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  • Buster's Uncle

    by Published on 30-01-12 10:32

    For the first time since 1999, fans of Alpha Centauri/Alien Crossfire have a comprehensive collection of nearly 100 scenarios, available at We Play Civ.

    Working from an idea by Petek, the repository project was spearheaded by Darsnan, who calls it A repository of SMAC scenarios (i.e. sort of a one-stop shopping for SMAC scenarios), as currently people have to look hard to find a lot of the really good ones.

    Named in honor of Illuminatus/Jack Hawksmoor, the project aims to foster inter-forum cooperation; compiled from fan-generated scenarios on multiple forums, hosted in multiple places, it should be available to SMAC(X) fans for a long time to come. It has already been mirrored at CFC.

    Expansion of the collection is planned as new scenarios become available. It is a gift from SMAC'ers past and present, to those yet to come, Darsnan said.

    The WPC SMAC(X) community wishes to thank Illuminatus for the name and graphics, scenario creators for their work and Darsnan for making it.

    The scenarios are also gradually being added to WPCs Altera Centari Downloads folder.
    by Published on 08-01-12 08:30

    The GotM has landed once again on Alpha Centauri and this time we have another surprise for you. Of course, we have custom factions, nice graphics and some well-written fiction, as usual. So what's so special about this new SMAC scenario?

    (Click on the image to read the introductory story and/or participate in the contest.)

    Well, the author, Kilkakon (with the help of Buster's Uncle and Buster's Aunt) gives us a glimpse at his very unusual mod: Lost Eden which features new artwork, predesigned units with a wide range of tactical options, redesigned technology tree, original quotes... Well, it's not all in this scenario, but this should give you a small taste, so I should stop here.

    So, the January 2012 GotM is called "Lost Eden GOTM: Stranger in a Strange World" and it's a SMAC scenario (no need for the expansion pack - SMAX). You'll step into the shoes of the innocent military genius Brother-General Tristan who fights against the intolerant original AC preacher-lady, Miriam. Hmm.. you've always wanted to teach her a lesson, haven't you? .. Now is the time!

    If you remember Poke'mon fondly, or just think the very notion of it crossed with AC is funny, you ought to read the Kilkakon's story and check out the scenario (estimated time of play: 45-60 minutes).


    To qualify, you need to capture New Jerusalem to end the conflict. Tristan, however, wants to reduce civilian losses as much as possible. Each population unit in an original Believer base (whether you captured it or not) counts towards score for this Game of the Month.

    If seeing an anatomically correct Poke'mon with no britches on will ruin your day, best not to download this - if your curiosity gets the better of you, you were warned.