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Inspiration for a new Facebook game

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We all love a good Facebook game, but do we really need all the graphics, stupid achievements and quests in games like Farmville and Civ World? My game is imo the ultimate Facebook game that gets rid of all that unnecessary junk and focuses on the core game and what we really want. To click that mouse button! Nothing says a work well done like a hand swollen from 3 hours of incessant clicking. Thus I bring you CLIK! The Ultimate Facebook Game

You start by clicking the big blue button, and for every time you do this you'll get a point. The more times you click the higher up on the high score list you go. Have you got what it takes to click more than your friends? It's fun for the whole family! However, you can only click a certain number of times per turn, therefore check in every hour to get your fresh cliks! But what is that you say? You haven't got all day sitting in front of the computer clicking? Well, we have the solution to that as well. For a small amount of money (payable by PayPal and other services) you can buy clicks, thus eliminating the need for clicking while you're at work. For a mere 10 cents/clik you can safely stay on top of the leaderboard even away from your computer!
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  1. Nugog's Avatar


    You'll make millions!

    Mind you - I think the button should be more cutesy.

    And for that I'll take a 10% cut.

  2. Zoid's Avatar
    If I decide to use it...
  3. Nugog's Avatar
    Ooh -Ooh

    The button needs to be upgragdable.

    A scaling series of options for only 2 USD a stage.

    "Dude! My ivory Unicorn Clik Button pwns your Cumquat Dragonfly one"

    Think of the possibilities!!!!
  4. Zoid's Avatar
    That is actually a really good idea! You've earned your 10%
  5. Nugog's Avatar
  6. Bantams's Avatar
    rofl how many facebucks do i need to clik the play now button it aint working atm
  7. Zoid's Avatar
    If you send me 30 I'll get you a clickable version
  8. Nugog's Avatar
    Are we gabillionaires yet?

  9. Zoid's Avatar
    Sadly no...
  10. E_T's Avatar
    Click Me!!!

    When does the MP version come out, seems that this is single player...