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  5. None. My obsession for several years is biking. If the weather is too bad for biking (which it hardly ever is) there is local bike advocacy to consume my time. I don't think I've played a game in over a year or two. Haven't purchased one in several years. I still get emails from Steam about their sales which sometimes look tempting, but I ask "why when I have all these games I haven't finished that I don't play"
  6. Well 3 weeks later and the UK hasn't ended (yet). Admittedly Christmas got in the way but the Queens Speech (where governments set out their objectives and legislation for the year) was a rerun of the earlier one that got kick into touch. Big emphasis on Infrastructure spending and some stuff around minimum wage increases and the tax breaks for the rich seem to have disappeared. The Tory win was very dependent on the North of England so interesting to see how much a traditional left of centre area influences policies and what they government does to keep their votes. Brexit remains a big unknown but is pretty much happening even if no one knows how. Be interesting to see if some of the nutters right wing Cabinet members are replaced by MPs from the centre of the party or at least not from the fringes. Talent or politics or rewarding loyalty? From a personal point of view looks like my job is going to disappear as there's a lot of hostility to my employer ( a well known British broadcaster) and a huge income cut is on the cards. Scotland continues to demand independence and I'm wondering how I can qualify for a Scottish passport as despite growing up there I wasn't actually born there but the rest of my family was.
  7. What does the 25th Amendment involve? Asking from a country with no written constitution which has been er...interesting over the last couple of years.
  8. Taking a break from Skyrim (reached the point where I'm pretty indestructible so just exploring now) I played warlock 2 - the exiled and a bit of Renowned Explorers for a quick fix. Just bought Kingdom Come - Deliverance but I think I need a good period of time set aside for that one. Warlock 2 is fun but with some annoying User Interface issues and has the feel of a game that ran out of money/development time.
  9. I think Venice gives you a very different experience which is a good reason for playing it. I also found I had less to do as you do tend to get nudged towards a particular type of play. As someone who plays for fun rather than winning or min/maxing I found it a bit boring ultimately but glad it was included.
  10. This update was great but not the best so far. Appvalley TutuApp Tweakbox
  11. Hey, I totally agree with you and I understand what you're talking about. ShowBox Tutuapp Mobdro
  12. Information Technique
  13. Sorry for all you've endured ET...
  14. Elections are how presidents change, unless you want war in the streets. That and who gets the big donations from corporate interests. I bet they love all this impeachment stuff, spotlights are somewhere else.
  15. Could someone with pOwErZ sticky this thread?
  16. Well that was all a bit unexpected. Main themes...everyone is bored with Brexit whatever their view, Corbyn has little support outside his own cult of worshippers, Scotland does its own thing (again) and Liberal Democrats despite actually increasing their share of the vote almost disappear.
  17. Recently, I have had a small amount of bleeding issue in this area. Even though all things have shown good so far, my Colon/Rectal Doctor (a former Colonel in the Army Medical Corp) after my most recent check up with him, wanted me to come in for an Inpatient check. This was sort of half way between a full GI thing (which requires sedation, transportation and escort) and a regular check up, with Digital and Speculum. This did not require any sedation, but did have to have a quick cleanout before hand... Part of this check was with a video probe to better look at things on the inside (to better see into those not so deep and dark places... ). The doctor's main comment was that the damage to the tissues, from the Kemo-Radiation treatment, was not as bad as he had though it would have been. The slight bleeding that sometimes will possibly be present, is not going to be an issue, moving on, but sometimes is expected. But he was very pleased with everything and so we are back to regular followups for the foreseeable future. Butt (hehe), I wanted to let everyone know the news as it stands on this...
  18. We got the Impeachment and subsequent Acquittal to go through first off, so...
  19. still good to see you, as a few of us have as of yet gone to the WPC Discord chat https://discord.gg/csXmUy if the link is expired, post and someone will post a newer one...
  20. So 1.15 the Buzzy Bees update is being released on December 10, 2019. https://minecraft.gamepedia.com/Java_Edition_1.15
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