17. So far so good. Been on vacation for the last week in the DR, just got back today, can't remember where I left off.
  18. Also found out that Amidst's locations for strongholds are wrong - checked out 2 of the locations they showed and neither had strongholds - using the eye of ender I know there is a stronghold somewhere SW of -229x -490z - but haven't gathered anymore ender pearls or blaze rods (as I kept dying trying to get both so far lol). Here's the map of the nether tunnels so far:
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