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hmm well I will suppose I will continue this thread

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Been a long time since I posted here simply because the game stopped being fun when I saw how few people were following it. But ah well. Had some interesting stuff happen even though now the time I sit for please wait has gotten beyond ridiculous.

When Elizabeth was away reports filtered in of the great lighthouse that Siam had built it was said to be stories taller than any lighthouse seen in England and to provide ship captains with such pride that they moved ever farther away from the shores of siam.
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This angered the duke who was heard to curse the English Engineers for not coming up with something similar and to order them to make a taller and more powerful lighthouse or face his wrath. The Engineers tried to explain that most of the power of these type of things came from being the first to build one, that though they could build one it wouldn't be nearly as powerful if powerful at all. The duke however would not listen, and so the English great lighthouse was completed setting the english expansion back for years.

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(ok um so how can you build two of one wonder...have the rules changed or something?)

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Stories of the great Siamese oracle also filtered down and again the English had to have their own.

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Though the construction of new English cities had slowed the English continued to explore the cites and find new lands. Going all the way from South England to what the explorers had begun to call Japan.

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(Ok should you really be able to get from South America to Japan with a tremiere..need a map redesign here)

By 130 AD the English map of the known world looks like so

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(my LORD this map is going to be large when I see it all)
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