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  2. Kermit the Frog
  3. I'll go for Stephen Gostkowski, K - NE please.
  4. Yesterday
  5. Listed updated through BigD's pick of Brandon Marshall in round 9
  6. Gimme Brandon Marshall, WR - NYG
  7. GK takes Hunter Henry, TE - LAC
  8. Ok Arnelos gets the next best two on the list: Kelvin Benjamin, WR - CAR Bilal Powell, RB - NYJ
  9. Chewie
  10. Last week
  11. I am too, is the Republican Party really now?? Oh, what was the reaction to the joke??
  12. Although RimWorld has a lot of things going on with the newest version (Alpha 17a as of this posting), there are many things either lacking, not as good as or more variety added to it. The Mod Community has come up with various Mods for the game and they all add various different levels to the basic game. From Prosthetics for Animals (A Dog Said) to Guests visits to the colony(ies) to additional background music for the game to new and different weapons, research paths and UI gameplay items. Some even add new races, factions, animals, Monsters and even Zombies. There is a wide Variety that is available from both the Ludeon Forums and from Steam Downloads. One problem with the various Mods, is that as the game advances through various Alpha Levels, the Modders have to keep updating their Mods to work in the newer version. Some Mods have not been updated, even though they have been semi popular, thus left to fall by the wayside. And truth to tell, some mods are just minor tweeks or similar to other mods that are already out there. Truth to tell, trying to find a particular Mod on either place (forum or Steam) can be a bit daunting... assuming that it was updated (at the time of your search) and available on the location that you are looking in. Anyways, This thread is for the listing or Mods you use, possible tips for the use of those mods (as ease of use varies... ) and even the order for the placement of those mods as well as any possible non-compatibility with other mods. And your recommendations, both for and against those mods. Enjoy!!
  13. Good luck on your job interviews.
  14. Hah! First thing I did when I messed around in there.
  15. It lives indeed! Reason for the lack of updates is I've met a lot of issues IRL, and need to take care of that. That means I have much less energy and time for AAR writing for the foreseeable future. The last week and a half I've been writing thirteen job applications and attending no less than four job interviews, as well as writing a hand in I was late with and much more. Also my anxiety issues related to my Tourettes has been worse lately. So there might be some time until the next chapter too.
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