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Thread: New File Added: Lord of the Rings CTP2 Mod

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    Default New File Added: Lord of the Rings CTP2 Mod

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    Lord of the Rings CTP2 Mod

    LOTR MOD - v1.00

    I always wanted to do a full-blown LOTR Mod...

    Back in 2003, I created a LOTR scenario, which did nor get too much fan play, but this did not detract me from expanding the ideas I had for a full Mod. I created this Mod mainly for my own enjoyment, but I am releasing it to the general public because if there is someone out there who loves Middle-Earth, then this is for them too.

    What to watch for...Ingame Features
    - There are many new units, buildings, wonders, tile improvements and governments, with the goal to make each Realm different from the each Realm will have a different focus. You will have to play the game to unlock what those features are...and I'm not going to give specifics here.

    When I revisited Cradle this past year, I immediately saw that the foundation was there to convert Cradle into LOTR. There are a lot of features that are in LOTR that are a part of Cradle. For instance, the basic tech tree of LOTR is a mirror of Cradle's tree. However, the LOTR tech tree adds a great deal of Realm-specific advances, which open the doors for unique realm units, buildings, wonders and wonder units, tile improvements and governments. There are also some in-game events that are geared towards each realm, and the plan is to expand on some of these event in future releases.

    What this does is give each realm a distinction that has deeper than any other CTP2 Mod, even over Cradle III which I felt was the pinnacle of all CTP2 Mods in this particular area of gameplay. And to top it off, these advances are hidden to some degree because the Great Library does not give specifics for these advances...the player cannot simply map out a path to victory because he is left in the dark as to what these advances will lead to. This enhances replayability, IMO...

    - New intro and new wonder videos to fit the atmosphere of Middle-Earth. Make sure to watch the intro video at least once.

    - I made an effort to follow the timeline spelled out in the Appendixes of 'Lord of the Rings.', from the middle of the Second Age, when Numenor was sunk, through the Third Age, although this is impossible to match. Realms become powerful and suffer decline based on the timeline though.

    There are 2 main Victory options. Fans of Cradle will recognize the template I'm using. The information is also spelled out in the Great Library.

    Option 1. Control the One Ring through Ringlore Knowledge
    To win the game, you must have at least 2,500 Ringlore Knowledge Points, which will give you knowledge of the location of the One Ring.
    Points are gathered by:
    - Researching Ring Lore and Council Lore before any other realm
    - Gathering Palantir Wonders, and holding the Council of Elrond Wonder
    - Creating the realm-specific Ring Wonders for your Realm (Angmar, Mordor, Haradrim, Easterling, Dwarves, Elves)
    - Constructing Courts (5 pts/5 = +1 per turn), Forges (10 pts/8 = +2 per turn), Great Halls (15 pts/10 = +3 per turn), Libraries (20 pts/15 = +4 per turn), Markets (25 pts/15 = +5 per turn), Trade Centers (30 pts/15 = +6 per turn).
    - Finish the One Ring Wonder (Knowledge) before your rivals.

    Once you have the Ring in your possession for 3 Turns, you (or the Ring through you...) will rule Middle Earth.

    (Access Ringlore Knowledge Points by clicking on the Happiness icon at the top right of your mainmap screen.)

    Option 2. Search for the One Ring
    To win the game, you must have the following...
    - 10 Palaces (Each Palace requires 1Court and 1 Castle)
    - 5-25 Beacons (Each Beacon requires 1 Ballista Tower)
    - Send out at least 10 Search Parties that have searched 50% of Middle-Earth. Search Parties can be created within your Realm's borders with the Search Party Tile Improvement, outside of your borders if you build a Fort to extend your borders and then build a Search Party Tile Improvement in the Fort's radius, or the Explorer unit can be disbanded anywhere outside your Realm's borders. Depending on the size of the map, you may need more than 10 Search Parties to complete the job.
    - Finish the One Ring Wonder (Search) before your rivals.


    - The initial Realm Wonder for each civ is great in that it is cheap, it give a nice happiness bonus and it give you an incredibly strong (non-movement) garrison unit. Each Realm has one of these Wonders to build, and also has 3-5 other Wonders that are unique to that realm.

    - When building a Wonder, reference the Great Library to see if the Wonder will give you Wonder units. Make sure you have room in your city garrison to accommodate the creation of these units too, when the Wonder is complete. One Wonder, in particular gives 6 units in addition to a regular Wonder bonus.

    - Realm-specific units are better than the default units (they are often cheaper and a little more powerful), so if you have access to them, use them. But build a few default units if for no other reason that they have a chance to become Heroes and Great Commanders.

    - The same holds true with Realm Governments...but since you do not know which Realms have them and when, you may want to hold off on a government switch. Usually they will be available to research once you research the default Governments though.

    - If your alignment is Good, you cannot slave or enslave after a battle. Too bad...

    - The most powerful Realm (on paper, at least IMO) is Mordor, so if you want an easy time of it, play them. They get the greatest access to the most Ringlore Knowledge points. The fact that you cannot enslave if you are a good Realm also means that the Evil Realms are generally more powerful in the player's hands too. And the Good realms also lose production over time, so that will make a difference. The goal here was to mirror the books.

    - The weakest civs militarily are the Hobbits (no Realm units, other than 3 Wonder units) and the Northmen. Actually, the Northmen have no bonuses at all other than than their Realm Wonder.

    - Upgrading of old units takes place on the next-highest Unit advance of that type of unit (Melee, Flanker, Ranged, Bombard) and will cost approximately the cost of the new unit. If you do not have enough gold, you will not be able to upgrade that unit at any other time in the game.

    - Three gameplay features…Default, Epic (Advances are 33% more expensive) and Hordes of Mordor (all realms except Mordor have government-specific Melee units)

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    Default i Would like to colaborate with you on Lord of the rings mod

    Heres a Picture of Lake Evendim as depicted on the lord of the rings map for CTP2. there are some ruins next to the lake on the other side thos are the ruins of the old capital of Annúminas. im trying to Create the old empire of Arnor but its so hugh that its taking me much time to research all of my territory locations. i could not get most of the mod to work but there were some things i seen that were differnt like the rivers and also some of the city improvments. also i am able to change the civilization names. but im not able to have the units. so i could not have all the diffrent units. this mod has Arnor as a civilization but it broke up into 3 kingdoms before the war of the ring with frodo in the trilogy movies i was wondering if you we should include the 3 kingdoms of Arnor as playable civilizations becasue if we use the 27 civ mod on the lord of the rings map we could have each kingdom as playable. only thing is a lot of citys would not be placeable because they are on borders and the game does not simulate border cities very well. for example it would be like puting detroit on the map when you should be putting in toledo instead. if you build detroit the americans claim a chunk of canada automatically called windsor. so keep that in mind that you know that theres border towns just becasue they have higher po[pulations does not mean they get priorty placement instead less important towns should be because they fit in there and do not compromise a real border either in real life with my example or in a fictional world like middle earth.
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