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  2. Really liking my race, private colony ships from the start helps the mineral deficit a lot.
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  4. Introduction Greetings to my fellow Lucavi and all others who inhabit our great Drakari Imperium. I am High Inquisitrix Kala and I join you today to welcome you on the newest journey of our great nation. We have been blessed by the Elders: Sivaen the Great Queen, Solanus the Worldshaker, and the other Elder dragons lost to the ages. They are out there, somewhere, waiting for us to find them. And find them we shall. I believe with all of my hearts and my spirit that the Elders left us all those years ago for a reason. They did not just disappear and leave us to pick up the pieces as some heretics have espoused. No, that is not it at all. They wanted us to grow; to become worthy. The Elders knew that we Lucavi would never achieve the great heights they knew that we could achieve if they had remained. How does one fly? It is not through coddling from our hatch-mothers. Our hatch-mothers throw us to the wind and we find our way. That is the way we Lucavi fly and the way we live our lives. The Elders knew that we must fly to find our true worth, and they were correct. Well, my friends, all of the Drakari Imperium stands united this day for we shall truly fly. We shall soar beyond the very limits of our solar system for the first time ever. Our great Lucavi scientists have devised the means to outfit our space arks to fly beyond the Edge. Hyperspace travel, only dreamed about for decades, nay centuries, is now a reality. Today, this day, the beginning of a new year, a new century; today is the day we fly Beyond. Today is the day we truly begin to learn more about the galaxy that we've only studied from afar. Today is the day we begin our search to find the Elders; to show them that we have risen up and that we fly, as they intended all along. Today. This is the day! The day we shall begin the final search for the Elders. Our creators. Our gods. Artwork borrowed from DragginCat at Deviant Art and Munwie at Deviant Art
  5. Game Setup The Lucavi: The Lucavi are the Chosen of the lost Dragon Thanes, the powerful dragon rulers of Talonos. Genetically molded by the Dragon Thanes in the image of the Thanes and crossed with some traits of a bipedal race native to Talonos known as the Humans, the Lucavi quickly took their place as the servants and priests of the Dragon Thanes, who they worshiped as gods. The Lucavi grew in both confidence and intelligence over the centuries, content in their service and worship, but coming to believe that of all the races of Talonos they were second in importance and greatness only to their Dragon Thanes. Disaster struck the Lucavi when the Dragon Thanes disappeared from Talonos a millennia ago. Bereft of their creators, their gods, the Lucavi fragmented almost immediately into warring states. Decades passed, then centuries, but eventually the Lucavi reunited under an oligarchic government of the five most powerful states. Though their occasionally fractious nature morphed primarily into political backbiting, they remained united as one powerful state, dedicated once more in the name of the lost Dragon Thanes. The Lucavi looked outward from their perch as the superior race of Talonos and realized that the lesser races were now also warring with each other, and beginning to threaten the lands of the Lucavi. It was decided by the reigning Oligarchs that the Humans must be subdued and put to work as servants of the Lucavi. A great war ensued, and though the Humans fought bravely, their military prowess proved to be no match for the more intelligent and technologically superior Lucavi. Centuries passed and the Humans were integrated into full servants of the Lucavi. Now that the Humans were there to do all the dirty and smelly work the Lucavi preferred to avoid the Lucavi grew decadent and weak. Any work of an arduous or physical nature was deemed to be beneath them and left to the Humans. But once more a great event occurred, nearly on par with the disappearance of the Dragon Thanes: as the Lucavi ascended to space their great minds wrought the development of a special hyperdrive. Now the Lucavi could explore the galaxy. Perhaps they would even be able to find the lost Dragon Thanes and restore the natural order of the world. Notes: For my second civic besides the Syncretic Evolution I went back and forth a bit. I thought about Exalted Priesthood since it also fits the mold, being that the Lucavi are a heavily religious race and it plays a part in all of their dealings with others. I also thought about starting as an Imperial government with the Imperial Cult civic (which would also please the eventual Authoritarian faction). But ultimately I decided on Cutthroat Politics, which fits the Oligarchy roleplaying aspect, plus I think it's a stronger civic than Imperial Cult with regard to using edicts. Eventually though the Oligarchy might be abolished and the strongest Lucavi may set up an Imperial Cult... I also went back and forth a bit on the homeworld type. I tend to like the cold climates a little more since there is a higher rate of mineral and engineering deposits, but it doesn't really fit either the Lucavi or Human races very well. Plus this race was designed from a D&D campaign world which is tropical in nature, so I finally went with Tropical even though the races aren't designed for heavy growth or society research (no gene-modding, they will follow the Psionic path). The Syncretic race of Humans is not shown in the picture, but their traits are Serviles, Industrious, Strong, Quarrelsome and Fleeting. They were selectively bred by the Lucavi for traits that would allow them to accomplish the mundane and arduous tasks that the Lucavi considered themselves above. They would be the farmers and miners and ground soldiers, while the Lucavi contented themselves with the worship of the divine Dragon Thanes and technological advancement. Even though the Lucavi race is reptilian I chose the Molluscoid shipset as it is my favorite of all the shipsets. Finally, the Lucavi will not be placed in a Caste System, even though one of the governing ethics is Authoritarian. All Lucavi are full members of society, while their Human servants, and any other races that may join the Imperium, will be placed in a Residency Caste System. Game Details: Medium galaxy with about 90% of the maximum empires, with an extra advanced start thrown in. Admiral difficulty (formerly Very Hard) on Ironman. Settings that were changed include 1.25x for primitive civilizations, wormholes and gateways, and 0.75x for crisis strength (if I go that far in). Tech/tradition cost, hyperlane density, and habitable worlds remain at standard.
  6. The Drakari Imperium Index Cast of Characters Game Setup Introduction Chapters Artwork borrowed from The Djib at Deviant Art
  7. I do like Spiritualist. It's probably my favorite governing ethos in the game, even when it was crap before. And yes, part of it is the roleplaying aspect. That said I don't ALWAYS play Spiritualist. My most recent Hive Mind certainly wasn't, nor were my Exterminators, my Inward Perfection Pacifists, or my expansionist slavers. My only recent long-play Spiritualist run was my Xenophile/Spiritualists that wanted to try for both a large federation and a lot of vassals. Other than that the only nation with Spiritualist was Valhalla, my Viking Raiders, but that never worked out.
  8. It gets him the most mileage out of the role-play potential...
  9. You really like Spiritual.
  10. So, while the Hive Mind game is going well and the war with two of my rivals has been singularly well-fought (mostly all by me as my defensive ally has barely any navy to speak of), I don't think I want to do an AAR based on it. I just can't bring myself to write about a hive with no real personality to it. I think I'm going to create a race based on a D&D race I created for my campaign world some 15 years ago. In a nutshell they are basically a group of dragonlings who were genetically engineered by the ancient dragon races to be their human-like servants. They grew up worshiping the dragon and the dragon gods, but when the dragons disappeared they were left a bit rudderless. Being the chosen servants of dragons has an effect on one however and they believed themselves to be superior to all other races on the world, eventually going to war and enslaving certain human races. They are very spiritual, still worshiping the dragon gods, but they have immensely high egos to go with a high intelligence as well. Because of their intelligence and egos they are often priests, and like to let their "cherished servants" (not slaves, never that) do the hard, dirty work. The setup lends itself well to a Spiritualist/Authoritarian/Militarist regime, with a Syncretic Evolution civic. There is a portrait in the reptilian races that looks somewhat like mini-dragons, and the Syncretic race would definitely be human. If all goes well, I think I will try to do an AAR from this race. I'll probably use a few of the character beats I was going to use for the Valhalla game (the Viking Raiders) since I was never able to use those, either recently or a year ago.
  11. Last week
  12. My current game is the GIECO race....LOL (Inspired by my picture from earlier). I would have never picked those traits; we'll see how it goes.
  13. Glad that you have a plan of action. Cancer has been in the family for many generations (thanks the fates that I am adopted so hope it skips me), so very familiar with about all that you are saying - sounds fairly typical.
  14. Yes, I didn'th think it would go this well when I started.
  15. Looking good so far, especially considering the poor starting location.
  16. 2309 we strike. Our fleet sits at the Hiffnar border, with a healthy 4.7k strength. The three chokepoint systems bordering them are fully manned with starholds and an army is being built. We declare war: At this point our first (out of soon many, I promise you!) habitats is at 95% constructed and is finished in time for our first takeover of an enemy system. This particular habitat will go to minerals, and later we will construct energy and science producing ones. Glory to the Omni Council! The war goes very well, but due to us having one fleet, the enemy plents being full of armies and that one enemy fleet playing cat and mouse quite successfully, victory takes time. In 2322 we add the Hiffnar to our growing empire, though! By now our fleet is even stronger, our armies are big, and there’s another weak neighbor ripe for the picking! And so the Oklar are being targeted… This war takes 15 years, due to an annoying choke point that makes us unable to move into their northernmost territory. The other paths are closed by a big marauder empire and a rebel “empire” from the Oklar of a whooping ONE planet. And we can’t declare war since we are at war… Bah! We manage to get to +2 warscore though, with what we have available, and thus we win: The one planet minor is our next target, and for some reason, when we win, they integrate into the main Oklar empire. Probably due to some claims and them being our vassals already? I don’t complain though. At this point we take a quick pause to realign our forces and initiating some robot modification! We had two points available, and we add some better abilities for science: It will take 15 years though: Which we use to subjugate our last non-marauder neighbor:
  17. I've been fiddling around a bit since I decided not to keep trying the Viking Raiders, in part because of poorly implemented Raid mechanics (and a permanent relations malus with no other benefits to counteract it), and in part because I seemed to be cursed with poor luck when trying to play them. I decided to try out a hive mind. I never actually tried them out before. They also receive a permanent relations malus of -30, but they also have other benefits like growth speed, resettlement cost, etc. that are far more useful than the poor Raiding mechanic. They are also a natural for the genetic modification ascension path (in part since they can't go on either of the other two routes, but also since the second genetic perk allows them to assimilate other nation's pops into the hive). Playing on Admiral again, I'm about 70 years into the game, and doing fairly well. I didn't get the poor luck of my Viking Raider tries, and was able to expand decently well (currently sub-30 systems, but I could expand out to 40 if I took the sub-par systems I've been leaving unclaimed). Three of my four neighbors are rivals (they started it) and have some interwoven defense pacts between each other. The fourth doesn't like me, but they are Pacifist and haven't closed borders so I have left them alone. One of my rivals is actually a Fanatic Pacifist, so I haven't built up much in the way of defense on that border yet. I do have a defense pact with another nation on the other side of two of my rivals, though they got rocked by my rivals before they were willing to sign a defense pact, and I have another potential defense pact signing sooner or later with a nation on the other side of my FP rival. Booted it up this morning while waiting for my son to get ready for school, and two of my rivals declared war on my defense pact ally, which means I'm at war now too. We'll see how it goes. I am playing on Admiral difficulty so they all have significant bonuses to their production, etc. and the ability to go above force limits and still maintain an economy. I also just recently had a battle with both of my fleets against a Marauder fleet hired by a rival, on the other side of my nation. The fleets are currently heading back to port, a bit damaged and missing a few ships, so it wasn't great timing. The good thing is that there are only two entrances to my lands for the two rivals, and both are protected by nearly maxed out (for the time period) Bastion Star Forts, which have a considerable strength. They'd be better obviously if my fleets were protecting them as well, but it will take a few months to get the fleets repaired and in position, so I'm hoping that my bastions can hold. Even though my rivals declared on my ally and not me, I'm expecting them to come for me first (since that's how Paradox games roll...) I've taken a lot of pics of this game throughout, so I might decide to write it up as an AAR, but I'm not sure yet. Roleplaying as a hive mind isn't quite as fun as the roleplaying I had in mind as a Viking Raider (when I had multiple character viewpoints in mind for my posts, which is certainly now how a hive works). We'll see. Either way the next few years of game time should be an interesting ride.
  18. Hoho - good one, sir.
  19. No, it's the international Proctological symbol of defiance towards cancer... They have their finger on the issue, so to speak...
  20. ...I wish I'd thought this morning to phrase it that Roth had made a lovely obscene gesture...
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