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Is this the end?

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So I'm sure you've noticed the lack of blogs and posts coming from me. Well, I must apologise for that.

But sadly, it appears that I'm worn out by Civ 5. It is very unfortunate that I have sadly lost the incentive to not only mod Civ 5, but to play it as well.

To anyone who is still playing and modding Civ 5 I wish you luck. I'm still happy to answer questions, so just PM me here at WPC.

So where does this leave me? Well I've packed up my A New World design, picked up my copy of Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate, and started coding again. To get back "into the groove" and to get used to XNA (I've never used it before, but it looks like a great foundation) I'm going to make a couple of smaller games. And then I will tackle the big one. I will make A New World as an Indie.

I'll still be posting blogs, just not as regularly. Maybe I'll turn this blog into a Dev Diary instead.
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  1. Darsnan's Avatar
    And then I will tackle the big one. I will make A New World as an Indie.
    Good Luck on that one Dale! From what I've read it sounds like something my son would really enjoy playing, so once you release I'll probably be getting it for him!

  2. conmcb25's Avatar
    I want "A New World" when it comes out
  3. El_Cid's Avatar
    XNA has been catching my eye also, not so much for the xbox platform, but as an easier entry level to coding for the PC. It might be a very good way to get your feet wet in terms of developing a game, and i'm sure it will all help towards the bigger goal and project. Good luck mate and i look forward to your progress :yes:
  4. Zyxpsilon's Avatar
    Oh well... Life goes on!
    Decisions are always hard to determine or justify while we struggle with ideas & concepts. Although our perspectives on any projects undertaken seem to follow a path we'd sometime prefer to predict, it's a given the will to work at anything must prevail if we are to "enjoy" or get some fair results.

    One last wish (or request) i should mention though before you abandon Civ5 modding altogether; Could you fix your tiny "Advanced Civ Ranking" to comply with Alpaca's modular DiploCorner solution?

    In the meantime, Good Luck with your future projects and please come visit us (The community is getting wildly efficient with a bunch of new tricks & superb mods are rolling down the highway of intellectual endeavors by the many!) at CFC when you feel like it!
  5. Tactical's Avatar
    Cheers Mate

  6. Civ Fuehrer's Avatar
    Yea, I've been getting worn thin by Civ 5 modding too. Sure Lua may be easier to use than Python imo but, what's the point in that when it's very so limited. I've been thinking about doing the same thing that Dale is - to put out a few smaller games then work on the big enchilada.

    Even though I'm younger than you and still have to finish up college as my full time job, self-made indie games are a nice way to bring in some cash.

    I found your blog - even though somewhat disappointing to hear you're leaving Civ - rather refreshing and informative for myself. I was always wondering what might be an easier way to distribute self-made games than buying a Mac just to put something on the iTunes Apps Store which I believe XNA this is the answer. Since XNA has the Xbox game store, Windows Phone game store and the rest of the PC world at its disposal, this would be a good direction to head in.

    Personally I'd like to see how you fare in developing indie games and would prefer for you to turn this into a Dev Diary. Reason being I'm new to the solo scene and have always relied on some other form of program to help make my games. First it was Flash then Civ 4, and a guiding fellow peer is always the best way to make sure you don't screw something up or not do something. Anyway, I wish you luck Dale and will hopefully get to see another one of your blogs.