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  3. A General Election and I'm fed up already. The main parties seem to have retreated to the far left and right but it's all about Brexit so nobody seems to have noticed. The Brexit Party (formerly UKIP although they're still going) is at war with the Tories as their Brexit isn't hard enough. Labour's position remain vague. The Lib Dems hope for greater things but the first past the post system means its unlikely. Scotland will probably end up a one party state again. And in Northern Ireland people look likely to continue to vote on religious lines regardless of policies. Still at least at work i can bounce any project requests with a "don't you know there's an election on???"
  4. As well as hoping my Skyrim game doesn't break I've played a bit of Order of Battle. Bought this ages ago and never played it. Taking a look I discover they've completely changed the charging model. Now the base game tutorial and the first few turns of every DLC are free. I guess the idea being if you enjoy a couple of turns you buy a DLC. Main problem with this is that it took me ages to update my game to a working version and work out what licence codes I actually had. Anyway its very similar to Panzer General/Panzer Corps but slightly more tactical. Units have a lot more abilities. There's also an abstracted supply lines rule which is quite fun. The main interest for me though is seeing scenarios set in theatres normally ignored - Pacific, Burma, China etc. So far the scenarios have been well designed and its good to have several defensive ones as opposed to the normal capture everything. In the Philippines I was totally out classed and it become a case of how long can you hold on to that secondary victory hex. The naval combat feels a bit under developed but still better than PG.
  5. Found the SKSE update. Remembered how to install and set off again... Even though I'm playing with various economy mods that make working for a living practical I've skipped my usual dozen hours plus around Riverwood hunting and farming on the grounds it will probably break. Pleasantly surprised to still be playing at level 40 without too many crashes. I removed a lot of mods that had scripts. Some such as Hagen Reborn never seemed to work anyway and others I decided to live without. The main different though is I stopped using 'quick saves'. Seems to have made all the difference. I'm now further on in the main quest than I've ever got before - rescuing the old man in the sewers in Rifkind. The downside is that I'm far too over powered so taking the opportunity to see parts of the world I've never seen despite several hundred hours play. Paused on the Dragon Born quest and now I'm off to join the Legion.
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  7. Hello I am a fan of RPGs. Baldur's gate, neverwinter, poet, back, the witcher. For kingmaker pathfinder, I'm stuck, the game is too good. Moult detail, beautiful graphics, I dreamed of a game like that since BG
  8. Minecraft has come so far. No seriously, it started of as a tiny flat world with neon green grass, to a beautiful game made for creative minds!
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  11. Join WPC discord where the action is.
  12. I was talking to Lancer yesterday. He said he was trying to register here, but when he hit the "send" button, nothing happened. Suggestions?
  13. Very much so. Still on going.... Good joke from a former Bulgarian minister. “The year is 2192,” he wrote. “The British prime minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.”
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