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  2. Hope to re-install and try it again this summer. From what I have heard it has turned into a solid game.
  3. I played, I enjoyed my 70 hours, I put it away. DLC may fix things, but the constant duping and other MMO no no's have made the limited content just that, limited content, and PVP is little more than grief mode.
  4. Thanks Nestor. When I get time, might. Life is crazy right now.
  5. Yesterday
  6. Last Limb
  7. Better than the old IRC chat stuff Ah, running a Turnchat in IRC... good times... Miss the Fish slaps...
  8. Chat program a la Skype, only better. Very popular these days.
  9. Last week
  10. Showing my age here but what is Discord and how does it work?
  11. Well not a lot happened and its now been kicked into touch for another couple of months. The Prime Minister is talking to the Opposition about options although most reports seem to be taking the line that she's still pushing her own solution rather than it being genuine dialog. Apparently the 'people have spoken' based on a referendum 3 years ago but she's aiming to put her proposal in front of parliament for a 4th time. Its an interesting question as to how long a (advisory) referendum remains valid. Having had several inconclusive votes in parliament on various options you'd imagine that either people would give up or have a second referendum or general election. No one seems to want a general election as the Tories are worried Jeremy Corbyn will get elected and Labour are worried someone might ask them what their actual position on Europe is. I can see a Scottish National Party gaining even more on the populist vote and lots of votes for the main parties drifting to the other parties as any election will be a single issue one. Meanwhile from a purely personal point of view I've got find staff and budget to cover European Elections we didn't expect to have and may only be valid for a couple of months. Can't believe I'm still writing about this 3 years on.
  12. Embargo was lifted 18th, there is literally dozens of videos out there now!
  13. Throw Mama
  14. Orient Express
  15. 1.14 is expected to be released on Tuesday April 23 on Java Edition. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TwvToion9SY
  16. In the library with the revolver
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