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  2. So as I mentioned in the main EU4 thread I started a run at a pair of achievements that are both considered "very hard". The first achievement, Shahanshah, requires one to start out as OPM Ardabil in the Azerbaijan region, and form the nation of Persia. The second achievement, This Is Persia, requires one to form the nation of Persia and then conquer the entire regions of Anatolia and Egypt, as well as the three states that form Greece. So basically you have to conquer the entirety of the Ottomans and Mamluks. The second achievement doesn't necessarily have to follow Shahanshah as forming Persia can be done by multiple nations in the area, but since they are both linked by becoming Persia I wanted to tackle both in the same game. I had actually tried this one out twice before, and both times the game didn't last any longer than a couple years before I was destroyed. Why you ask? Because Ardabil is the green nation in the picture below that starts out with one province and four whole troops, and is surrounded by nations that are more powerful, in some cases much more powerful. The Situation at the Start The light purple nation to my south is Ajam. Not only do they have 12 provinces, but also two vassals. They were the one that ended my first game, attacking me around 4 or so years into that game. The steel blue nation to my west is Qara Qoyunlu and they continue down into Iraq, as well as holding the OPM nation to my north as a vassal. They were the one that ended my second game by attacking me about two months in. So that leaves what appears to be no expansion opportunities to my north, west and south. The four-province light blue nation to my northeast is Shirvan, but the province that borders mine is their capital and has an actual fort, which means you need at least 9 troops in order to even attempt to siege it, and Ardabil has a force limit of 6 at the start. The two-province orange nation to my east is Biapas, who in all three games has managed to gain allies quickly, and those allies were more powerful than me in all cases, not to mention Biapas being more powerful than me anyway. But there are avenues to explore for growth. Ardabil does start out with an ally, the light yellow nation of Giran to the southeast of Biapas. They're not any more powerful than Ardabil, but at least they can be useful. Ardabil also does have cores that are in the hands of others and can be reclaimed: the province of Astara, currently in the hands of Biapas, and the provinces of Mianeh and Zanjan, currently in the hands of Ajam. With the lack of troops available, being able to reclaim provinces and have them immediately productive, with no Years of Separatism or unrest from being conquered, would be big deal. So here we go...
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  5. To: Chief Precentor's Office From: Agent Haldir Topic: Post-Sithrandir vs Sithrandir Sir, A tragedy has struck. The Post-Sithrandir crisis is escalating, millions dying from the terror bombings. We need more men, my agents are reporting more trouble is looming. People on both sides crave revenge. ---------------------- Advisor note: This is a catastrophe. This needs to end. They are only a few billions, the Post-Sithrandir. On one planet. The manpower needed should be sent there as soon as possible.
  6. To: Chief Precentor's Office From: Head Scientist Mahtan Aulendur Topic: A new way of travel Dear Sir, The psi core elite has collected enough strength to yet again venture into the great unknown of the Shroud. Marvelous things have been discovered! With the gods's blessings on our side, we have realized it is possible to navigate the stars through pure psi power... -------------------- Advisor note: Most interesting. So the Shroud can potentially be used for interstellar travel... This must get the proper resources to investigate more thoroughly, sir.
  7. Now you can be Blorg Faced.... or is it Blarg Faced...
  8. Right after my last post I decided to end the Portugal game. I'd already done everything and it was getting sort of boring since I was so rich and powerful already. It was fun to do, but Portugal isn't really a difficult start unless you keep the alliance with England (which means France will murder you before 1550). So I went in search of a different challenge and decided to try my hand at the double-very-hard quest for turning Ardabil, an OPM in eastern Anatolia, into Persia for the Shahanshah achievement, and then conquering all of Anatolia and Greece (the Ottomans basically) and Egypt (the Mamluks or Ottomans) for the This Is Persia! achievement. The issues with Ardabil are many. For one they are a low-power OPM on the border of Qara Qoyunlu, who is much, much stronger, as well as Ajam who is an 8 province nation with vassals. Seemingly the only possible routes of expansion are Shirvan (a 3 province nation, but one that has a castle in their capital, requiring a minimum of 9 units to siege it, and Ardabil has a force limit of 6), and Biapas (a 2 province nation who allies up quickly). Besides mere survival and low opportunity for expansion, the first achievement requires conquering the western portion of the Timurids, as well as provinces from Shirvan and Qara. The second obviously requires the first, and then you have to grow strong enough to conquer the Ottomans and Mamluks. It's definitely more of a challenge than Portugal. Plus I play on Hard difficulty to begin with, which gives the AI some bonuses, as well as a malus to me for certain diplomatic actions such as alliances. I actually tried this twice before, once before my Ethiopia game, and once after. In the first one Ajam declared on me about three years in and wiped me out without any problem. In the second one Qara declared on me two months into the game and wiped me out without any problem. This time though...well it's going much better. I was able to garner an alliance with Qara this time, and used them vs. Ajam when Ajam got attacked by the Timurids. Qara ended up gaining more provinces out of the war than I did (in order for me to keep them as an ally), but I was no longer an OPM with no prospects, and I gained a defensive fort that proved to be the absolute key part of a later war. I'm thinking I might do a full AAR on this one so I won't continue too much more in this post, but it has certainly been more challenging than Portugal, and full of a few tense wars. In some of my recent games the Timurids have completely self-destructed. For example they were reduced to an OPM in my Mewar game, and in my recent Russia game they held about 5 provinces in the Iraq area that they don't start with, but lost their entire core. Naturally in this game they not only didn't self-destruct but grew much stronger, so it's been a battle just to form Persia. But I think I'll go into that later.
  9. About 50 years further on now since my post, and I think I'm about done with my Portugal game. It's about 1630 and I'm making almost quadruple the monthly income of my closest competitor (Spain). I've built just about every single building possible in both my lands and the lands of my vassals and six colonial nations (even some buildings that won't turn much profit), and every single trade company building in every single trade company region that I own. There is just not much more I can really do that's meaningful beyond continue to conquer more trade company land and turn an even higher profit. I didn't want this one to be a paint the map of European land, etc. (since I just did that with my Russia game while chasing the Mare Nostrum achievement) so I have no real interest in heading inland, other than the African gold mines I conquered from Mali and Mutapa.
  10. Palu is in the next country over. We're not affected at all.
  11. Cheezy poofs
  12. Turns out that the price increase isn't that bad. Went from 33.99 to 39.99 CAD on Steam - so I'm guessing it went up $5 USD. Not as bad as the $9 CAD increase that Factorio had (though I got that before the price increase) or the DOUBLING of the price that Ark Survival Evolved had... (still can't believe they did that).
  13. The Great and Powerful Cheeto
  14. If you buy it before it's released, you get the current (lower) price to have to pay. But it you wait...
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