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  2. War Weary Elves... and you didn't get the access to the inner Arm, either... BUT, if you hurry and spend twice the Influance as well as have Assets away from home for a long time (after the After War Peacetime Open Borders time limit expires and they close borders to you), you can still expand towards the Core...
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  4. To: Chief Precentor's Office From: Admiral Elemmakil Gondolin Topic: War My Lady, War was upon us. War was fought. We were the stronger party. We performed well. We were mere days from total victory. Too bad then that the will of the people failed. Very well, a status quo peace it is. We will return. --------------------- Advisor note: The Admiral might not be satisfied, but we gained a lot in this war. The Bavi are in no position to regain their land. Ever.
  5. Thanks Nik and E_T! I bought Caesar for my father-in-law and few years ago for Xmas and he loved it, despite it not being his usual choice for reading material, so I'll definitely read some of Goldsworthy's biographies later down the line. I'll also see how Beard's SPQR writing style sits with me and look to follow it up with Triumph. I loved her TV series, so if she translates as well into the written word, then that's a no brainer too. Sci-fi and the Roman Empire, what's no to like. I might have to give it a read for its own merits and check out his source material too.
  6. Dave Drake often used similar (from this time period) historical events for his Cinnibar/Capt Leary Science Fiction Series. In the afterwards, he always references and comments about the particular Historical Event that inspired the story. He might even have a few links on his website that might point you in interesting directions...
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  8. Sure. Today's teaser:
  9. You've got some good books there already. From my own library, I will mention these: Caesar, by Adrian Goldsworthy. A biography on this fascinating man. And if you want to go a little academic, The Roman Triumph, by Mary Beard. A book not on the triumph of Roman arms and civilization, but of the Roman ceremony triumph. It's about, as we can read on the back, "the profound impoerance of the triumph in Roman culture - and for monarchs, dynasts, and generals ever since. But how can we piece together its elusive traces in art and litterature? Beard addresses these questions, opening a window on the intriguing process of sifting through and making sense of what constitutes "history"".
  10. To: Defence Minister Ecthelion Noldolin From: Head Diplomat Finrod Felagund Topic: New Contact and opportunity Sir, The gods be thanked! They have blessed us, truly. We just got in contact with the most horrible spicies ever. Why is this a case for celebration, you might ask? Because this ravenous hive is bordering not us, but the Vurxac! This means they have other problems to attend to than us. The gods surely are merciful. We should use this opportunity to strike north! -------------------- Advisor note: The wheels are already in motion. Claims are being presented, the fleet is moving, troops are being assembled. We will win this.
  11. Interesting you should say that...
  12. My historical knowledge of the era covered by I:R is pretty limited. I plan to do some reading/listening/watching over the coming months, so I can get a better grip on the game when it comes out and be able to write a reasonable AAR or two. Does anyone have any suggestions on suitable sources. I'll probaly be only playing in western Europe initially, so I'm less interested in the far flung locations of the map at this early juncture. I am about to start reading Rubicon by Tom Holland and have The Classical World by Robert Lane Fox on the bookshelf too. I am also getting SPQR by Mary Beard from the library, as I've heard it's a great social history. Are there any other history books that are 'must reads', preferably narrative history, as I find the overly dry stuff sinks in less. I'm also getting The First Man in Rome, Memoirs of Hadrian, Imperium and I, Claudius from the library, to get some historical fiction into the mix too. Any further suggestions would eb much appreciated too. Lastly, I've subscribed to The History of Rome podcast, so I can absorb bite sized pieces of info while I commute/do menial jobs around the house and garden etc, etc. Are there any other audio sources of high repute? Any films or doco suggestions would be greatly appreciated too. My favourite thing about Paradox grand strategy is that they stimulate me to increase my knowledge of the relevant eras so much! Bring on I:R!
  13. I don't use twitter, so if you could continue monitoring that channel that would be awesome! Also, I think I burned myself out with my pre release coverage of Civ6, so I'll be adopting a much lighter touch with I:R, probably keeping up with DDs and watching Youtube content only. I certainly won't be drilling down to the nth degree like I did previously. Many hands make light work!
  14. Oops, looks like your going to have to split them up between the two of you...
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  16. To: Defence Minister Ecthelion Noldolin From: Head Diplomat Finrod Felagund Topic: New Contact Sir, We have just been contacted by the Suramo Hierarchy, another Hegemonic Imperialist entity. However, this is to our advantage, as they are hostile to the Bavi and covets their lands! If we were to strike at the Bavi at the right time, we might very well be able to use this to our benefit. But we might have to strike soon, because there are signs there is war brewing between these two civilizations... ------------------- Advisor note: Indeed a most fortunate development. If we could be sure the Vurxac would not move against us in the case of war, this would be a done deal.
  17. Protip: Johan gives a teaser tweet each Sunday, here: https://twitter.com/producerjohan
  18. Let's see how things play out. I reserved the first 7 posts so I could collect all the past DDs in a row. The OP will have an index, so we can jump to any particular topic as needs be going forward.
  19. No, you did not. But in my experience any thread on a topic becomes a chat for the topic. I try to post links to tweets and dev diaries already. Perhaps we should keep to one thread? We can use yours if you want. But bear in mind if you plan to have one post per dev diary in the start of the thread, we are getting one a week and the game is due out Q1 2019. So 7 might not be enough.
  20. It certainly is mate, I've made this thread to collect hard data only, so we can have a text and image store of everything we know. I saw your thread as a place to chat about the upcoming game and share links to other offsite resources. Hope I didn't step on your sandals.......
  21. So my thread wasn't good enough?
  22. Characters - DD#7 The characters in Imperator are deeply detailed, and together with the pops and the politics are part of what makes a vibrant living world. They have portraits that age gradually, with lots of different ethnicities covering the world. There are four attributes that characters have. Martial represents a character's ability to fight and lead troops. Characters with high martial skills make excellent generals. Charisma is a character’s ability to charm and persuade others. Zeal is a character's ability to inspire faith in other characters, and also in calling upon the favour of the gods. Finesse represents a character's skill in disciplines requiring a high attention to detail. High finesse characters make excellent researchers and governors. For those of you that played the original Rome or the Crusader Kings series will not be surprised to hear that our characters have traits. Traits on a character can be gained or lost. Traits can be categorized in the following categories. Personality - This includes being Brave or Coward, Cruel or Merciful. These impacts the character attributes and stats directly, as well as….. Military - Usually a character has a maximum of one of those, that may give a bonus or penalty Health - Stressed, Maimed, Lunatic etc. Not beneficial to the character in most cases. Status - Some exceptional traits that can be given from actions, like Conqueror Traits can also unlock a variety of unique event options, each tailored to the specific trait in question. Those of you familiar with CKII will be (dis)pleased to see the return of the Lunatic trait. A Character also has his or her personal wealth, and four primary stats. Popularity - Popularity is a measure of how the people see the character. In republics high popularity characters are more likely to elected leader of the republic. However even monarchies cannot ignore popular people. Loyalty - Loyalty is a measure of a character's loyalty to the state. Disloyal characters are more likely to cause problems to a ruler than loyal ones. However even the most loyal of characters has their limit. Prominence - Prominence represents the fame of the character. Jobs and titles help bring characters to public attention. Corruption - Corruption is a measurement of this character’s willingness to engage in underhanded practices. Greed, bribery and the bending of rules come hand-in-hand with high corruption. Characters have parents, will be able to marry and get children, just as you’d expect. They can also have friends and rivals. Characters can be given various roles. Besides being ruler of a country, they could be assigned to govern a province, command an army, handle research or be given a role in the government. Some countries allow women to be given offices, and some do not. There are lots of different interactions you can do with and on your characters, including arranging marriages, bribe them, loan from them, or even sacrifice them if your religions so permit and desire. There will be a deep development diary on those later in development.
  23. The economy and buildings - DD#6 First of all, we have Tax income. As mentioned in the chapter about pops, the tax income of a city is primarily based on how many slaves you have in that city. Then of course there are several modifiers that affect it, like access to trade-goods, stability, ministers, and some factions when in power may increase your tax income. Secondly there is Commerce. This is only present if you either import or export trade-goods from a province. Each tradelink provides some income, and then the amount of citizens you have increase it, while marketplaces and other factors can increase it as well. There are also various economic policies that affects your income and expenses on a country level, but we’ll go through these in a later development diary. Finally, each city has a few building levels. Each city can have at least 1 building, and each additional 10 pops in that city allows another building level. Currently these are the effects of the building types, but that may change during development. Training Camps : Gives +10% Manpower, and +10% experience to units built in the city. Fortress: Each gives +1 fort level. Marketplace: Each gives +20% Commerce Income Granary: -1 Unrest and +10% Population Growth Each building type can be built multiple times, and if you have 4 slots in your city, you can fill them all with Granaries if you so desire. Of course you can order the building of multiple buildings in a city at once, and they will be built in a queue.
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